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Christian News & Grace Links for 7/6/21!

[We’re only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Israel Offers Aid to Economically Devastated Lebanon: A Potential Omen for 3rd Temple Construction

All restrictions on communal worship and singing in church to be lifted in England | Major US churches talk reopening amid pandemic, recovering attendance

Internet censorship, conversion therapy bills fail to advance in Canada’s senate, leaving their fate uncertain | Facebook under attack after issuing new ‘extremist content’ warnings

Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic announces plan to launch pro-life bank

US baseball star accuses pastor of extramarital affair and fraud

'No greater honor than working for the Lord': Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis Jr. say faith drives their music | ‘I Love Lucy’ Actor Shares How Jesus Christ Delivered Him From Demonic Torment

'Downright discrimination' - bishops back challenge to Downs Syndrome abortion law | 'Relief' as attempt to legalise abortion up to birth is withdrawn | Louisiana gov. signs bill requiring abortionists to notify women about abortion pill reversal | Court sides with couple wrongly told unborn child was handicapped

Supreme Court to decide if parents in Maine can use state funds to send kids to religious schools

Our New Religion Is Staying Safe

‘The Church Shall Be Free’: Bible Museum Unveils Magna Carta Exhibit

David Platt explodes at McLean Bible Church, plays the race card | Just Checking in on Kyle J. How- YEP HE’S STILL AT IT!

Presbyterian Church In America Changes Rule To Disqualify Gay Men From Leadership In Ministry | Catholic Faithful Create ‘Coalition Of Canceled Priests’ To Support Those Who Speak Up Against Wokeness, Abuse

Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash Over Newspaper Ad Calling for Christian-Run Government

Glad America's a Republic Without a King? You Can Thank Christianity for That

Bible Publisher Ditches Plans for 'God Bless the USA' Edition

Ed Litton Plagiarism Scandal: A Sermongate Timeline | Baptist professor strongly suspects former SBC President J.D. Greear of plagiarism | JD Greear Admits to Purchasing Sermon Material to Make Himself “Look Good”

The Chrisagis Brothers -- The Real Deal in Christian Music

Do we obey God or the homosexual activists?

Scottish Doctors warn against legalising assisted suicide

Pakistani Christian couple cleared of blasphemy charges, escape death by hanging

Hongkongers Leaving City For Other Nations As Chinese Government Ramps Up Crackdown On Freedoms | Chinese Communist Party: “100 Years of Promoting Atheism” | Public Opinion On China’s CCP, Xi Remains Low Despite Communist Party’s Attempts At Propaganda: Pew | Google, Facebook & Twitter Threaten To Pull Services In Hong Kong Over "Vague" Doxxing Law

Indian woman beaten for giving birth to girl as ‘son preference’ leads to 60% drop in female births | Christian Pastor in Northern India Beaten to Death | 140 Nigerian Baptist Students Kidnapped in Kaduna | Indian pastor bludgeoned to death with wooden beam; wife says husband is ‘Martyr for his faith’ | Court Hearing Delayed in N. Cyprus Religious Freedom Case

People who are grieving need the Holy Spirit, not spiritualism


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Alan Ragan on Recompense of the Reward

Eric Neumann on Talents vs. Gifts


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