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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 8/3/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Disney's Muppet Babies Puts Gonzo in a Dress, Promotes Trans Ideology: 'I Want to Be Me' https://t.ly/wh2x | Gonzo Goes Gay- ‘Muppet Babies Pushes Trans Agenda to 2-Year-Olds https://t.ly/aiE1

PJI Sues Florida School District Hiding Potentially Pornographic Material from Parents https://t.ly/YClM | Also https://t.ly/hk8c | Church to Supreme Court: We pick our ministers https://t.ly/exZC | Seattle-Area Christian Mission Asks Supreme Court to Let Them Hire Believers https://t.ly/LgTD | Justice Breyer rejects Maine church request to prevent new COVID-19 restrictions https://t.ly/z0V0

'All the Glory Goes to God': American Keni Harrison Wins Silver in 100 Meter Hurdles https://t.ly/j1Hg

TikTok’s Hottest New Trend: Demonic Possession? https://t.ly/cm8Y

Christianity Growing Fast Around The Globe Despite Increased Persecution, Report Says https://t.ly/ukL1

Converse under Fire for Releasing Shoes Featuring a Satanic Symbol https://t.ly/sMUn

Persecuted for preaching https://t.ly/g1XU

Ed Litton & Sermongate reveal some SBC Voices have no morals https://t.ly/eOXh | Woke Preacher Leads Congregation in Altar Call to Black Lives Matter https://t.ly/sWlL | Hillsong Says BBC Documentary “Grossly Out of Context’ and ‘Grossly Exaggerated https://t.ly/LzSV | Church Declares ‘Climate Emergency’+Raises $3.5Million for Eco-Friendly Church https://t.ly/TzgG | Bishop: Albany diocese covered up priest abuse for decades https://t.ly/zwPZ | NAR Queen Bee Gets Right to the Point: ‘Hand Over your Stash!’ https://t.ly/JLxA | Yes, David Platt, Does Need to Sit Down and Listen https://t.ly/OL0q

How Following ‘The Science’ Left The Realm Of Science And Became A Religion https://t.ly/W4bn

Christians Under Xi https://t.ly/m8to

Christian father and son beheaded on their way home from choir practice https://t.ly/gfbQ | 'Killing Our People Has Become Routine': Jihadists Kill Nigerian Pastor, Burn Woman's Home After Murdering Son https://t.ly/Cbps | Chinese Group Sentenced Up to Six Years in Jail for Selling Bible Players https://t.ly/GkTV | Report: 17 Christians per day ‘hacked to death’ by Islamists, sympathizers in Nigeria – more than 3,000 killed so far this year https://t.ly/vcF5 | Series of Attacks Devastates Nigeria’s Plateau state https://t.ly/PIOJ

‘They Cannot Burn Jesus Out of Me’: Mozambique Pastors Minister to Survivors of Violent Insurgency https://t.ly/cXoD


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