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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/10/21!

In addition to some of the Christian news articles below, we also in today’s podcast had briefly discussed G.K. Chesterson, and the three following articles:

Walking With Chesterton and Lewis https://t.ly/w96B

The Wonder of G.K. Chesterton https://t.ly/gkgT

Here’s the paragraph Joel read: “There is, however, another aspect of Chesterton’s legacy which should not be overlooked. His eyes, opened in wonder with a sense of gratitude which is the fruit of deep humility, were also open to the rational proofs for God’s existence. He insisted at all times on the indissoluble marriage of faith and reason, endeavouring to show how reason leads us to an understanding of the Divine presence in the cosmos. He does so with wit and wisdom, and with clarity and charity, in a manner which is charming and disarming, showing us in his life and work the synonymous nature of sanity and sanctity. His omnivorous approach to truth-telling leads us to God whether we are reading one of his novels or poems, or one of his essays or biographies. Chesterton can start with a piece of chalk and lead us to God. He can be running after his hat and find that he is running after God. He can discuss Dickens and find God, or write history as though it’s His Story. This is the real wonder of G.K. Chesterton. He is a man alive because he is alive with the Life that gives life to man. He is full of that joy which is the life of God in man, which theologians call grace. He is full of the good news that allows him to see the world as God sees it and to see that it is good.

G.K. Chesterton on Scientific “Experts” https://t.ly/zhCT

Here’s the paragraph Joel read: “For Chesterton, what it all came down to was this: science was either a “tool or a toy.” Actually, he refined that statement just a bit more: science was “only” a tool or a toy. Did he prefer one to the other? Most definitely. Science as a toy was science as its “highest and noblest.” After all, a toy was something of far greater “philosophical grandeur” than a mere tool. Why? Because a toy “is valued for itself,” while a tool only has value for some other purpose. In sum, a toy is an end in itself, while a tool is only a means to an end. In his musings on science Chesterton never got around to musing about viruses and models. But he did get to the heart of the matter when it came to the role of science and scientific expertise, no matter the matter at hand: in dealing with pandemics science may not be a toy, but it can only be a tool. In a particular essay on this general subject he asked his readers to think of a hammer (the tool) and a doll house (the toy). Of course, science had something to do with the making of each of them. But science could never be the carpenter using the tool or the child playing with the doll house. In other Chestertonian words, science should never be the thing that has “natural authority” over the tool.

We also highlighted this article during the podcast: DAYS OF NOAH: Stunning New 112FT Visitor Attraction Called ‘The Giant’ Using Advanced Technology To Make A 20-Nation Tour In 2021 https://t.ly/Mj7M

Christian News:

Ah, Atheism: Your Falsehoods Never Fade https://t.ly/HJ4x

Abortion 'Without Limitations': 224 Democrats Back Bill Eliminating All Pro-Life Laws https://t.ly/GGjD | Record number of Americans find abortion 'morally acceptable,' poll finds https://t.ly/5XqW | Pro-Life Activist Who Regrets Her Abortion Responds to Pro-Abortion Valedictorian https://t.ly/7jdO | Valedictorian Triumphs Over School's Attempts to Silence Speech Mentioning 'Relationship with Christ' https://t.ly/t3Ac

Mom who delivered healthy baby after being shot in crossfire leaving church: 'I'm just thanking God' https://t.ly/Hsav

Just Two-Thirds of American Adults Say They Are Christian: Survey https://t.ly/HYGa

Canadian Church Holds 'Underground' Service after Gov't Closes Its Building https://t.ly/ioaB | Premier of Canadian Province Arresting Pastors Breaks Dozens of COVID Orders in One Night https://t.ly/idBM | In Canada, Christians mourn, reflect after mass grave of 215 Indigenous children is found https://t.ly/c5Ph

Four Temptations and an Amazing Story of Courage and Faith https://t.ly/mhzr

The faithful life of Elisabeth Elliot continues to set a challenging example of discipleship https://t.ly/UMJw

Bethel Church Responds to Pastor's Request for Clarification on Beliefs https://t.ly/s46b | Hunh. Bethel Church Launches Web Series Offering In-depth Responses to Their Controversial Beliefs https://t.ly/OX2K | Hillsong Atlanta Launches And Their New Pastor Has a Heck of a Past https://t.ly/v64Z | Pastor Sues The Chapel Megachurch over Allegations of Sexual Assault https://t.ly/ZU4D | Priscilla Shirer Attacks the Bible as ‘Hand-me-down Revelation’ https://t.ly/jT3Y | Jerry Falwell Jr. unhappy with Liberty University’s ‘public shaming,’ wants lawsuit dismissed https://t.ly/66QV | David Platt is harming McLean Bible Church with Woke Social Justice Theology https://t.ly/8WEo

Christian alternative to Boy Scouts sees growth amid pandemic, 70% more new members in 2021 https://t.ly/MAsO

The dangers of digital doggy doors https://t.ly/vqs9

Judge Lifts Suspension of Virginia Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns https://t.ly/ecif | Parents Praise https://t.ly/rb2s | “A Matter Of Public Concern” https://t.ly/Hm9m | Nevada to pay church $175K for legal battle over COVID-19 worship restrictions https://t.ly/S2ZU | Student cleared of wrongdoing over gender comments https://t.ly/uZyf | ‘A Form of Persecution of the Faith’: Louisiana Pastor Seeks Reinstatement of Lawsuit Challenging Pandemic Restrictions https://t.ly/KyJQ | Biden DOJ Splits with LGBT Groups, Defends Religious Exemption for Christian Schools https://t.ly/AwzR

On Thursday, We'll Witness a Rare 'Ring of Fire' in the Sky https://t.ly/V1ze

Charles Stanley: Not Selling CBD https://t.ly/qq3A | SBC leaders mishandled ‘crisis of sexual abuse,’ Russell Moore claims in second leaked letter https://t.ly/0ZBb | Ronnie Floyd Called Russell Moore a Liar https://t.ly/eunN | Pressure mounts for an independent investigation of SBC Executive Committee handling of abuse https://t.ly/pjc9 | Denomination That Split from SBC Elects First Trans ‘Pastor’ https://t.ly/qdwy | ERLC, Russell Moore raise questions about trusting the trustees https://t.ly/LUrz | Conservative Baptist Network demands ERLC retract false brief https://t.ly/KS0P | Russell Moore and the Southern Baptist Convention: The Saga Continues https://t.ly/kYlB | The bubbas-that-be in the SBC https://t.ly/6Em2

30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Christian culture is reviving in Russia https://t.ly/TtiB

Jack Phillips reveals abuse, vandalism and death threats after he refused to make gay wedding cake https://t.ly/4JOa | Nickelodeon Casts First Trans-Identified Teen following 'Trans Youth Acting Challenge' https://t.ly/BKB5 | Nickelodeon Also Indoctrinating Children With Drag Queen Video Teaching About The Meaning Of Colors Of LGBTQ Pride Flag https://t.ly/ni34 | Nickelodeon continues its LGBT crusade for children https://t.ly/2asp | Loki's Sex Defined as “Fluid” in Disney+ Series https://t.ly/6ktm | He lived as a woman, then found happiness and truth in Jesus Christ https://t.ly/ylmr

Burger King donating up to $250K to LGBT group in swipe at Chick-fil-A https://t.ly/HSni | Lowdown on HRC https://t.ly/3ZnV | Babylon Bee: LGBTQ Community Really Bummed They Have To Eat At Burger King Now https://t.ly/Cmdn

Employer Allegedly Sends Hit Men to Kill Christian https://t.ly/zw5G | Three Killed in Kenya During Ambush of Two Buses https://t.ly/pHro | Indonesia Ramps Up Investigation into Pastor’s Death https://t.ly/Wrhk | Priests Abducted in Cameroon https://t.ly/wUK7 | Elderly Couple in India Faces Social Boycott After Conversion to Christianity https://t.ly/BYvL | Raped, Tortured, Humiliated: The Uyghur Tribunal Hears 24 Witnesses https://t.ly/haJg | Plea for mercy as Iranian Christian convert with Parkinson's faces jail https://t.ly/j27T | Home Secretary to discuss asylum bid for 15-year-old Pakistani Christian at risk of death for apostasy https://t.ly/a6Gh

Babylon Bee: Exclusive: We Have Acquired Joel Osteen's Emails https://t.ly/pnWS

Archeologists Unearth Arrowhead from Biblical Battle in Goliath's Hometown https://t.ly/wI61


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Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/xIDm

Don Hosfeld on Gen. 47 https://t.ly/uoa5

Randy White https://t.ly/OyNV

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