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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/28/21!

Christian News:

Miami-Area Churches Pray for Miracles, Minister to Rescue Teams After Condo Collapse | Billy Graham trauma chaplains, Christian groups bring comfort to distraught families of 150 missing in Florida tower collapse

Canadian pastor slams double standard on COVID restrictions, alleges 'personal vendetta' against him | U.S. Senator Requests Canada Investigated for Religious Freedom Violations over Alberta Pastors Arrests | Bill C-6 is ‘devastating’ to democratic rights, and a ‘direct attack on the Christian faith’

SERMONGATE: Ed Litton admits using J.D. Greear’s words without attribution | Ed Litton’s church removes damning video | Is Ed Litton a thief? | SBC Elites Circle the wagons to defend Admitted Plagiarist Ed Litton | Calls for Ed Litton to resign after SBC President admits plagiarism in Sermongate | Litton Apologizes | “To complain about Ed Litton’s plagiarism is to slander Jesus.”

Justin Trudeau demands apology from Pope Francis after 751 more graves of indigenous children found

'I Am Grateful': Army Won't Punish Chaplain Who Criticized Biden Transgender Policy | Thanks To Supreme Court Cowardice, The Government Is Still Persecuting Jack Phillips For Being A Christian | Chaplain's discrimination case suffers setback

Dutch Leader Says Hungary 'Must Leave' EU Over Anti-LGBTQ Law, Vows to Bring Hungary 'To Its Knees' | Pope Endorses “Gay Catholic” Ministry in Hand-written Letter to James Martin

Christian worker summoned to court in Northern Cyprus on charge of illegally importing Bibles

Another pair of churches go up in 'suspicious' fires | Churches Being Burned to the Ground in Apparent Backlash After Gruesome Discovery

Off-duty prayer leaves police officer 'twisting in the wind for 4 months' | Air Force Suspends Christian Pilot for Refusing to Participate in Mask Ritual | Republicans Call for Firing of IRS Employee for Targeting Christian Group

Christian Singer Matthew West Apologizes for Lighthearted ‘Modest Is Hottest’ Song | deletes ‘Modest Is Hottest’ YouTube video

‘I Don’t Want Jesus Riding on My Car’: Mississippi Atheists Sue State Over ‘In God We Trust’ License Plates

GOOGLE IT: YouTube Takes Down Videos Exposing Human Rights Violations In China Including 21ST Century Concentration Camps Holding Muslims | See also

Climate Change for Christians

Becoming Christian Threatens Her Job: Yaya’s Story | Mali: Gunmen release Christian leader, 4 others abducted en route to priest's funeral | Christian Families Driven into Jungles of Odisha State, India | Court in Pakistan Upholds Life Sentence of Christian Wrongfully Convicted of Blasphemy | Malaysian Government Withholds Evidence Concerning Missing Pastor | Five Abducted Christians in Mali Have Been Freed | Churches, Christians in Iran to Face Increased Persecution | 18 Christians Slaughtered in “Religiously Motivated Acts of Terror”

The marriage madness in Methodism

Christianity, Church ‘Essential’ to the Preservation of America

Babylon Bee: Following Jesus: Pros And Cons


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