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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 7/23/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

UK Government WON'T make churches use Covid passports https://t.ly/TEHy

Atlanta airport pianist blessed by Christian Instagram influencer, received $55,000 in donations https://t.ly/Vcja

California Appeals Court Overturns State Law that Criminalized ‘Misgendering’ https://t.ly/7naR | Court Overturns California Law that Criminalizes Pronoun Misuse https://t.ly/8m6g| Judge rejects churches’ challenge to Virginia’s LGBT antidiscrimination law https://t.ly/BPYg | Judge blocks Arkansas law banning puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and gender surgery for kids https://t.ly/CfPo | 'If you're not indoctrinating your children, then someone else is' https://t.ly/hTjS | Judge: LGBT law forcing Christians to violate beliefs is no threat to churches https://t.ly/UzuN

11-Year-Old Trans Runner Must Be Allowed to Compete on Girls’ Team Despite West Virginia Ban https://t.ly/JXnT

Likely Stories: A Bedrock of Classical Education https://t.ly/tmjS

Facebook Permanently Shuts Down Protestia, Without Explanation https://t.ly/ITCF

Joyce Meyer Says You Have the Power to Speak Things Into Creation Like God https://t.ly/vNly

Conservative Baptist Network: SBC President Ed Litton Must Resign, Gospel Witness at Stake https://t.ly/iFPt | SBTS Prof. Jarvis Williams Says ‘You can have Racism Operating in a Context where are there are no Individual Racists’ https://t.ly/e0y1 | Ed Litton tries to distract from Sermongate scandal https://t.ly/xZVH | SBTS Professor Says We Need to “Dethrone” the White Supremacy of Not Requiring Black Authors in Christian Spaces https://t.ly/GPQT | Beth Moore Trashes Southern Baptist Leaders for Not Promoting CRT More Than They Already Do https://t.ly/QHYC

Cancel Culture Is Unbiblical and Could Be a Sign of the End Times, David Jeremiah Says https://t.ly/Rktp | Franklin Graham sends Big Tech a warning straight from Bible: 'This reminds me of the Tower of Babel' https://t.ly/Bvpj | Is cultural engagement even necessary to the Christian life? https://t.ly/g1c4

'Thousands of men on their knees, crying out to God' https://t.ly/QBZ3

More than 40% of black churchgoers want to keep hybrid church model in wake of pandemic: study https://t.ly/9Bih | Christians Need To Beware Of Counterfeit Awakening Happening In Our Midst, Revivalist Warns https://t.ly/PICC | "Decline Of Biblical Truth" Not "Political Strife" Is The Most Urgent Crisis Today, Says Dr. Michael Youssef https://t.ly/4lat

Football Coach Fired over Post-Game Prayers to Take Case to Supreme Court https://t.ly/qijA | Mark Richt Is Leaning on Faith Amidst Parkinson's: 'Earth, It's Temporal. Heaven, It's Forever' https://t.ly/YISA

'With God ... Anything Is Possible': Actor Danny Trejo Details Finding God, Achieving Sobriety in New Memoir https://t.ly/8vnM

Platt’s McLean Bible Church Hit With Attempted Takeover, Lawsuit from Opposition https://t.ly/T2GO | Woke Beth Moore defends Woke David Platt https://t.ly/EJKr | David Platt, MBC elders rebuked over lack of transparency, lack of biblical fidelity https://t.ly/IXCv | BREAKING: SBC confirms David Platt is a liar https://t.ly/bIF2

Church of Christ minister charged with state, federal sex crimes against minors https://t.ly/YTUh | ‘As is typical of sex abuse victims, I thought what happened was my fault’ https://t.ly/WdR8 | McLean Bible Church conducts wild business meeting, silences concerned Christians https://t.ly/Ea79Y

Confessions of an exhausted Catholic https://t.ly/GpkU | Catholic Church Grovels After Widespread Arsons in Canada, Offers to Pay Reparations for Phony Blood Libel https://t.ly/SEPa

Georgia Church Loses Pastor, Then Its Assets, to Regional UMC Leaders https://t.ly/viuy

An Abortion Clinic, a Calling, and Glimpse of Redemption: A Testimony by Prison Fellowship CEO James Ackerman https://t.ly/AfOR

A Dozen Female Victims Sue Liberty University Over Abuse Policies https://t.ly/TBSj

Popular Worship Artist Denounces Hillsong, Bethel, and Elevation for “Heresy” https://t.ly/Zj5x | Newsboys United Announces They Will Split After Summer Tour https://t.ly/Cks1

Prayers of thanks as Christian schoolgirl abducted in Nigeria graduates https://t.ly/lJnV

3,462 Christians Killed in Nigeria in 200 days, 3000 Abducted, 300 Churches Attacked https://t.ly/G2sb | Religious Books Publicly Burned, DVDs Bulldozed in Yunnan https://t.ly/xgrL | Pastor in India Driven from Home after Police Torture, Threats https://t.ly/Q6ow | Christians in Pakistan Suffer Court Setback in Child Marriages/Conversions https://t.ly/VS57 | African Pastor Receives Death Threats after Helping Christians Flee from Fulani Militants https://t.ly/DGW3 | Another Twelve Christians Arrested on False Forced Conversion Charges in India https://t.ly/Aq3S | Chinese Officials Raid a Christian Funeral, Remove Christian Symbols https://t.ly/KDyV | Algerian Christian Sentenced and Fined For “Shaking The Muslim Faith” https://t.ly/H3Cj | Indian government called to act as Christians suffer increasing attacks https://t.ly/xv4J

Canada to halt its mandatory quarantine hotel stay, but will only allow fully jabbed tourists to visit https://t.ly/TrGE

Lavish Second Temple “City Hall” Unveiled in Jerusalem https://t.ly/RDcI | Israeli archeologists find biblical name 'Jerubbaal' inked on pot from Judges era https://t.ly/SoLa


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