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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/17/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Christian Teacher Who Quit Over ‘Equity’ Policies Says Her Courage Came ‘By the Grace of God’ https://t.ly/uUpI

Primary School Students Can Change Gender Identity Without Parents' Consent, Scottish Gov't Says https://t.ly/X7K5 | The Scottish government is determined to advance trans ideology - and it's our children who will suffer https://t.ly/CbVH | Colorado, Virginia school districts pass controversial ‘trans’ student policies https://t.ly/m7ze | Hobby Lobby Fined $220,000 for Requiring Transgender Woman to Use Unisex Restroom https://t.ly/r32w | Texas Deems Sex Reassignment Surgeries on Minors a Form of 'Child Abuse' https://t.ly/pgSkr | Male pastor fired after coming out as transgender, now suing church after congregation voted to fire him https://t.ly/MyEs | World Vision Teacher Suggests Churches are White Supremacist by Default, Must ‘Name’ and ‘Balance’ Power Dynamics https://t.ly/FyAO | Jen Hatmaker Blames the Misogyny: Reveals How She Became LGBTQ/Sodomy Affirming https://t.ly/uEu2

Federal court sides with Catholic school that fired employee over her same-sex ‘marriage’ https://t.ly/3wgR | After facing persistent discrimination, pro-life student files lawsuit against pro-abortion medical school https://t.ly/pU9h | Abortion-linked university throws out pro-life medical student https://t.ly/uBbU | World Health Organization prepares to escalate attack on pro-life laws, updating policies on ‘safe abortion’ https://t.ly/4UiZ | Christian ministry's case is 'perfect' for the Supreme Court to revisit NYT v. Sullivan, lawyer says https://t.ly/MvHt | The Supreme Court Must End Coercive Abortion Mandates https://t.ly/XEOb

Amid calls to #TaxTheChurches – what and how much do US religious organizations not pay the taxman? https://t.ly/qyVf

Justice Roberts Was Right: Polygamy Now Gaining Support From Harvard Law https://t.ly/1tIZ

The free speech of Christians in the public square must be protected https://t.ly/ph9K | How blasphemy laws are choking religious freedom and why the West should care https://t.ly/Ga6s | Freedom to travel is a religious and human right https://t.ly/dEk9

Baptist Church in GA Says Only Vaccinated People May Attend+ Fire Unvaccinated Staff + No Children Allowed https://t.ly/9aQo | Zimbabwe Gov’t Announces Only Vaccinated May Attend Church, Threatens Arrest for Rule Breakers https://t.ly/Yqtp | Christian Broadway star gets booted from show for not being vaccinated https://t.ly/vHAE | Mormon Church urges its members to get vaccinated https://t.ly/Elbj | California, Pennsylvania, seven other states announce COVID-19 vaccine mandates https://t.ly/dCmg | California pastor giving out COVID vaccine 'exemption letters' https://t.ly/5eRd

Video! Kenneth Copeland Sends Man in Wheelchair Crashing Backwards https://t.ly/Zt86 | Famed Apostate Slammed for $275 ‘Deconstruction Course,’ Cancels Program https://t.ly/XJoE | John MacArthur vs. Billy Graham's "Disastrous Belief" https://t.ly/N8Tf

How church leaders lose visitors https://t.ly/azUL | Why 'online church' is a poor substitute https://t.ly/mhni

Bethel Church’s Annual Report Shows us Just How Big They Really Are https://t.ly/RC5n | Bethel Church Breaks Ground on $96 Million Dollar ‘Apostolic Training Center’ https://t.ly/9kNz | Bethel ‘Pastor’ Says Michael the Archangel Dresses in ‘Wrestling Tights,’ is ‘always Grumpy’ https://t.ly/AkfD | Sean Feucht’s New Brand of Bethel Church-Inspired Radical Militant Christianity on Display in Portland https://t.ly/Ox0O

'Stop Talking about Jesus,' Actress Letitia Wright Recalls Being Told While in Hollywood https://t.ly/31Zz

Holocaust survivor reunited with precious family Bible after 79 years https://t.ly/lNBr

Russell Kirk Embraces Christianity, 1964 https://t.ly/RQjO

Christian Organizations Send Aid to Haiti as Death Toll Rises to Nearly 1,300 following Massive Earthquake https://t.ly/sml9 | 'We Only Have Jesus Now': Death Toll From Earthquake in Haiti Rises to 1,297 as Rescuers Search for Survivors https://t.ly/e6NQ | After massive earthquake, Christians in Haiti brace for aftershocks — and bad weather https://t.ly/nahD | Tropical Depression Drenching Earthquake-Stricken Haiti https://t.ly/xh84

Afghanistan: World Evangelical Alliance warns of 'dire prospects' for Christians and other minorities https://t.ly/QYUu | Calls for prayer for Afghanistan as Christians warn of 'dangerous time' https://t.ly/66RE | Middle East Religious Freedom Conditions Worsen with Kabul Fall https://t.ly/5GK0 | ‘We Know Where You Are’: Afghan Church Asking For Prayers Amid Incoming Persecution From Taliban https://t.ly/TOUw | 'Pray for the Christians in Afghanistan': Taliban Takeover Puts Church in Peril https://t.ly/USicU | 'God Has a Purpose and a Plan': Church Leader Says Afghan Christians Dealing with Crisis Through Prayer https://t.ly/trHp | Religious Freedom After the Collapse of Afghanistan https://t.ly/CnEs | Christian persecution 'set to rise' after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan https://t.ly/50go | As Afghan government collapses, Christians work to help volunteers leave https://t.ly/yoQv

Egypt Seeks To Boost Tourism Sector By Leveraging Christian Heritage https://t.ly/6dsx

China’s Supreme Court Asks for Heavier Repression of Illegal Religion in Rural Areas https://t.ly/ICYv | Woman Survives Attempt on Her Life for Becoming Christian https://t.ly/h6ET | Christians Jailed after Hindus Attack Them for Visiting Widower https://t.ly/mubP | Woman Says Uyghurs Allegedly Held in Clandestine Jail at Possible 'Black Site' in Dubai https://t.ly/yOLu | The New Preschool Directive: Cultural Genocide Now Starts in Kindergarten https://t.ly/Pslz | The U.S. Should Not Ignore the Plight of Nigeria’s Christians https://t.ly/JVto | Pakistani Christian family find refuge in Europe after death row ordeal for blasphemy https://t.ly/4AXV

Left-Handed People in the Bible https://t.ly/EjVj | Left-Handed Sons of Right-Handers https://t.ly/ngZx | The wall of Jericho yields insights into the home of Rahab in the Bible https://t.ly/BIS3


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