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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/28/21!

Christian News:

Miami-Area Churches Pray for Miracles, Minister to Rescue Teams After Condo Collapse https://t.ly/qrBH | Billy Graham trauma chaplains, Christian groups bring comfort to distraught families of 150 missing in Florida tower collapse https://t.ly/PmKE

Canadian pastor slams double standard on COVID restrictions, alleges 'personal vendetta' against him https://t.ly/HGVE | U.S. Senator Requests Canada Investigated for Religious Freedom Violations over Alberta Pastors Arrests https://t.ly/Ngcy | Bill C-6 is ‘devastating’ to democratic rights, and a ‘direct attack on the Christian faith’ https://t.ly/lS4N

SERMONGATE: Ed Litton admits using J.D. Greear’s words without attribution https://t.ly/h4Hn | Ed Litton’s church removes damning video https://t.ly/czKL | Is Ed Litton a thief? https://t.ly/WOLb | SBC Elites Circle the wagons to defend Admitted Plagiarist Ed Litton https://t.ly/oIxM | Calls for Ed Litton to resign after SBC President admits plagiarism in Sermongate https://t.ly/HToa | Litton Apologizes https://t.ly/vmKI | “To complain about Ed Litton’s plagiarism is to slander Jesus.” https://t.ly/c5bu

Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis after 751 more graves of indigenous children found https://t.ly/cDJh

'I Am Grateful': Army Won't Punish Chaplain Who Criticized Biden Transgender Policy https://t.ly/HNf9 | Thanks To Supreme Court Cowardice, The Government Is Still Persecuting Jack Phillips For Being A Christian https://t.ly/RIfq | Chaplain's discrimination case suffers setback https://t.ly/o3BC

Dutch Leader Says Hungary 'Must Leave' EU Over Anti-LGBTQ Law, Vows to Bring Hungary 'To Its Knees' https://t.ly/zXpm | Pope Endorses “Gay Catholic” Ministry in Hand-written Letter to James Martin https://t.ly/51zU

Christian worker summoned to court in Northern Cyprus on charge of illegally importing Bibles https://t.ly/rhK6U

Another pair of churches go up in 'suspicious' fires https://t.ly/CQuK | Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Apparent Backlash After Gruesome Discovery https://t.ly/U1iv

Off-duty prayer leaves police officer 'twisting in the wind for 4 months' https://t.ly/tbMK | Air Force Suspends Christian Pilot for Refusing to Participate in Mask Ritual https://t.ly/hIAh | Republicans Call for Firing of IRS Employee for Targeting Christian Group https://t.ly/avL6

Christian Singer Matthew West Apologizes for Lighthearted ‘Modest Is Hottest’ Song https://t.ly/9BwD | deletes ‘Modest Is Hottest’ YouTube video https://t.ly/QjYC

‘I Don’t Want Jesus Riding on My Car’: Mississippi Atheists Sue State Over ‘In God We Trust’ License Plates https://t.ly/YeTe

GOOGLE IT: YouTube Takes Down Videos Exposing Human Rights Violations In China Including 21ST Century Concentration Camps Holding Muslims https://t.ly/CbGw | See also https://t.ly/rVW8

Climate Change for Christians https://t.ly/v6Up

Becoming Christian Threatens Her Job: Yaya’s Story https://t.ly/ok9w | Mali: Gunmen release Christian leader, 4 others abducted en route to priest's funeral https://t.ly/6qTO | Christian Families Driven into Jungles of Odisha State, India https://t.ly/HNDW | Court in Pakistan Upholds Life Sentence of Christian Wrongfully Convicted of Blasphemy https://t.ly/TNXg | Malaysian Government Withholds Evidence Concerning Missing Pastor https://t.ly/0JZS | Five Abducted Christians in Mali Have Been Freed https://t.ly/9rx2 | Churches, Christians in Iran to Face Increased Persecution https://t.ly/kdVI | 18 Christians Slaughtered in “Religiously Motivated Acts of Terror” https://t.ly/pbx0

The marriage madness in Methodism https://t.ly/1Y8x

Christianity, Church ‘Essential’ to the Preservation of America https://t.ly/ywkN

Babylon Bee: Following Jesus: Pros And Cons https://t.ly/XegI


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C.R. Stam on Faith https://t.ly/0PCP

Ricky Kurth on The Reward Reckoned of Grace https://t.ly/G5gd

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Des Strydom on the Chronological Order of Pauline Epistles, pt. 2 https://t.ly/lUuS

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Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/ngtb

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