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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/22/21!

Christian News:

47 Percent Say the 'State of Moral Values' in U.S. are Poor, But Partisan Divides Remain: Gallup https://t.ly/xXAA | Report: Former Cubs MVP Ben Zobrist Claims In Million Dollars Lawsuit Christian Pop Singer Wife Had Affair With Their Pastor https://t.ly/uF8V | One in five young adult Mormons in the US are gay, lesbian or bisexual https://t.ly/Waoo

Facebook Says that Posting Verses from the KJB Goes Against Their ‘Community Standards’ https://t.ly/rCco | Cancel culture versus Christian competence https://t.ly/ZIzH | Christian man fired after refusing to provide fingerprints https://t.ly/g2H0 | Rulings Against Christian Baker Jack Phillips are a ‘repeat of earlier mistakes,’ Attorney Says https://t.ly/z8Ua | Government Now “Greatest Threat” to U.S., Warns Pastor MacArthur https://t.ly/pOJd

Can Christian marriages save our nation? https://t.ly/lxgU

A Narrow SCOTUS Ruling with Serious Implications for Religious Liberty https://t.ly/4q56 | Barr blasts U.S. schools for their systemic subversion of religion https://t.ly/Y0rV | Boston's censorship of Christian flag reaches Supremes https://t.ly/FXbCu | Christian Charity 'Alarmed' by Push to Criminalize Prayer Amid 'Conversion Therapy' Ban in UK https://t.ly/JKmI

Christianity Today Announces New Publication That 'Revives the Christian Imagination' https://t.ly/5FIZ | The Magazine https://t.ly/y5rA

Democrat warns Catholic Church it may be stripped of tax-exempt status if politicians denied communion https://t.ly/mEUE

Christian Org Risks Arrest in Burma, Treks Through Brutal Terrain to Deliver Critical Supplies https://t.ly/OagE

Whispered Prayers, Hidden Bibles, Secretly Scribbled Verses: Inside the Resilient Faith of the #BringBackOurGirls Hostages https://t.ly/1Afa

China’s state-sanctioned churches to celebrate Communist Party’s centennial https://t.ly/m1g6 | Turkey's Christians need a break https://t.ly/Ajeo | Another 13-Year-Old Girl Forced to Marry/Convert to Islam in Pakistan https://t.ly/j3V4 | 70 Students, Four Teachers Abducted During Latest Attack on Nigerian College, 2 Dead https://t.ly/dFh1 | 5 Civilians Killed After Burmese Military Targets Multiple Churches in Myanmar https://t.ly/t8bO | 8 churches damaged in last month amid Myanmar conflict; priest abducted as army raids parish https://t.ly/s1mf | Christians, religious minorities protest establishment of Islam as state religion in Bangladesh https://t.ly/Xewx

Nigerian pastor freed from 8-month abduction, surprised with newborn son on Father's Day weekend https://t.ly/YcHp

Huckster Jim Bakker Makes Desperate Plea for $1000, Will Give Blanket and Mug in Return https://t.ly/vuyV

Like Greear, New SBC President Says the Bible “Whispers” About Homosexuality https://t.ly/iCnj | An Insider’s Guide To The 2021 Southern Baptist Convention https://t.ly/4pXI | Voddie Baucham accuses SBC of being cowards over Critical Race Theory https://t.ly/aWcO

Sick Showtime Series Turns Last Supper Into Homoerotic Makeout Scene https://t.ly/1qrz

Looted Antique Coptic Bible Among Artifacts Withdrawn from UK Auction After Ethiopia Appeals for Their Return https://t.ly/ZNKI


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