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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 8/24/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Colts’ QB Sam Ehlinger Says Faith, not Football, Is ‘What We’re on this Earth’ For https://t.ly/pvaE

New Study: A Majority of Americans Now Believe in Evolution https://t.ly/DHqR | Young Christians are increasingly pluralistic in their worldview – study https://t.ly/jCBM | 'Striking' number of Christians say Jesus isn't only way to salvation https://t.ly/5ER1 | 60 Percent of Younger Christians Believe Some Very Anti-Christian Things About Salvation, Survey Finds https://t.ly/xDBS | For atheists, the idea of aliens seems real. Religious people doubt it. https://t.ly/1mOB | 1 in 10 Non-Church Members Still Show Up Every Sunday https://t.ly/1d4P | Movement combats decline in teen Church attendance by helping youth see more than just an institution https://t.ly/46Mh

Flood swamps Tennessee church’s building — for the second time https://t.ly/Up65 | 7-month-old twins among at least 22 dead in Tennessee floods https://t.ly/G8TQ

Pro-lifers survive blizzard on Mt. Kilimanjaro, share message from peak: ‘Remember the unborn’ https://t.ly/NmGp

Chuck Colson on Radical Gratitude https://t.ly/PBLT

University Decides to 'Review' Teaching White Christians They're Oppressors and Black Pansexuals They're 'Targets' https://t.ly/NMZZ | Biden admin. may partially repeal rule protecting Christian student groups at universities https://t.ly/gkK3 | Calif. church offers religious exemption letters for people opposed to COVID vaccine https://t.ly/3MFy | Federal judge blocks Louisiana med school’s vaccine mandate https://t.ly/PBDo

UK's politicians must champion religious freedom – peer https://t.ly/L3wi | Pastor told congregation 'lockdown is over' before illegal church gathering was shut down by police https://t.ly/32Ba | Canadian Pastor Who Faces 4-Year Jail Sentence For ‘Inciting’ Church Warns Americans: ‘The Enemy Is Not Hiding Anymore’ https://t.ly/PMz1

A Biblical Defense of Fake Vaccine IDs https://t.ly/2Xto

Mark of the COVID beast: Store denies people food, water without vaccine passport https://t.ly/ySFx | In Macron’s France, Supermarkets Have Now Hired Bouncers to Prevent the Unvaccinated from Buying Food, Water and Medical Supplies https://t.ly/qDjS | Grocery prices skyrocket 31 percent in one year as lockdowns, drought and money printing unleash food inflation https://t.ly/EIuz

Serial Plagiarist, Southern Baptist President, Says SBC Should Watch Out for False Leaders https://t.ly/GCG1 | Former Hillsong Staff Member Explains Why He Left Hillsong https://t.ly/Ob5T | Kat Kerr Says Walt Disney Made it to Heaven Because He Was a “Great Part of Family Entertainment” https://t.ly/m6zn | Pope accepts resignation of Spanish bishop known for stand against homosexuality https://t.ly/y5zQ

Police Raid House Church, Arrest 28 Members in China https://t.ly/HwBw | Chinese Authorities Offer Cash to Citizens to Spy on Christian Neighbors and Report 'Illegal Religious Activities' https://t.ly/3AO6

The church in the Soviet Union: watched like a 'fish in an aquarium' https://t.ly/Lo3g | 'We Are Coming for You': Afghanistan's Christians Continue to Call for Prayers Amid Reports of Taliban Persecution https://t.ly/He80 | Pastor’s Wife, 19-Year-Old Injured in Attack on Christians in India https://t.ly/mz3X | Father Kills Son for Converting to Christianity https://t.ly/Y5xz | Christians in India Brutally Beaten for Refusing to Denounce Jesus https://t.ly/xXzy | Christians in Afghanistan Call for Help as New Reports of Persecution Surface https://t.ly/7R3N | Assyrian Christians Worship In Syria Despite Recent Turkish Bombardment https://t.ly/eXXH | Persecution In Sudan Continues: Nuns Killed, Bible Shipment Illegally Detained https://t.ly/gjTu | Pakistan: Christian woman arrested for blasphemy after forwarding WhatsApp post https://t.ly/QwEN

'Gates of Hell' crater has burned in remote desert for 50 years https://t.ly/TXGt


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Grace Articles:

C.R. Stam on Our Greatest Drawback — And How to Overcome It https://t.ly/hDFs | Heaven Is Better Than This https://t.ly/WfRS | True Thanksgiving https://t.ly/YdXu

Ricky Kurth on God’s Starter House https://t.ly/g7aG | Offering Up of the Gentiles https://t.ly/nWPR

Shawn Brasseaux on Accepted in the Beloved https://t.ly/DFP5


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Dave Stout on Rom. 10:1 https://t.ly/BXNO | Heb. 7:11 https://t.ly/xP5f

John Verstegen on Philippians https://t.ly/Mc5k | James https://t.ly/LBEk

Don Hosfeld on the Office of a Deacon https://t.ly/8qHY | Rom. 5:1-2 https://t.ly/HepI

Josh Strelecki on 1 Cor. 1:17-31 https://t.ly/J05c

Paul Lucas on Complete in Him https://t.ly/wKGk

Randy White’s ATT https://t.ly/vEAh

Jordan on Demonstrated Dedication https://t.ly/Tdvm

David Reid on the Baptism for the Dead https://t.ly/EuQ1

Tim Roberson on Standing on the Right Foundation https://t.ly/MDrf

Robert Bell concludes his series on Colossians https://t.ly/Ksb0

Pastor Hal on Colossians Intro https://t.ly/Y4s6

Pastor Joel on Yet Not I, But… https://t.ly/q4gu | Notes https://t.ly/l964

Bryan Ross on Raising Kids https://t.ly/3Fxg

Steve Ross on Who Wrote Hebrews https://t.ly/4zUd

Steve Atwood on Sons of God (audio) https://t.ly/bf1H

David O’Steen on Acts 5 https://t.ly/WkPV | Law and Grace https://t.ly/9c75

Des Strydom on Hope or Healing, pt. 3 https://t.ly/0yhY

Josh Strelecki on Demonstration of Spirit and Power https://t.ly/rpXT

Greg Resor on Being Spiritually Minded https://t.ly/ICIi

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John Verstegen https://t.ly/WWQQ

Shorewood https://t.ly/WUqe


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