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Christian News & Grace Links for 10/6/21! PTL!

[We’re only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

'We ain't afraid of no ghost!': Maryland couple discover they unwittingly bought the house which inspired The Exorcist story - and realize that's why it was SO cheap https://t.ly/toYP

Pope Francis Holds Special Gaia One World Religion Meeting With Chrislam Co-Founder Grand Muslim Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb At Vatican Today https://t.ly/VSb8

The utterly inspiring life of 'African saint' Apolo Kivebulaya https://t.ly/eIDc

Symbolic Pics of the Month https://t.ly/0rPy

A critical battle in Seattle on church and state https://t.ly/7ty0 | Nurse punished for refusing to hide cross necklace sues London hospital: 'Attack on my faith' https://t.ly/j558 | Canadian tribunal rules that using ‘wrong’ pronouns violates human rights, awards $30K to trans-identified woman https://t.ly/nsv0p | Woman charged after allegedly setting fire to cross in church https://t.ly/LHSU | Nicaragua’s President Ortega calls bishops ‘terrorists’ https://t.ly/gyqU

Has prayer been cancelled? https://t.ly/7J2a

‘Non-Christian Troll Farms Run Facebook’s Christian Pages’ https://t.ly/YYtA

Know Thy City: 4 Steps Toward Effective Urban Ministry https://t.ly/zQLg

What Does the Bible Say About Money and Debt? https://t.ly/PSFg

BREAKING: Anti-lockdown pro-life Catholic becomes premier of Australian state https://t.ly/FACG

Stephen Colbert uses Jesus to promote abortion-tainted vaccines https://t.ly/hHUq | ESPN Host Removed from Air After Calling Disney’s Vax Mandate ‘Sick’ https://t.ly/8k2D| While Gov Shut Down Church Over COVID, “Mosques Were Fully Operational,” Says Pastor https://t.ly/3cOq | Unvaxxed Medical Staffers in New York Are Ousted https://t.ly/bqMS | Israel just nullified vaccine passports for all double jabbed people… now only the triple jabbed get “freedom” https://t.ly/lJfe | Top Israeli Doctor Says Ivermectin ‘Really Has Antiviral Activities’, Urges More Research As Potential COVID Treatment https://t.ly/VSkL | 'You are next': Canadian Pastor warns US Christians after he is arrested for breaking Covid rules https://t.ly/Yaco | ‘Hero To Zero’: Beverly Hills Firefighters Protest Mandates Amid Rejections Of Religious Exemptions https://t.ly/ZN5Z

WEA calls on governments to “remove sanctions that prevent churches from operating” https://t.ly/EZbm | Death in the shadows of displacement: Forced migration, deathliness, and the hope for life https://t.ly/s7BG | They're Killing People! https://t.ly/MKfs

Newsboys' Michael Tait talks deconstruction, being the 'honorary negro' and division in the Church https://t.ly/fStx

Gov. Ron DeSantis Asks For Prayers For Wife, Casey, Who Faces Breast Cancer: ‘She Will Never Give Up’ https://t.ly/Hts1

Southern Baptists Agree to Open Up to Abuse Investigation https://t.ly/nLof | waives attorney-client privilege https://t.ly/alMR | Beth Moore Says SBC Men Targeted Her So They Could Ignore the Looming Sexual Abuse Scandal https://t.ly/7FaC | Russell Moore Continues to Champion Pro-LGBTQ Pro-Abortion Activist as a Great “Christian” Leader https://t.ly/G5AK | Another Alumni Exposes Critical Race Theory at Danny Akin’s Southeastern Seminary https://t.ly/ScfT | French Investigation Reveals 330,000 Children Sexually Abused by Priests and Other Catholic Leaders https://t.ly/qHJv | 38-Year Member of David Platt’s Church Says He Was Threatened With Arrest, Jail, For Attending Last Sunday https://t.ly/FaYY | Bethel’s Kris Vallotton Says He Had Encounter With Jesus While Laying in His Bathtub https://t.ly/QP6S | Kenneth Copeland Says He Cast a Demon Out of a Puppy https://t.ly/Qlq7 | BIZZARE! Satanic Pastor Demonstrates How God’s Prophets Squatted and Grunted Out Spiritual Babies https://t.ly/01Xr

China’s new restrictions on abortion are ‘anti-abortion,’ ‘not pro-life’: Al Mohler https://t.ly/XM2N

Third church leader released on bail in Iran https://t.ly/IT5S | Christian convert released on bail after month’s incommunicado detention https://t.ly/42fy

Nigerian Pastor Murdered by Muslim Mob - He Once Provided a Water Source for Muslims https://t.ly/b3Hm | Two Families Beaten Unconscious for Converting to Christianity https://t.ly/C66R | Abducted Christian Killed During Rescue Mission https://t.ly/LyIi | Elderly Chin Christians Shot Dead by The Tatmadaw in Chin State https://t.ly/Vgzr | Uyghur Family Fortunes Mysteriously Reappear for Auction https://t.ly/QI3M | Missing Iranian Christian Convert Released on Bail https://t.ly/x8vX | Christian converts and pastors ‘equally mistrusted’ by German immigration service – report https://t.ly/yDls | Nigeria “killing field for Christians:” Elderly Christian man killed during rescue operation https://t.ly/ajby

1,000-year-old Gold Coins Found https://t.ly/qRVS


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