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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/21/21!

Christian News:

The Crisis of Fatherhood https://t.ly/XjKP | Michael W. Smith: ‘Six principles I learned from my dad’s life’ https://t.ly/SWxN | Babylon Bee: 8 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day While Also Dismantling The Patriarchy https://t.ly/H5fT

Family Is Reunited with Late Mother's Bible after an Oklahoma Man Finds it on His Lawn https://t.ly/4YJS

Court's Decision Was a 'Profound Victory for Religious Liberty' in LGBT Disputes: Experts https://t.ly/6TGo | Christian non-profit to challenge IRS decision to deny tax exemption, call Bible tool of right https://t.ly/5BBJ | 14 States Side With Christian Wedding Photographer Against NY’s Public Accommodations Law https://t.ly/hH0y| Will we soon see pastors prosecuted for saying the Lord's Prayer? https://t.ly/OVsW

New Documentary Details Government Crackdown On Canadian Christians, Likens To Communist China https://t.ly/pgLF | Government Helicopter Discovers Church's 'Unauthorized' Gathering, Pastor Arrested https://t.ly/dIX1 | Canadians Rally At Prison for Jailed Pastor Tim Stephens https://t.ly/n32P | Evangelical Alliance slams 'disproportionate' church singing ban https://t.ly/A2uA

Pastor Artur Pawlowski On Standing Up Against Evil https://t.ly/o4jC | Pastor who kicked out COVID police in Canada roars into Manhattan https://t.ly/vkTn

'My Identity Is in Christ,' Not Fame, Singer Tori Kelly Says of Staying Grounded https://t.ly/vLn4 | Christian artist shares journey from the occult to ministry: 'Love invaded the darkness' https://t.ly/Kx7i | ‘More Like Jesus, and Less Like Cardi-B’: Matthew West’s Unique Approach to Teach Daughters Value of Modesty https://t.ly/SOrL

Atheists Demand Removal of ‘Symbol of Christian Supremacy’ From POW/MIA Table Display https://t.ly/P5E4 | Voddie Baucham Jr. Sounds Off on CRT: ‘Demonic Ideology’ https://t.ly/5fZe | ‘The Only Race Is the Human Race’: Black Father Condemns Critical Race Theory in Viral Video https://t.ly/bZOd | Blacks Are Joining With Whites In Condemning Critical Race Theory Being Pushed By The Democrats As The Evil Racist Hate Speech It Truly Is https://t.ly/GUks| Black theologian sounds warning, savages 'demonic' ideologies behind CRT, BLM, antiracism https://t.ly/ISsh

Popular Christian Worship Leader Issues Defiant ‘Apology” After Salacious Wedding Photo goes Viral https://t.ly/zcpld

Christians report more marriage satisfaction than non-Christians https://t.ly/op8k

The Passion Translation author: “We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ” https://t.ly/9H83 | Charismatic Prophetess Says Heaven is ‘50% Worshipping’ and 50% Riding Roller Coasters with Jesus https://t.ly/KYOv

Russell Fuller says SBC should investigate Ed Litton https://t.ly/bqQV | New SBC President Ed Litton says ‘every month is White History Month’ https://t.ly/lWYQ | Washington Post says NAMB paid to have Litton supporters attend SBC https://t.ly/1164 | SBC has serious corruption problem after NAMB uses tithes to turn out voters for Ed Litton https://t.ly/l9ia | SBC silences Black scholar, other conservative women at meeting https://t.ly/3vm0 | Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton Is a Turtle on a Fence Post https://t.ly/iQEo | Narrow Southern Baptist Election Showcases Divide In Nation’s Largest Protestant Body https://t.ly/MXK4

Christian Pastor Slain over Outreach to Muslims, Sources Say https://t.ly/qw2l | Accused of Misleading Muslims https://t.ly/IM0h | ‘Today Allah has judged you’ https://t.ly/6zwu

The Church flourishes in Algeria - despite many pressures https://t.ly/2KES | 8 churches damaged in last month amid Myanmar conflict; priest abducted as army raids parish https://t.ly/VJ5j | Chinese State-Vetted Churches Praise CCP to Celebrate the Party’s Centennial https://t.ly/F6aA| Over 70 Abducted, 2 Killed in Nigeria School Kidnapping https://t.ly/inuX| Minorities in Bangladesh Protest Against Establishment of Islam as State Religion https://t.ly/uhv5 | Iran election set to intensify Christian persecution https://t.ly/TwnT

The Suffering and Perseverance of Elisabeth Elliot https://t.ly/JyUd

When Was Jesus Born—B.C. or A.D.? https://t.ly/zfHR


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Shawn Brasseaux: Father: A Godly Man https://t.ly/bwlr

C.R. Stam on Washed, Sanctified And Justified https://t.ly/3Wsz | A Tale Of Three Cities https://t.ly/Oorj

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Greg Resor’s Bluegrass Conference https://t.ly/vKnt

Pastor Hal on Prayer https://t.ly/7iC8

Pastor Fred on Phil. 1 https://t.ly/DEAn

Des Strydom on the Chronological Order of the Pauline Epistles https://t.ly/Dxmz

David O’Steen on Knowing God https://t.ly/fKBv

Josh Strelecki on Called unto Fellowship of Christ https://t.ly/GWWB

Bryan Ross on Col. 3:14 https://t.ly/Z5pX

David Reid on The Lord’s Responses to His Adversaries https://t.ly/qesu


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