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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/21/21!

Christian News:

The Crisis of Fatherhood | Michael W. Smith: ‘Six principles I learned from my dad’s life’ | Babylon Bee: 8 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day While Also Dismantling The Patriarchy

Family Is Reunited with Late Mother's Bible after an Oklahoma Man Finds it on His Lawn

Court's Decision Was a 'Profound Victory for Religious Liberty' in LGBT Disputes: Experts | Christian non-profit to challenge IRS decision to deny tax exemption, call Bible tool of right | 14 States Side With Christian Wedding Photographer Against NY’s Public Accommodations Law| Will we soon see pastors prosecuted for saying the Lord's Prayer?

New Documentary Details Government Crackdown On Canadian Christians, Likens To Communist China | Government Helicopter Discovers Church's 'Unauthorized' Gathering, Pastor Arrested | Canadians Rally At Prison for Jailed Pastor Tim Stephens | Evangelical Alliance slams 'disproportionate' church singing ban

Pastor Artur Pawlowski On Standing Up Against Evil | Pastor who kicked out COVID police in Canada roars into Manhattan

'My Identity Is in Christ,' Not Fame, Singer Tori Kelly Says of Staying Grounded | Christian artist shares journey from the occult to ministry: 'Love invaded the darkness' | ‘More Like Jesus, and Less Like Cardi-B’: Matthew West’s Unique Approach to Teach Daughters Value of Modesty

Atheists Demand Removal of ‘Symbol of Christian Supremacy’ From POW/MIA Table Display | Voddie Baucham Jr. Sounds Off on CRT: ‘Demonic Ideology’ | ‘The Only Race Is the Human Race’: Black Father Condemns Critical Race Theory in Viral Video | Blacks Are Joining With Whites In Condemning Critical Race Theory Being Pushed By The Democrats As The Evil Racist Hate Speech It Truly Is| Black theologian sounds warning, savages 'demonic' ideologies behind CRT, BLM, antiracism

Popular Christian Worship Leader Issues Defiant ‘Apology” After Salacious Wedding Photo goes Viral

Christians report more marriage satisfaction than non-Christians

The Passion Translation author: “We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ” | Charismatic Prophetess Says Heaven is ‘50% Worshipping’ and 50% Riding Roller Coasters with Jesus

Russell Fuller says SBC should investigate Ed Litton | New SBC President Ed Litton says ‘every month is White History Month’ | Washington Post says NAMB paid to have Litton supporters attend SBC | SBC has serious corruption problem after NAMB uses tithes to turn out voters for Ed Litton | SBC silences Black scholar, other conservative women at meeting | Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton Is a Turtle on a Fence Post | Narrow Southern Baptist Election Showcases Divide In Nation’s Largest Protestant Body

Christian Pastor Slain over Outreach to Muslims, Sources Say | Accused of Misleading Muslims | ‘Today Allah has judged you’

The Church flourishes in Algeria - despite many pressures | 8 churches damaged in last month amid Myanmar conflict; priest abducted as army raids parish | Chinese State-Vetted Churches Praise CCP to Celebrate the Party’s Centennial| Over 70 Abducted, 2 Killed in Nigeria School Kidnapping| Minorities in Bangladesh Protest Against Establishment of Islam as State Religion | Iran election set to intensify Christian persecution

The Suffering and Perseverance of Elisabeth Elliot

When Was Jesus Born—B.C. or A.D.?


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C.R. Stam on Washed, Sanctified And Justified | A Tale Of Three Cities

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Pastor Fred on Phil. 1

Des Strydom on the Chronological Order of the Pauline Epistles

David O’Steen on Knowing God

Josh Strelecki on Called unto Fellowship of Christ

Bryan Ross on Col. 3:14

David Reid on The Lord’s Responses to His Adversaries


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