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Christian News 5/28/21

The Latest Links:

The World’s Top Billionaires Are Racing To Be First To Market With Brain Computer Interface Microchips Bringing Us Closer To Mark Of The Beast

Christian Rocker on Deconstruction Movement: Too Many Churches Not Preaching the 'True Gospel' | Skillet Rocker Urges Christians to Find Solutions in Scripture, Not Critical Race Theory | The Contemporary Christian Music Scene Is Imploding As Artist After Artist Is Renouncing Faith In Jesus Christ To Follow The New Age ‘Universal Christ’

C.S. Lewis on Romanticism

China Blocks Keywords like ‘Christ,’ ‘Bible,’ and ‘Gospel’ from Social Media Giant | Update: Pastor Li Guozhi, brutally beaten by local Guiyang CCP police, encourages others to—hold fast to the faith. | China Sanctions Evangelical Leader Who Called Out Religious Freedom Violations | Here's How He Responded

A 'Killing Field' of Christians: 8 More Killed, Church Burned to Ground in Nigeria - 1,470 Christians in 4 Months | Christians Continue to be Brutally Murdered in Nigeria | Priest Killed, Another Kidnapped in Nigeria | 4 Killed in Military Artillery Barrage on Myanmar Church as Violent Attacks on Civilians Continue | Myanmar Christians Flee to India Amidst Military Crackdowns | Three Christians Arrested Under Iran’s Amended Penal Code | High Court in Pakistan Continues to Rule in Favor of Underage Marriages

Operation Thou Shalt Not Steal: 4 arrested, 2 wanted after thefts at 636 churches

How Would Jesus Respond to ‘Wokeness’? | The Wokefication of World Vision: Jesus and Paul were ‘Code-Switching’ to fit into 1st Century ‘White Spaces’ | ‘Ascendant Liberal Christianity’

Hillsong CEO Says It’s “Unfortunate” to Represent What the Bible Says About Homosexuality | Ravi Zacharias’ Daughter, RZIM CEO, Admits she Made Serious Errors as she ‘Fully Trusted’ her Father | Woman at Heart of Art Azurdia Sex Scandal Accuses Him of Grooming and Preying on Her Over 60 bishops call for delay on debate over communion for pro-choice politicians | Pastor Preaches We Need to Make Church Compelling While Cracking Marijuana Jokes

Televangelist Jim Bakker blames his 1989 imprisonment for fraud on ‘cancel culture’ | Jim Bakker Claims His Spectacular Downfall and Jail Time was Due to ‘Cancel Culture’ | Paula White’s ex-husband says 'slanderous' Facebook post accusing her of affairs made by hacker | Paula White Called a Serial Cheater by Ex-Husband in an Allegedly ‘Hacked’ Facebook Post

More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic. | As memberships fall, more Protestant churches shuttering than opening: study | Only 6% of Americans hold to biblical worldview, new study shows

Wisconsin pastor ordered to step down after preaching against vaccine | Catholic church in St. Louis ROPES OFF unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall | California governor ordered to pay $1.35 million in legal fees for shutting down churches

Southern Baptists Prep for Biggest Convention in 24 Years | The SBC 2021 SEND Conference is an Embarrassment and a Mockery of Conservatives| SECRET: SBC moves to make it harder to get financial info on entities | Whistleblower: NAMB perverts Gospel with Social Justice Works | Al Mohler’s Third Way on homosexuality | WOKE LIAR: SBC Pres candidate Ed Litton caught in lie | Southern Baptist Presidential Candidate Allows His Wife to Preach On Sunday Mornings | NIH Director Promoted by ERLC Funds “Humanized Mice” Aborted Fetus and Mice Grafting Project

Colorado Hospital System Declares 'Pediatric Mental Health State of Emergency' amid Rising Youth Suicide Rates

Died: Eilat Mazar, Archaeologist Who Believed the Bible | The 'Queen of Jerusalem Archaeology' | Remembering Eilat Mazar

Ohio City Declares Itself 'Sanctuary' for the Unborn, Calls Roe a 'Lawless' Act

Ministry Survey Shows Religious Freedom at Risk | Equality Act Is a 'Clear and Present Danger' to Religious Liberty, Ken Starr Says | Judge Sides with Atheist Group, Strikes Down Pre-Court Prayer as Unconstitutional | Despite lawsuits and pressure from atheists, Texas judge isn’t backing down from prayer in court

Zondervan, Facing Pushback, Says it Won't Publish 'God Bless the USA' Bible| Tennessee Pastors Network: Harper Collins Should Move to a Nation Without Freedom of the Press

Christianity Is Not a Means to an End

'I Still Felt Incomplete': CBS' 60 Minutes Spotlights Ex-Transgender Community

| Slammed| Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, and The Rice Krispies Kids Get Transgendered | Kellogg’s LGBT-Themed Cereal Features Preferred Pronouns on Box| New ‘Rainbow Index of Churches in Europe’ measures ‘LGBT inclusivity’ of Christian denominations

Arab Woman Gets Kidney from Jewish Man Murdered by Anti-Israel Rioters


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