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Christian News & Grace Links for 5/21/21


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Florida Grace Camp, June 13-19: https://t.ly/Qdle

Bryan Ross has a new book! https://t.ly/GXZG

Richard Jordan on Mark 14:72 https://t.ly/B278

David Reid on Calvinism Refuted https://t.ly/3KPB

Josh Strelecki on Romans 12 https://t.ly/Wkxl

Brian Johnson on Romans 2 https://t.ly/XQSF

Tom Bruscha on OT Salvation, pt. 5 https://t.ly/VOJE

Paul Turner II on What Can We Do to Prepare https://t.ly/cHeL

Shawn Brasseaux on Lessons from the Ark of the Covenant #1 https://t.ly/upOC

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Joel on The Spirit of Freedom https://t.ly/bS4U | Notes https://t.ly/Lt2D

Randy White on 1 Timothy https://t.ly/ZxrQ

Christian News:

Judge Says Biden Admin. Can Force Christian Colleges to Change LGBT Policies https://t.ly/xiLr | Judge Rules Against Christian College Suing Biden Administration Over Trans Mandate https://t.ly/6Erw | Rules Christian College Must Allow Biological Men To Share Showers With Women https://t.ly/a41n

Roman Catholic Bishops Galore Sign on to Pro-LGBT Statement! https://t.ly/pbeW |

LEGO Unveils Rainbow Set https://t.ly/bv9y | Babylon Bee: Lego Unveils New Genderless Bricks With No Male/Female Connectors https://t.ly/J0FR

California to pay $1.35M to settle Harvest Rock Church lawsuit against gathering restrictions https://t.ly/BlUg | “Big Win” https://t.ly/UsKI

Pastor Artur Pawlowski says arsonists set his property on fire after viral confrontations with police https://t.ly/Epfo | Police Shut Down Pastor Tim Stephens’ Church, But He Hints at Going Underground https://t.ly/ADxd

Hamas needs Jesus https://t.ly/wMx8

52-Year-Old Christian Shot and Killed by Radical Hindu Nationalists in India https://t.ly/hYpO

New Book Investigates and Pulls Back the Curtain on Paula White, President Trump's Spiritual Advisor https://t.ly/hM7G | Rachel Hollis’s Problem Isn’t Privilege, It’s An Anti-Christian Gospel https://t.ly/TPpN

Clergy who failed to disclose John Smyth abuse will face investigation – Welby https://t.ly/jyyF

Christian BBC reporter Martin Bashir says faking Diana documents was 'an action I deeply regret' https://t.ly/Qy86 | Blistering Rebuke by Prince William https://t.ly/j6Dj

Sweden Ends Puberty Blockers for Minors https://t.ly/YnNW

Where Is Biblical Colossae? https://t.ly/jmdu

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