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Christian News 5/28/21

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The World’s Top Billionaires Are Racing To Be First To Market With Brain Computer Interface Microchips Bringing Us Closer To Mark Of The Beast https://t.ly/xrPy

Christian Rocker on Deconstruction Movement: Too Many Churches Not Preaching the 'True Gospel' https://t.ly/8Ofh | Skillet Rocker Urges Christians to Find Solutions in Scripture, Not Critical Race Theory https://t.ly/vbWW | The Contemporary Christian Music Scene Is Imploding As Artist After Artist Is Renouncing Faith In Jesus Christ To Follow The New Age ‘Universal Christ’ https://t.ly/iCJ2

C.S. Lewis on Romanticism https://t.ly/Oc02

China Blocks Keywords like ‘Christ,’ ‘Bible,’ and ‘Gospel’ from Social Media Giant https://t.ly/LQST | Update: Pastor Li Guozhi, brutally beaten by local Guiyang CCP police, encourages others to—hold fast to the faith. https://t.ly/kMQE | China Sanctions Evangelical Leader Who Called Out Religious Freedom Violations https://t.ly/iIDy | Here's How He Responded https://t.ly/lalF

A 'Killing Field' of Christians: 8 More Killed, Church Burned to Ground in Nigeria - 1,470 Christians in 4 Months https://t.ly/Rj0I | Christians Continue to be Brutally Murdered in Nigeria https://t.ly/EokZ | Priest Killed, Another Kidnapped in Nigeria https://t.ly/TRrl | 4 Killed in Military Artillery Barrage on Myanmar Church as Violent Attacks on Civilians Continue https://t.ly/0Drz | Myanmar Christians Flee to India Amidst Military Crackdowns https://t.ly/TJ3Z | Three Christians Arrested Under Iran’s Amended Penal Code https://t.ly/ZGUd | High Court in Pakistan Continues to Rule in Favor of Underage Marriages https://t.ly/77GM

Operation Thou Shalt Not Steal: 4 arrested, 2 wanted after thefts at 636 churches https://t.ly/jgG2

How Would Jesus Respond to ‘Wokeness’? https://t.ly/xRYh | The Wokefication of World Vision: Jesus and Paul were ‘Code-Switching’ to fit into 1st Century ‘White Spaces’ https://t.ly/ty5X | ‘Ascendant Liberal Christianity’ https://t.ly/vNRY

Hillsong CEO Says It’s “Unfortunate” to Represent What the Bible Says About Homosexuality https://t.ly/8nVY | Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter, RZIM CEO, Admits she Made Serious Errors as she ‘Fully Trusted’ her Father https://t.ly/kJPt | Woman at Heart of Art Azurdia Sex Scandal Accuses Him of Grooming and Preying on Her https://t.ly/Ej73 Over 60 bishops call for delay on debate over communion for pro-choice politicians https://t.ly/WigM | Pastor Preaches We Need to Make Church Compelling While Cracking Marijuana Jokes https://t.ly/UjjU

Televangelist Jim Bakker blames his 1989 imprisonment for fraud on ‘cancel culture’ https://t.ly/VhDK | Jim Bakker Claims His Spectacular Downfall and Jail Time was Due to ‘Cancel Culture’ https://t.ly/NCcL | Paula White’s ex-husband says 'slanderous' Facebook post accusing her of affairs made by hacker https://t.ly/KF0a | Paula White Called a Serial Cheater by Ex-Husband in an Allegedly ‘Hacked’ Facebook Post https://t.ly/bHUw

More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic. https://t.ly/M1kk | As memberships fall, more Protestant churches shuttering than opening: study https://t.ly/jcy5 | Only 6% of Americans hold to biblical worldview, new study shows https://t.ly/aiz2

Wisconsin pastor ordered to step down after preaching against vaccine https://t.ly/dpj1 | Catholic church in St. Louis ROPES OFF unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall https://t.ly/jvjF | California governor ordered to pay $1.35 million in legal fees for shutting down churches https://t.ly/YGtA

Southern Baptists Prep for Biggest Convention in 24 Years https://t.ly/khtj | The SBC 2021 SEND Conference is an Embarrassment and a Mockery of Conservatives https://t.ly/Rtqw| SECRET: SBC moves to make it harder to get financial info on entities https://t.ly/feAv | Whistleblower: NAMB perverts Gospel with Social Justice Works https://t.ly/jhud | Al Mohler’s Third Way on homosexuality https://t.ly/OWp7 | WOKE LIAR: SBC Pres candidate Ed Litton caught in lie https://t.ly/Shpy | Southern Baptist Presidential Candidate Allows His Wife to Preach On Sunday Mornings https://t.ly/Codo | NIH Director Promoted by ERLC Funds “Humanized Mice” Aborted Fetus and Mice Grafting Project https://t.ly/mP57

Colorado Hospital System Declares 'Pediatric Mental Health State of Emergency' amid Rising Youth Suicide Rates https://t.ly/TZ5u

Died: Eilat Mazar, Archaeologist Who Believed the Bible https://t.ly/mRvQ | The 'Queen of Jerusalem Archaeology' https://t.ly/hGM3 | Remembering Eilat Mazar https://t.ly/v5kD

Ohio City Declares Itself 'Sanctuary' for the Unborn, Calls Roe a 'Lawless' Act https://t.ly/Pfht

Ministry Survey Shows Religious Freedom at Risk https://t.ly/HoUA | Equality Act Is a 'Clear and Present Danger' to Religious Liberty, Ken Starr Says https://t.ly/dLro | Judge Sides with Atheist Group, Strikes Down Pre-Court Prayer as Unconstitutional https://t.ly/A4tf | Despite lawsuits and pressure from atheists, Texas judge isn’t backing down from prayer in court https://t.ly/4f5I

Zondervan, Facing Pushback, Says it Won't Publish 'God Bless the USA' Bible https://t.ly/7R7S| Tennessee Pastors Network: Harper Collins Should Move to a Nation Without Freedom of the Press https://t.ly/0Uzm

Christianity Is Not a Means to an End https://t.ly/kQbA

'I Still Felt Incomplete': CBS' 60 Minutes Spotlights Ex-Transgender Community https://t.ly/UrV8

| Slammed https://t.ly/JDuB| Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, and The Rice Krispies Kids Get Transgendered https://t.ly/EQA0 | Kellogg’s LGBT-Themed Cereal Features Preferred Pronouns on Box https://t.ly/TTnm| New ‘Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe’ measures ‘LGBT inclusivity’ of Christian denominations https://t.ly/7XKd

Arab Woman Gets Kidney from Jewish Man Murdered by Anti-Israel Rioters https://t.ly/kiC3


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Josh on Romans 14 https://t.ly/wGEL

Jordan on Mark 15 https://t.ly/sPzj

Tom on OT Salvation, Part 6 https://t.ly/ZNww

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David O’Steen on Jer. 35 https://t.ly/SBlv

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Paul Lucas on Romans Foundation https://t.ly/Ig0x

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