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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 8/5/21! PTL! :)

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

Come join us at 10 a.m. as we interview Joel’s favorite pastor, Steve Ross! It’ll be epic!

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Christian News:

Missouri Pastor Donates His Kidney to a Congregant in Need | Leader of Church Destroyed in Fire Forgives Arsonists: 'Today May Be a Day of Mourning, Tomorrow Will Be a Day of Joy'

American Sydney McLaughlin Wins Gold: 'Giving the Glory to God' and Grateful 'to Represent My Country' | American Wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock Thanks God after Winning Gold in Tokyo | Athletes and sports teams give thanks to God in Tokyo: 'Leave it in His hands' | Belarusian Olympic Runner Who Feared Punishment from Brutal Regime Lands Safely in Austria | ‘God Alone Defines Me’: A Look At Olympians Who Put God First | Watch: After winning Olympic gold, Fiji’s men’s rugby team breaks into song praising the Blood of the Lamb

The Best C. S. Lewis Book You’ve Never Read

‘Perverted’: Candace Owens Calls Out Trans ‘Muppet Babies’ as Gonzo Morphs Into ‘Gonzorella’

Romance Writers of America rescinds award for Christian novel as publisher defends it

Cru-affiliated race ministry is shutting down, says outside and inside ‘forces’ caused 'toxic' climate

The Phenomena of CeCe Winans' Single Believe For It Continues to Make Waves with Top 10 Positioning on the Billboard Christian Charts While Racking Up 10's of Millions of US On-Demand Streams and Video Views on Social Media

Why Is Washington’s Highest Court Trying to Rewrite a Ministry’s Mission?

How Big Tech Targets Faith Groups for Censorship | The Pegasus Project surfaces a new era of oppression for people of faith. Here’s what should be done. | Trevor Loudon: Communism Is About Power & Cannot Tolerate Religious Freedom | Hundreds arrested at faith-focused protest near Capitol in Washington DC

Biden DOJ Drops Suit, Won't Defend Catholic Nurse Forced to Assist with Abortion | Church petitions Supreme Court after denial of ministers' parsonage tax exemption | School district sued for refusing to disclose if 'pornographic' books are available to students | Christian baker fights back after state orders him to violate faith

As church preps to welcome vehicle dwellers, neighbors urge background checks | Vandals return to church where medieval windows were used as target practice

Neil Shenvi attacks Voddie Baucham | Voddie Baucham’s publisher defends Fault Lines against plagiarism claims

Creationist Kent Hovind’s Ex-GirlFriend/ Fake Wife Files Restraining Order Against Him: ‘He Body-Slammed Me’ | Charismatic Prophetess: ‘Grooming Demons’ Will Capture You With ‘Lassos’ to Keep you from Financial Prosperity | Why has David Platt remained silent about a sex abuse case at MBC? | Judgment Day for priest who stole more than half-million dollars from church | Woke Preacher Leads Congregation in Altar Call to Black Lives Matter | Prominent Korean-American Pastor Back In Pulpit Despite Sexual Misconduct Allegations | Megachurch Pastor (and Moody Bible Institute Trustee) Outlines what Reparations Look like: ‘Free Jobs, Education, Healthcare, and Childcare for 100 Years’

Spreading the Gospel to North Korea through Radio | Preachers shoulder burdens and hope in India | ‘Bless us through our enemies’

Cuban Christian given 72hrs to take down a Bible verse sign outside his house or face prison | At least 7 killed, over 250 houses destroyed in series of overnight attacks in Nigeria | Pastor in Central India Brutally Beaten by Radical Hindu Nationalists | In Turkey, Christians are being persecuted just for preaching | Myanmar: 'The Coup, Covid and the cries of my heart' | India: The persecutor who became the persecuted

Amid waves of deadly violence — fueled by misinformation on social media — South Africa’s Churches of Christ go online to call their nation to prayer.

Enjoy a Mini-Course in Biblical Archaeology | Pella: A Window on Survival


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