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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 8/2/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

U.S. Aside, Global Christianity Is Alive and Well | Survey Says Religious Americans Are Less Likely to Believe in Aliens

Olympic Swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker Gives Glory to God in Tokyo | Olympic Swimmer Who Wore ‘Glory to God Alone’ Cap Wins Gold – Smashes World Record | World-Record Holder Sydney McLaughlin Says She Finds 'True Stability in Jesus'

Whistleblower details Woke trainings forced on Campus Crusade for Christ staff

China Pushing For Cashless Society So It Can Monitor, Control People’s Lives

'Religious freedom' is not just for Christian conservatives. Liberals must take it back. | 'Jesus is worth it': Ontario church fined additional $85K for worship service, violating lockdown orders | Walt Disney, Walmart Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine for US Employees, Alter Mask Policy

How did a Bible-reading 65-year-old woman become Wall Street’s hottest stock picker

God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You: A Few Christian Rockers You May Have Forgotten (Or Never Known) Were So Good

Christian CEO fired over views on marriage wins religious discrimination case | 'Anti-racist parents' Facebook group conspired to get Christian teacher fired: Report | Canada’s gov’t. proposes ‘Digital Safety Commissioner’ to shut down websites deemed ‘harmful’ | Privacy is a fiction in the Internet age. A priest’s case proves it.

Church pays off medical debt of nearly 800 families across 2 states

Candace Cameron Bure apologizes for TikTok Bible post fans blasted as 'weird, seductive'

Spouses suffering abuse find empowerment to leave destructive marriages in secret online groups

5 Indicators of a Wicked and Evil Heart

BBC Reveals Hillsong Church’s Celebrity Culture and Scandals in New Documentary | Director and Dean of Zacharias Institute Resign to ‘Deeply Grieve the Suffering’ | David Platt sought more power, to weaken McLean Bible Church Elders | Megachurch pastor talks Christians reclaiming ‘royalty’ status, church leadership and prosperity gospel | Report: Vatican Showing Excessive Use of Hookup Apps like Grindr | Andy Stanley Self-flagellates In Front of Black People, Believes That’s How to Appease the Woke | Kenneth Copeland Says God Told Him His Private Jet Didn’t Belong to God, But to Him | Christian Apologist Exposes Matt Chandler’s Disdain for Conservative White People

Number of Families Homeschooling Soars as Parents Find Their Kids Performed Well at Home | Government calls for national list of homeschooled children

Journalist: 'Someone needs to create porn for children'

Is Progressive Christianity Christian?

Mere Christianity: A Reader’s Guide to a Christian Classic

Xi Jinping’s Thought on Toilets: It Was About Time

Authorities Arrest 5 Chinese Christians for Attending Religious Conference Over a Year Ago | Five Chinese Christians Detained for Attending a Christian Conference in Malaysia | China Threatens Christian Parents with Their Children’s Education | Fulani Herdsman Behead Christian Father, 7-Year-old Son | Police Crackdown on Worship Services in India | Zhejiang Authorities Forcibly Remove Crosses from Christian Fishing Vessels | Jihadists Attack Funeral of Boy they Killed, Terrorize Christian Community

Bible Museum Must Send One More Artifact Back to Iraq

10 Things to Know About the Assyrian Empire | Egypt Before The Pharaohs


Grace Goodies:

New Berean Searchlight!

J.C. O’Hair’s The Devil & The Mystery

Shawn Brasseaux on arC Ministries Is 14! | Seven Men Named Before Birth #1

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Pastor Hal on the GLORIOUS Gospel

Pastor Fred on Standing Fast in the Lord

David O’Steen on Acts 4:7-22 | Basic Bible Truth

Josh Strelecki on God’s Kindness | The Foolishness of God

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:26 | The Big Picture of Eph. 5:28

Bob Picard on Acts 20:31-32 | Worshipping Whom?

Des Strydom on Trophimus Left Sick

Bryan Ross talks about Marriage

Robert Bell on the Faithful and the Deserters

Steve Atwood on the Faith of Christ

Don Hosfeld on Rom. 4:5

Richard & Alex messages in one livestream

Dave Stout on Rom. 9

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Greg Resor

John Verstegen


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