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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/19/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

NFL's Russell Wilson Urges His 10M Followers: Read the Bible and Pursue the 'Peace of God' https://t.ly/qysk | Tim Tebow Released from Jaguars but Remains Upbeat: 'God Works All Things Together for Good' https://t.ly/gJ9f | MLB star Ben Zobrist drops $6M lawsuit against pastor who had affair with his wife https://t.ly/3qKe | Paralympian says ‘Glorifying Christ’ comes before all other achievements https://t.ly/zJhE

How the Woke Culture is Infiltrating Religious Beliefs https://t.ly/Gv5d | How blasphemy laws are choking religious freedom and why the West should care https://t.ly/mWem | The Rift Between Science and Religion? https://t.ly/8s34

CH Spurgeon: The Prince of Preachers and Much More https://t.ly/xpMa | Historic Alabama Church To Be Used As Museum Celebrating ‘Christian Impact’ On Community https://t.ly/VyBm

Seattle Homeless Ministry Petitions Supreme Court To Intervene After Lawsuit Forces It To Violate Its Beliefs https://t.ly/CVC4

Atheist Defends Christian Evangelist Amid His Arrest for Publicly Preaching Controversial Message https://t.ly/zZly

Starting Today In New York City, You Will Need Mark Of The Beast Prototype ‘The Key To NYC’ To Be Allowed Access To Anything, Anywhere At Any Time https://t.ly/DRfC | Canadian Church Facing $60 Million in Fines Remains Locked Down by Govt, Building Seized https://t.ly/nbI2 | Pope Francis Creates Commercial Calling All Roman Catholics To Join The ‘Universal Vaccination Program’ As ‘Act Of Love’ https://t.ly/dVN7 | Atlanta Church that Only Allows Vaxxed Congregants Tells Parents to “Trick” Teens into Getting Vaccine at Church-hosted Mobile Clinic https://t.ly/7CSa | California churches offering religious exemptions for anti-vaccine parishioners https://t.ly/Ap1b | High-ranking US bishops order priests to refuse religious exemption letters for COVID vaccines https://t.ly/kglM

Big Tech Is Pushing A New Kind Of Religion, Report Says https://t.ly/6eBv

Hillsong Hosts Roman Catholic Priests For Ecumenical Conference https://t.ly/HnLN | Hannah-Kate Williams, Alleged Sex Abuse Victim, Sues a Ton of SBC Leaders https://t.ly/5maB | Jesse Duplantis Says the Prosperity Gospel Only Works When You Give to Him, Not the Needy https://t.ly/PAFZ | Steven Furtick Says Abram Asked God for Viagra Pills https://t.ly/5J4N | 9000 New Yorkers file lawsuits against institutions such as churches and dioceses regarding child sexual abuse https://t.ly/fKzp | Former pastor of Texas Baptist church and convicted child molester sentenced to 17 years https://t.ly/u8JS

Christian relief efforts thwarted by storms and political unrest in Haiti https://t.ly/lTia

The Current State of Christians in Afghanistan https://t.ly/rm8g | Church Leader Warns 'The Taliban Are Going to Eliminate the Christian Population of Afghanistan' https://t.ly/bmfO | U.S. Has Moral Obligation to Protect and Resettle Afghan Allies, Evangelical Leaders Say https://t.ly/k1qx | Christian U.K. MP Urges Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Evacuate Missionaries from Afghanistan https://t.ly/UoCI | 'Abject failure,' 'shameful afront': Christian leaders react to Taliban takeover in Afghanistan https://t.ly/SDoo | Media Ministry Offers 'Lifeline' to Fearful Afghans as Taliban Kill Christians https://t.ly/veD0 | Fear and Uncertainty Dominate Thoughts of Afghanistan’s Christians Living Under Taliban Rule https://t.ly/ndoy | Afghanistan: World Evangelical Alliance warns of 'dire prospects' for Christians and other minorities https://t.ly/y4uC | Taliban Now Killing Those Who Have Bibles In Their Phones, Reports Say https://t.ly/nlpC

MSNBC Compares Christians to Taliban—Again https://t.ly/rrEV

Republicans Demand IRS Explain Why Christian Group Was Denied Tax-Exemption https://t.ly/is3i

Pakistani Christian Couple Who Spent 7 Years on Death Row Granted Asylum in Europe https://t.ly/RW0b | 4-Year-Old Survives Machete Attack, Others Tell Harrowing Stories of Jihadist Assault https://t.ly/89Ze | Hearing Held for Chinese Preacher and Wife Accused of Illegal Religious Activities https://t.ly/8j7d | Pastor's son killed as he tried to stop church being demolished https://t.ly/Mzcx | Christian Woman Attacked By Her Own Knife-Wielding Muslim Brother For Embracing Christ https://t.ly/IHVy

Sudan Detains Bible Shipment, Christian Leaders Say https://t.ly/BkIV

Ancient Christian Settlement Discovered in Egypt https://t.ly/8y6o


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