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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/14/21!

Christian News:

A new electronic vaccination verification system? Hmm. https://t.ly/kYlp

'Sex is a Biological Fact and Immutable': British Woman Who Lost Job Over Transgender Views Wins Appeal https://t.ly/BnJU | City pays over $35K to Christian ministry for canceling event over speaker’s biblically-based views https://t.ly/Eypa | ‘Major victory’: Wisconsin can’t force private, religious schools to shut down https://t.ly/G5Rm

‘Horrific’: Christian Baker Jack Phillips Reveals Abuse, Vandalism, Death Threats After He Refused to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Wedding https://t.ly/JbnS

Michigan township sued for refusing permission to build chapel https://t.ly/iUeI | GraceLife Church and James Coates Sue AHS to Get Their Building Back https://t.ly/qvqd

More Christian teachers having to defend their right to free speech https://t.ly/daWY

Hundreds gather to proclaim name of Jesus at Sean Feucht ‘Let Us Worship’ summer tour https://t.ly/41Yr | Tickets on Sale Now for First Ever Mega Tour with Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe & Bethel Music https://t.ly/H8tA

Friends Mourn Steve Austin, Former Pastor and Author Who Wrote about Suicide and Mental Health https://t.ly/DKB7

New Mini-Documentary Exposes Al Mohler’s Complicity in the Southern Baptist Woke Movement https://t.ly/hoUI | Dr. James Lindsay declares Mohler professor an ‘Intersectionalist’ https://t.ly/O0K2| A Much-Needed Investigation into Sexual Abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention https://t.ly/hPab | Southern Baptists Are at a Fork in the Road https://t.ly/BRs3 | Dr. Robert Lopez endorses Randy Adams, submits resolution to SBC https://t.ly/Ttzh| Mike Stone: High turnout is grassroots Southern Baptists fighting the Woke Elite https://t.ly/uGOV | ‘Take the Ship’: Conservatives Aim to Commandeer Southern Baptists https://t.ly/6XzY

‘The Bible Came Alive As the Quran Never Did’: Ex-Devout Muslim Details Stunning Testimony https://t.ly/mZnN

Miracles as a Subscription Service? Only $1 for the first month, then… https://t.ly/3wtd

Christian families forced to flee homes into forest after women attacked by Hindu villagers https://t.ly/diKl| Homes of Nine Christian Families in India Ransacked and Destroyed https://t.ly/UxdD | Lawyer Meets with Bible Reformed Church Lay Leader Arrested in Guangzhou https://t.ly/nUld

Massachusetts lobster diver survives being swallowed by whale: 'I was completely inside' https://t.ly/xDLG

The Ark of the Covenant: Top Men Are Still Searching For It https://t.ly/YjeB | The Doorways of Solomon’s Temple https://t.ly/2eTx | New Discovery Highlights How Jews and Christians Were Once Naughty with Magic https://t.ly/3Um1


Grace Goodies:

We now have a news page! Joel will also be posting his sermon notes here: https://t.ly/UmBE | Plus, saints have option of financially supporting church via Cash App https://t.ly/QnFO

Bryan Ross has a new book! https://t.ly/GXZG

Grace Articles:

C.R. Stam on Tradition: How Shall We Regard It? https://t.ly/TWHH | God’s Power Perfected In Weakness https://t.ly/hmoI

Shawn Brasseaux on The 12 Princes of Israel https://t.ly/7vWs | Also says Provers is a Book of Prophecy https://t.ly/pn2y

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on Breaking Grace https://t.ly/MGxh

Pastor Fred on Being Confident https://t.ly/VVtN

Robert Bell says that Leadership is ACTION not POSITION https://t.ly/kb5C

David O’Steen talks about Pentecost https://t.ly/x3oc

Bob Picard talks about Acts 19 https://t.ly/zKSt

Don Hosfeld on Rom. 3 https://t.ly/ygmB

Randy White on Jonah https://t.ly/yUxo

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/xD1h | https://t.ly/Fsui

Greg Resor https://t.ly/MxKU

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:17 https://t.ly/uvKy

Dave Stout on Col. 1:23 https://t.ly/IvWf

Shorewood Service https://t.ly/d6Wv

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