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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/26/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

With higher levels of education and declining religiosity, most Americans now accept evolution: study | College is Starting -- Platform Reversing the 70% Faith Attrition to Bring Awakening on Campuses | James Madison U announces ‘pause’ on staff training that labels Christian males oppressors | Christian university forgives more than 500k of current student debts

Strong Black Families: God, Relationships, and Deep Faith | Epic speech by black Christian mom | Christian Mom Whose Baby Was Almost Hit By Antifa Flash Bomb Blasts Biased Media Coverage Of Attack | Antifa assaults Christian street preacher | Dylan Roof, Who Committed Mass Murder At Black Church, Has Death Sentence Upheld By Federal Court

The 5th Dimension's Florence LaRue reflects on God's faithfulness throughout life, career | Olympian Sydney McLaughlin shares tearful video, says critics reject 'the Jesus living in me' | Christian Singer Danny Gokey Calls On All 'Jesus People' To Stand Amidst A Broken World | Christian Bale to star in movie about pastor who became a drug runner

Will Your Taxes Soon Fund Abortions? | What to Say When: A Pro-Life Guide for Talking About Abortion | In Texas, ‘Reproductive Freedom Congregations’ catch on as new abortion law looms | Mom Who Tried To Abort Her Baby Gives Birth – And She’s Happy He’s Alive

Pastor re-creating Jesus' resurrection 'dies after buried alive for 3 days'

Ed Litton on Podcast: ‘I didn’t do this, what I did, what it appears I did – I don’t think it’s exactly what actually I did…I had permission, which I think means it’s not plagiarism…the Lord’s forgiven me…and we’re moving on…’ | 2 new legal filings highlight how Evangelicals misuse the First Amendment | NAR “Apostle” Says Jesus Told Him They’re “Always Drunk” in Heaven | Southern Baptist Leaders to Hold Church Planting Conference With Women “Pastors” | Catholic Church's Latest Scandal: Reports of Priests Using Grindr In US And In Vatican | So who are all the She/Her, They/ Them, and He/Him’s Speaking at Revoice? | Defrocked Cardinal to appear in Massachusetts court on sexual assault charges | Costa Rican priest suspended, sent for psychological treatment for celebrating new Mass in Latin facing altar

James White Rebukes Todd Friel Over Submission to Government Comments | Growing Number of Churches to Require Vaccine Passports to Worship God | YouTube Yanks Over 1 Million COVID-19 Videos It Deems ‘Dangerous’ | Kanye says no to vax: Fans not required to be vaccinated or show negative COVID test

Ex-LGBT Shares Personal Story of Freedom In God After Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Hides It

Taliban going door-to-door executing Christians | Desperate Afghan Christians turned away at airport, aid groups say | Glenn Beck Raises $30 Million to Rescue Afghan Christians: 'It's Working' | Afghan Christians Turn to Glenn Beck After being Shunned By Biden State Department | Samaritan's Purse Sponsoring Flights to Help Desperate Afghans Flee Before U.S. Withdrawal | Airbnb Offers Free Housing Globally for 20,000 Afghan Refugees | Christian Family Successfully Leaves Afghanistan and Arrives in Italy | '1,200 Christians evacuated' from Afghanistan in donor-funded rescue mission | Keep Praying! Believer Shares Story Of Miraculous Rescue In Afghanistan

Haitians Worship at Damaged Churches as Gangs Offer Earthquake Aid

Faith in the former Soviet Union

Fate of Lalibela Rock Churches Raises Concerns Among US Ethiopians

Gunmen Break into Home, Beat Two Christian Girls and Kidnap One | Soldiers Complicit in Herdsmen Attacks in Nigeria, Christians Say | 37 Christians Murdered by Jihadists in Nigeria | Chinese Authorities Barge Into Church Service, Arrest Dozens Including Children

Biblical Town of Ziklag May Have Been Discovered: Where young David hid from King Saul in Hebrew Bible


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