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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/13/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

5 Good Samaritans Rescue Elderly Couple from Burning Car

How my faith has changed 20 years after losing my husband on 9/11

Homeschooled Students in America Doubled during Pandemic, Studies Show | Colorado Christian School Faces Shutdown Threat Over COVID-19 Response | School reinstates sex-specific restrooms for students | Kankakee school loses state recognition over mask policy

Religious leaders lobby Gladys Berejiklian to allow unvaccinated churchgoers back into worship as an 'essential service' when lockdown ends | Christian preacher cited over COVID lockdown, then charges are tossed | EU position for the promotion of religious freedom vacant again

Christians call for action after 'alarming' rise in cases of children abusing other children | Christians call for action after 'alarming' rise in cases of children abusing other children | WSJ Reveals TikTok Algorithm Served ‘Endless Stream’ of Sex, Drugs to Minors, Plus It’s Stealing Our Private Info

Christian film ‘Show Me The Father’ in theaters, shares impactful message for all viewers | Jeremy Camp's New Album 'When You Speak' Now Available

More than a third of UK adults believe prayer can boost mental health, new poll reveals

San Diego Church Co-Pastor is also an Active Porn Star | Survey: 50% of ‘Theological Born-Again Christians’ Say Holy Spirit is ‘Just a Symbol’ | Church with ‘COVID-themed’ Name Changes it after Being Called ‘Insensitive’ | Charismatic Prophetess Talks Underwater Mansions, BBQ Mansions, Pooping in Heaven, and Disappearing Cucumber Peels

Pregnant Woman Survives Massacre by Hiding Four Days in a Pit with her Five Children | The Rise of Persecution in India | Persecution Continues to Sweep Across India’s Uttar Pradesh State | Pastor Beaten by Mob of Extremists in Police Station in India | ‘The police did not do anything to protect me’: Indian pastor beaten up by extremists in police station | Turkey Doubles Down on Atatürk’s Genocidal Legacy | Muslim Gunmen in Pakistan Wound at Least Four Christians | Community Leaders Cut Off Water to 2 Mexican Christian Families for Holding Worship Services at Home | Students, Staff Arrested After Chinese Authorities Raid Christian School - Principals Whereabouts Unknown | As Taliban Terrorizes Women with Brutal 'Vice and Virtue' Squad, Afghan Christian Prays for Their Salvation | 2 elderly pastors imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea | From 1915 to 2021, Armenian Communities Suffer | Christian in India’s Tamil Nadu State Brutally Beaten by Hindu Neighbors | Indonesia’s Blasphemy Law Takes Another Christian Victim

Ancient Pergamon: City of science...and satan? | Daily Life in Ancient Israel: What was life like for the settlers of Canaan during the time of the Biblical Judges?


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Grace Articles:

New Berean Searchlight

Ricky Kurth on Secure or Not Secure? — That is the Question!

C.R. Stam on Living To The Glory Of God

Shawn Brasseaux on God’s Offer to the Nations


A Few Grace Videos:

Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! | Becky’s Struggles with Anxiety pt. 1 | pt. 2

Pastor Hal on Moses, an Apostle?

Pastor Fred on The Wrath of God

David O’Steen talks about Changes in the KJB | Lord’s Supper

Paul Lucas is having a conference

Bob Picard on Jumping to Conclusions

Des Strydom on Grace Be With You

Don Hosfeld on being in Adam or in Christ | A Good Minister

Paul McGregor on Romans 8

Josh Strelecki continues to consider the Deep Things of God | Wisdom of God

Phil Beery on the Age of the Earth

John Verstegen stream

Randy White talks about Peter & Cornelius

Bryan Ross stream

Steve Ross on the Feasts of Israel

Steve Atwood on the One True God (audio)

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