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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/17/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Christian Teacher Who Quit Over ‘Equity’ Policies Says Her Courage Came ‘By the Grace of God’

Primary School Students Can Change Gender Identity Without Parents' Consent, Scottish Gov't Says | The Scottish government is determined to advance trans ideology - and it's our children who will suffer | Colorado, Virginia school districts pass controversial ‘trans’ student policies | Hobby Lobby Fined $220,000 for Requiring Transgender Woman to Use Unisex Restroom | Texas Deems Sex Reassignment Surgeries on Minors a Form of 'Child Abuse' | Male pastor fired after coming out as transgender, now suing church after congregation voted to fire him | World Vision Teacher Suggests Churches are White Supremacist by Default, Must ‘Name’ and ‘Balance’ Power Dynamics | Jen Hatmaker Blames the Misogyny: Reveals How She Became LGBTQ/Sodomy Affirming

Federal court sides with Catholic school that fired employee over her same-sex ‘marriage’ | After facing persistent discrimination, pro-life student files lawsuit against pro-abortion medical school | Abortion-linked university throws out pro-life medical student | World Health Organization prepares to escalate attack on pro-life laws, updating policies on ‘safe abortion’ | Christian ministry's case is 'perfect' for the Supreme Court to revisit NYT v. Sullivan, lawyer says | The Supreme Court Must End Coercive Abortion Mandates

Amid calls to #TaxTheChurches – what and how much do US religious organizations not pay the taxman?

Justice Roberts Was Right: Polygamy Now Gaining Support From Harvard Law

The free speech of Christians in the public square must be protected | How blasphemy laws are choking religious freedom and why the West should care | Freedom to travel is a religious and human right

Baptist Church in GA Says Only Vaccinated People May Attend+ Fire Unvaccinated Staff + No Children Allowed | Zimbabwe Gov’t Announces Only Vaccinated May Attend Church, Threatens Arrest for Rule Breakers | Christian Broadway star gets booted from show for not being vaccinated | Mormon Church urges its members to get vaccinated | California, Pennsylvania, seven other states announce COVID-19 vaccine mandates | California pastor giving out COVID vaccine 'exemption letters'

Video! Kenneth Copeland Sends Man in Wheelchair Crashing Backwards | Famed Apostate Slammed for $275 ‘Deconstruction Course,’ Cancels Program | John MacArthur vs. Billy Graham's "Disastrous Belief"

How church leaders lose visitors | Why 'online church' is a poor substitute

Bethel Church’s Annual Report Shows us Just How Big They Really Are | Bethel Church Breaks Ground on $96 Million Dollar ‘Apostolic Training Center’ | Bethel ‘Pastor’ Says Michael the Archangel Dresses in ‘Wrestling Tights,’ is ‘always Grumpy’ | Sean Feucht’s New Brand of Bethel Church-Inspired Radical Militant Christianity on Display in Portland

'Stop Talking about Jesus,' Actress Letitia Wright Recalls Being Told While in Hollywood

Holocaust survivor reunited with precious family Bible after 79 years

Russell Kirk Embraces Christianity, 1964

Christian Organizations Send Aid to Haiti as Death Toll Rises to Nearly 1,300 following Massive Earthquake | 'We Only Have Jesus Now': Death Toll From Earthquake in Haiti Rises to 1,297 as Rescuers Search for Survivors | After massive earthquake, Christians in Haiti brace for aftershocks — and bad weather | Tropical Depression Drenching Earthquake-Stricken Haiti

Afghanistan: World Evangelical Alliance warns of 'dire prospects' for Christians and other minorities | Calls for prayer for Afghanistan as Christians warn of 'dangerous time' | Middle East Religious Freedom Conditions Worsen with Kabul Fall | ‘We Know Where You Are’: Afghan Church Asking For Prayers Amid Incoming Persecution From Taliban | 'Pray for the Christians in Afghanistan': Taliban Takeover Puts Church in Peril | 'God Has a Purpose and a Plan': Church Leader Says Afghan Christians Dealing with Crisis Through Prayer | Religious Freedom After the Collapse of Afghanistan | Christian persecution 'set to rise' after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan | As Afghan government collapses, Christians work to help volunteers leave

Egypt Seeks To Boost Tourism Sector By Leveraging Christian Heritage

China’s Supreme Court Asks for Heavier Repression of Illegal Religion in Rural Areas | Woman Survives Attempt on Her Life for Becoming Christian | Christians Jailed after Hindus Attack Them for Visiting Widower | Woman Says Uyghurs Allegedly Held in Clandestine Jail at Possible 'Black Site' in Dubai | The New Preschool Directive: Cultural Genocide Now Starts in Kindergarten | The U.S. Should Not Ignore the Plight of Nigeria’s Christians | Pakistani Christian family find refuge in Europe after death row ordeal for blasphemy

Left-Handed People in the Bible | Left-Handed Sons of Right-Handers | The wall of Jericho yields insights into the home of Rahab in the Bible


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