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Christian News for 5/14/21!

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Ricky Kurth on Comptrollers Who Push Strollers

C.R. Stam on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

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Pastor Joel’s Message from last night on the Holy Spirit in the Age of Grace: | Get the notes here:

Bryan Ross on The Word For All Ages: Do Textual Variants Impact Doctrine?

Richard Jordan on Mark 14

Randy White on 1 Timothy | ATT

Brandon Smith on Satan’s Strategy Today

Christian News:

After Three Lockdowns, Irish Churches Can Finally Meet Again

BREAKING: Texas Bans Aborting Babies with Beating Hearts, Bill Heads to Gov’s Desk for Signature| New York Celebrates Death with Abortion Exhibit | Biden FDA Says it May Legalize 'Abortion by Mail' and Reverse Decades-Old Restriction | HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra Argues There Is 'No Such Law' Banning 'Partial-Birth' Abortions | Pro-life center suffers $250,000 in damages after arson attack | Vatican Tells U.S. Bishops: Don’t Withhold Communion from Pro-Abort Catholic Politicians

China Most Worrying Country for Religious Freedom as Genocides of Christians, Uyghurs Continues | Xinjiang: An Extraordinary UN Event Elicits China’s Furious Reaction | Iranian Christian Converts Face Pressure At Home And Abroad

The Christian Siege of Muslim Nicaea | The Good Soil of Europe is Ripe for Sowing | 'Satan's Dare' and the Search for Truth

Charismatic Prophetess Gives Wild Answer to Gruesome Q&A about Angels Chopping off Demon Heads | John MacArthur on Billy Graham, “I Can’t Imagine a More Disasterous Belief Than That” | John MacArthur on Rick Warren: “That is an Inadequate Gospel” | Christian Publishing Houses are Advancing Apostasy in the Church | Investigation Continues into Chris Rice, CCM Musician Accused of Molestation

Nationalism is not heresy despite what TGC tells you | Taking Back American Education

What? “Certain ways of reading the Bible can lead to an acceptance, even an embrace, of authoritarian violence and police brutality,” said Hamori in an interview with Religion News Service.

Suicide prevention: 3 approaches for engaging faith communities

Army chaplain punished after Facebook post on transgender military ban appeals reprimand | Evangelical body 'dismayed' at charges which could see Finnish MP jailed for tweeting Bible verse on homosexuality | Evangelical body writes to Finnish government over charges against Christian MP | Christians & Journalists Targeted by Big Tech & Canadian Officials: Sheila Gunn-Reid | Gay Activists Now Calling for a Ban on Prayer for Gay Conversion, Calling it “Hate Prayer” | Once conversion therapy is criminalised, the pulpit will be next

On pathological science: Darwinian evolution and the devaluing of man

In New Book, Ken Starr Warns Religious Liberty ‘in Crisis,’ Advises How We Can Protect It | Just a Bill: Religious Freedom Consensus Rarely Voted into Law

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