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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/29/21!

[We’re only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

Christian News:

Judge Finds Canadian Pastor Guilty Of Contempt For Holding Worship Services; Other Pastor Has Jail Sentence Extended | Reaction Video

'The Chosen' creator Dallas Jenkins shares how God is using hit series to 'break down barriers' | Christian Baker Reveals Details Of His Religious Liberty Battle — And How God Sustained Him

Church clings to hope as 9 families missing after Champlain Towers South building collapse

Christian pastors slam medical mandates in new declaration of principles | Are You Ready For The Coming Digital Lockdown? Now You Can Prove You’ve Been Vaccinated With This Spiffy Mark Of The Beast ImmunaBand Bracelet

Document dump shows that Big Tech is most definitely censoring Americans at the behest of Big Government | Congressman seeks federal investigation of Wells Fargo after it abruptly closed 2 Christian activists’ accounts

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly believe freedom of religion is important

Pro-Lifers Are Like Flat Earthers, Says Sponsor of EU Resolution Calling Abortion a 'Fundamental Right' | Middle Schoolers Given Flyer Saying They Can Get Abortions without Parental Permission

Outlawing Abortion One City at a Time: Pro-Life Sanctuary Movement Gains Momentum

British street preacher awarded $4.5K over wrongful arrest

SERMONGATE: Ed Litton admits to lies & inventing sermon illustration | SBC President Ed Litton Promises Transparency over Plagiarized Sermon: Promptly Deletes Hundreds of Videos | Justin Peters Exposes That Ed Litton Plagiarizes Another Sermon as Recently as This Past Sunday | JD Greear Contradicts His 2010 Article Opposing Sermon Plagiarism, Now Appears to Embrace It | As Southern Baptists begin to grapple with sexual abuse, looming challenges remain

The Horror! 'Modest Is Hottest' Singer Accused of 'Perpetuating Purity Culture' | Caves to Critics | Matthew West Gets Canceled For … Promoting Morality?

What? Pastor Greg Locke: If you Deny Existence of Pedophile Tunnels Under the White House, You’re as Complicit as ‘Crack-smoking Perverts’ | 81,000 Words!?An Analysis of Steven Furtick’s Last 10 Sermons Should End His Career

Crackdown: China Orders Citizens to 'Hunt Down' All Books with Religion, State 'Church' Sings Pro-Communist Song | “Christianity Loves the Party” Exhibition Unveiled in Shanghai Life Sentence Upheld for Christian in Blasphemy Case in Pakistan | Court in Pakistan Upholds Life Sentence of Christian Wrongfully Convicted of Blasphemy | 2 injured after church bombing in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Niebuhr’s Christian Realism

Babylon Bee Battles Against Censors Seeking to Shut them Down

Louisiana couple shocked after bank mistakenly deposits $50B into account: report

How Sea Level Shaped the Bible’s Coastal Cities


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