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Christian News & Grace Links for 7/20/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Hunted by Police Helicopter, Thrown in a 'Small Cage', Canadian Pastor Found Himself Ministering to Fellow Inmates | California Pastor Che Ahn warns church closures rooted in Marxist ideology

Pastor commends first responders who saved his life following brutal stabbing

Woman Smashes Statues At New York Catholic Church, Following Uptick Of Anti-Christian Hate Crimes

Summit Produces a ‘Pentecost’ Moment for International Religious Freedom

Judge says churches haven't shown Virginia will punish them for violating new LGBTQ law | Court Upholds Ruling in Favor of InterVarsity at U of Iowa | Court Unanimously Rules University Of Iowa Wrongly Discriminated Against Christian Youth Organization | Russell County Board Protects Parents And Students, Unanimously Rejects Virginia Dept. Of Education’s Transgender Push

Children’s Toy Manufacturer Indoctrinating Employees With Woke, Racist, Anti-Bible Ideologies | ‘Divide And Conquer – That’s What It’s About’: Ben Carson Condemns Critical Race Theory Push

Norwegian church holds name change ceremony for transgender person

Pro-life Christian CEO has had enough of left-wing cancel culture, will start his own bank

Docent for Dummies: A Briefer View of Our Lengthier Expose’ on Docent Group | ERLC and TGC Contributor Attacks Black Christians Who Identify as Christians First

Suns' Monty Williams on Staying Calm: 'We Read a Bible Verse and We Talk about the Lord' | Pittsburgh Soccer Team Stops Selling Chick-fil-A So That Fans Can 'Feel Welcome'

Christian Singers Star In New ‘The Jesus Music’ Documentary Showcasing History Of CCM Through The Years | ‘The Jesus Music’ Trailer Launches, But a Third of the Featured Artists are Pro-Gay

John Piper's Successor Resigns from Bethlehem Baptist Church amid Allegations of Abusive Leadership | 'Taxing year' for John Piper's church after string of resignations amid bullying claims | Illinois pastor accused of sexually violating church member but remains in pulpit | David Platt’s Co-Pastor Says It’s Difficult for Him Not to “Torch All White People” | In ACNA abuse case, mother of an alleged victim says she paid a price for coming forward | Survivors Summit lays out strategies to drive back the evils of the totalitarian sexual revolution

Personal Status Law Imminent For Egyptian Christians

“Sinicization of Christianity” in Full Speed After the 100th Anniversary

Family of detained Cuban pastor evicted from their home | Area in Nigeria Attacked Unimpeded for One Week, Sources Say | Christian man attacked by machete wielding brother who plotted to kill him for leaving Islam | 'We will kill you like goats': Pastor, family receive death threat as he helps Christians flee Fulani | Chinese Pastors Ordered to Preach on Xi Jinping’s Speech | Genocide in Nigeria | Christian Farming Villages Continue to be Destroyed in Nigeria | Christian Family Assaulted and Falsely Accused of Forced Conversions in Northern India

Judges warn school its policies violate Constitution’s free speech clause | Religious Freedom? Yeah, Right! | United Nations Denounce International Persecution of the Ahmadis

Massachusetts First In Nation To Implement COVID K-9 Unit Which Begs The Question Can COVID Arrests For The Unvaccinated Be Far Behind? | Mapping Tyranny: The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory

Babylon Bee: Pharaoh Blames Plague Of Locusts, Water Turning To Blood On Climate Change


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