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A Plethora of Christian News & Grace Goodies for 7/15/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

If you missed it, check out our interviews this week with Bryan Ross and Josh Strelecki on our Grace Life Podcasts! PTL!

Christian News:

California Pastor Using 'Holy Hologram' Delivers Sunday Sermon to Church in New Zealand https://t.ly/jgJd

Study: Regular Bible Readers Experienced More Stress in 2020, But Also More Hope https://t.ly/g0me

Pastor Who Resisted Church Lockdowns Received Nearly 1500 Death Threats, His Family Intimidated https://t.ly/gxV0 | 45 churches engulfed or attacked in ongoing anti-Christian terror campaign https://t.ly/VAuj | US media shamefully justified a string of Canadian church burnings https://t.ly/A3MT | What’s Worse Than Churches Burning Down Across Canada? https://t.ly/qAxk

Andy Stanley Agrees with Rabid Heretic Feminist that Christians Should not Strive to be ‘Biblical’ https://t.ly/4KdM | Andy Stanley says ‘You Have To Offend White People’ Or Else They’ll Never Repent Of Racism https://t.ly/cfZ1 | 5th Generation SBC Pastor Leaves Denomination in Barn-Burning Sermon https://t.ly/kbV3 | Kathy and Ed Litton Plagiarized a Tim Keller Sermon in 2012 https://t.ly/R8IN | 15 Sermons and Counting! Ed Litton Tag-Team Preaching With Wife More Extensive than Revealed https://t.ly/hewO

“Dumb Dogs” in the Pulpit: Spurgeon on Borrowed Sermons https://t.ly/UMwbW

New Pastor-Led Documentary Highlights Gun Violence in Chicago https://t.ly/txWz

Pastor Apologizes for Issuing 'One-Piece Swimsuit Ultimatum' to Girls in Viral Post https://t.ly/NVRc | ICYMI: Jeff Durbin Secretly Records Conversations https://t.ly/zwuf | McLean Bible Church Pastor: ‘I want to torch white people’ https://t.ly/t2J1 | Southern Baptist youth pastor and National Guard chaplain suspended after arrest on solicitation charges https://t.ly/cX3A

Boris Johnson quotes Bible in levelling-up speech https://t.ly/XfbP

Patricia Heaton Celebrates 3 Years of Sobriety with Inspirational Video https://t.ly/TvJn | Chip and Joanna Gaines on 18 Years of Marriage: Divorce Was Never an Option, 'We're in it Forever' https://t.ly/mj4n

Christianity in the United Arab Emirates https://t.ly/5JfS | Abraham Accords Continue Bearing End Time Fruit As United Arab Emirates Open Their Embassy In The Tel Aviv Stock Market Building Wednesday https://t.ly/kPMY

Faith Leaders Focus on Persecution of Minorities During International Religious Freedom Summit 2021 https://t.ly/pjN5 | Sen. Mike Lee: Religious freedom thrives in US because America is ‘a nation of heretics’ https://t.ly/mvLP | People of faith must stand up for each other's religious freedom – Brownback https://t.ly/mOTe | Pompeo: Religious Liberty Trumps Climate Concessions https://t.ly/VLig | Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With ‘Government’s Views’ https://t.ly/vq08

Google smart assistant records and stores your voice conversations – here’s how to delete voice history https://t.ly/iim9 | Biden White House Planning To Begin Monitoring Your Personal Text Messages On Your Mobile Device To Make Sure They Are Not Anti-Vaccine https://t.ly/6t6o

Church of England Will Apologize for Its Role in Expelling Jews from Britain During Middle Ages https://t.ly/iRWs | Faith groups launch curriculum to help churches combat ‘idolatrous’ Christian nationalism https://t.ly/gvYH

Ark Encounter Plans To Add Tower Of Babel Exhibit –An ‘Eye-Opening Attraction’ That Will Tackle Many Of Today’s Issues https://t.ly/FzJ4

Religious Freedom Is Dying in China https://t.ly/jzuM | The Dangerous Work of Defending Religious Freedom in China https://t.ly/DAwZ | Chinese Pastors Forced to Include Xi's Speech in Sermons to Celebrate CCP'S Centennial https://t.ly/7r6P | China’s Latest Ban of Christian Content on Social Media https://t.ly/4gAu | Uyghur woman tearfully recalls 'inhumane' treatment in China’s brutal concentration camps https://t.ly/IEkr |

Report: Persecution of Indian Christians Unabated, 154 Acts Of Violence So Far This Year https://t.ly/Iky5 | Christian Schools in Nigeria Forced to Close as Violent Attacks, Kidnappings Continue in Kaduna State https://t.ly/D8fJ | False Narrative Used to Put Entire Christian Community Under Police Surveillance in India https://t.ly/utUs | Radical Hindu Mob Attacks Church https://t.ly/eqHB | Christian Family Had To Pay Large Amount Of ‘Illegal Tax’ To Be Able To Bury Their Dead In Indonesia https://t.ly/iyYJ

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Tries to Crush The ‘Evangelical Dark Web’ for Exposing them as Sex Offenders https://t.ly/JpWJ | School Can Require Christian Teacher to Use Transgender Pronouns and Names, Judge Rules https://t.ly/lKmn | Journal of Medical Ethics study says parents should lose custody of children for opposing transgender drugs, surgeries https://t.ly/7WmZ | 'It's So Important to Set a Welcome Table … Gay, Straight, it Does Not Matter,' Amy Grant Asserts https://t.ly/BSdJ | Former Planned Parenthood Volunteer Reveals Sex Ed Program Sexualizes Children, Urges Them To Be Sexually Active https://t.ly/CFTd

Biden’s Plan To Add 4 Years To Education Means ‘More Indoctrination’ And Weaker Family Structure: Former School Teacher https://t.ly/d531 | Christian Mother Sues London School for Requiring Son to Participate in Pride Parade https://t.ly/yEa9 | Univ. of North Alabama student body president facing impeachment for writing ‘Born this way? You must be born again’ https://t.ly/TBrz | Christian Teacher Who Was Suspended For Standing On Biblical Sexuality Says Government Has ‘Crossed The Line’ https://t.ly/Oe1R

Parents sue DC over 'reckless,' 'unconstitutional' law to vaccinate kids without parental consent https://t.ly/IcRb | It’s Happening: France Vaccine Pass Required In Public Spaces From August 1st https://t.ly/4Xhg | EXPENDABLE children: The WHO is experimenting with controversial malaria vaccine on children in Africa https://t.ly/2WfI | U.S. COVID CAMPS: Training begins for the “isolation and quarantine of a large portion of a local rural population” https://t.ly/nP9n

Fifth Circuit allows chaplain-led courtroom prayers to continue after being ruled unconstitutional https://t.ly/vxMp | EU court rules employers can ban wearing religious symbols https://t.ly/IYHM

Archaeologists Uncover First Temple-Era Segment of Jerusalem City Wall https://t.ly/SFLv | Archaeological Evidence of Gideon the Judge? https://t.ly/nt7o | Rare inscription with link to Book of Judges uncovered in Israel https://t.ly/0veF


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