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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/24/21!

Christian News:

A Letter to Premier Kenney and Alberta MLAs, From Imprisoned Pastor Tim Stephens https://t.ly/PbnB | Peaceful Protesters Gather Around Prison to Support Jailed Canadian Pastor https://t.ly/MIuN

New Survey Identifies 'Top 10 Most Seductive, Unbiblical Ideas' Embraced by American Adults https://t.ly/frBw | Dr. David Jeremiah | How God Gives Us Truths to Counter the Enemy’s Lies https://t.ly/xoiI | 82% of Americans say religious freedom is key to ‘healthy American society’: poll https://t.ly/4JdO

Israel Is Preparing Action Plan For Launching A Digital Shekel As World Is Rapidly Moving Toward Cybercurrency And The One World System https://t.ly/7IX4U

Yesterday was the ‘Charismatic Day of Infamy’ https://t.ly/43zx

World Record Baby Born 4 Months Premature Survives: Was Given '0 Percent Chance' to Live https://t.ly/JVEj

Most Pastors Agree Abuse Should Ban Them from Ministry https://t.ly/5rAw | Discovery+ docuseries to look at Hillsong Church scandal, fall of ex-pastor Carl Lentz https://t.ly/JpBf | The Spiritual Damage Caused By the Rebellion of Women Preachers in the Church https://t.ly/z0CW | JD Greear’s Co-pastor Insists the Gospel Should Push You to Support Reparations https://t.ly/2uH8 | Union Theological Seminary Denounces Religious Freedom in Favor of Homosexuality https://t.ly/xvbH

Jim Bakker, his church settle lawsuit over COVID-19 claims https://t.ly/IiPG | Yay or neigh? Church blasted for using horse during service https://t.ly/uagM | Forced to Pay 156k Settlement https://t.ly/6ex8

The Cult of the ‘Expert’ https://t.ly/SEyf

New Florida Law Requires 'Viewpoint Diversity' at Colleges in a Win for Christian Students https://t.ly/CoOU | GraceLife Church to Get Building Back Next Week, Says Authorities https://t.ly/E4Vq

Armed cops charge parents as school board gets tough on dissent to transgender policy https://t.ly/HqbU | Atheists Sue Mississippi Over New 'In God We Trust' License Plates https://t.ly/FxD4 | Catholic Church Could Lose Tax-Exempt Status if it Denies Pro-Choice Politicians Communion, Democrat Warns https://t.ly/TmgIN | Va. school board halts public comment on controversial transgender policy; 2 arrested https://t.ly/YJQI | Vatican makes 'unprecedented' diplomatic move against Italy's proposed LGBT law https://t.ly/vILg

Research: Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive, Market Driven Churches https://t.ly/7Od8

Truett Seminary Grads Say Hymns are Racist Because they Portray Christ as ‘Male’ and ‘Master’ https://t.ly/GpPgF

Former Pussycat Dolls Singer Kaya Jones Says She’s ‘All In’ on ‘Serving the Lord’ https://t.ly/we1K

School Pamphlet Promotes Sex for 11-Year-Olds, Tells Girls How to Get Secret Abortions https://t.ly/oBbQ | Watch: Mayor Suspends Pledge of Allegiance at Meeting. Attendees Recite It Anyway. https://t.ly/0m5h

Blaspheming 'God' called just fine in kids' movies https://t.ly/Emq3

'Fresh wave of violence' in Mozambique driven by radical jihadist extremists; children beheaded: report https://t.ly/Q7UC | 33 Christians Serve as Prisoners of Conscience in Vietnam https://t.ly/Z64l | Five Christians Kidnapped in Mali https://t.ly/47LF | Custody of 13-Year-Old Christian Girl Awarded to 30-Year-Old Muslim Man in Pakistan https://t.ly/eEyr | Concerns Grow Over the Health of Imprisoned ERCC Pastor https://t.ly/KpKd | Armed Assailants Attack Village Church in Pakistan https://t.ly/HIUb

Why is Mexico one of the most dangerous places to be a priest?

Chesterton’s “Manalive”: “Friends” a Century Earlier https://t.ly/zCMt

Stunning Discovery In The World Of Biblical Archaeology Shows Hittite Stone Carvings Revealing An Underworld Below The Surface Of Our Earth https://t.ly/3RuB


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Paul Sadler on a Solemn Challenge https://t.ly/kBYC

Ricky Kurth on What’s the Difference? https://t.ly/awJ3

C.R. Stam on What is a Church? https://t.ly/89f0

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Pastor Joel on The Great Love Chapter https://t.ly/6UEh

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BBF Summer Conference https://t.ly/pmX3

Bob Picard on Distinct, Delivered, Dedicated! https://t.ly/8u84

David O’Steen on Manuscripts, Men, and Methods https://t.ly/AzMx

John Verstegen on Does Grace Really Work? https://t.ly/8Nln

Randy White https://t.ly/iFf2

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