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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/15/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Amazon's Palm Reader Launches at First Non-Amazon Venue in Sneak Peek of Our Biometric-Based Future https://t.ly/MF5Z

Covid passports mandatory for church entry in Switzerland https://t.ly/vhtS | Evangelical churches in Switzerland unhappy about new mandatory Covid certificates https://t.ly/baCA | Top football coach fired after refusing to get vaccinated for religious reasons: 'I continue to stand firm in my conviction of faith' https://t.ly/SR8W | Christian Medical Professionals Sue New York Over Vaccine Mandate That Allows No Religious Opt-out https://t.ly/uSGY

Life Site’s How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide https://t.ly/RVQM | Plus, How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide https://t.ly/yglm | Gab’s List of Vaccine Religious Exemption Documents https://t.ly/Dgvm | Plus Vax Mandate Religious Exemption Template For College Students https://t.ly/Cive

Faith-Based Film Show Me the Father Earns Rare A+ CinemaScore, Opens in Top 10 https://t.ly/Izxb | 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' movie review: Colorful biopic humanizes controversial televangelist https://t.ly/r9hM | Hillsong member wins ‘The Voice’ Australia amid controversy surrounding global megachurch https://t.ly/F093

2021 Could Be 'Best Year Ever' for America's Nonprofits, New Report Suggests https://t.ly/s27S

Abandoning the Gospel for Shiny Things https://t.ly/r7q0 | 65 Percent of Church Leaders Say That Evangelism Is Not a Priority https://t.ly/THdk

Pastor Voddie Baucham Blasts Attacks On Masculinity, Says It’s ‘An Attack On The God Who Created Us’ https://t.ly/x7S9 | ‘Open Marriage’ Is a Dirty Joke, with Women as the Target https://t.ly/J714

ARTS: Colourful windows on the world https://t.ly/maVv

Top 10 Richest Pastors in 2021 is Out, and Some of Them Might Surprise You https://t.ly/v1G0

RZIM Donors Fight to See If Their Funds Enabled Abuse https://t.ly/FtFX | Head of SBC Executive Committee Questions Messengers' Resolution in Abuse Investigation https://t.ly/j9sb | Video and Transcript! Ed Litton Paints Himself as Martyr During SWBTS Service, Lies Even More https://t.ly/KQZQ | Greg Locke Permanently Banned from Twitter https://t.ly/rrPC | Steven Furtick Says ‘God is a Molecular Structure’ https://t.ly/6qx1 | Gay Christian Walks Out of Christian University Chapel After Hearing Biblical Sermon +Revoice Founder Chimes in https://t.ly/lFYT

What are the benefits of fasting? https://t.ly/CukH

Three Pornography Sites Now Top Netflix in Popularity https://t.ly/OHxrV

When a pastor is murdered, what happens to their family? https://t.ly/tlkI

Pastor “Macheted to Death” in Nigeria https://t.ly/l5wJ | Pastor murdered in Nigeria in Latest Display of Anti-Christian Violence https://t.ly/9cfe | Rape, Forced Prostitution of Uyghur and Kazakh Women https://t.ly/Fw0O | Eritrean authorities arrest 15 Christians https://t.ly/8z2k | Iranian Christians summoned to serve 3 years in prison https://t.ly/k644

Biblical Archeology: A Rival to Solomon’s Temple - The Place of Worship at Tel Moẓa Explained https://t.ly/O4yE


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Grace Articles:

New Berean Searchlight https://t.ly/8Cc8

Ricky Kurth on Secure or Not Secure? — That is the Question! https://t.ly/uGD5

C.R. Stam on Living To The Glory Of God https://t.ly/2XcW | All For Us https://t.ly/XEfM

Shawn Brasseaux on God’s Offer to the Nations https://t.ly/9RNj | Co-op https://t.ly/1D3b


A Few Grace Videos:

Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! https://t.ly/jfR9 | Becky’s Struggles with Anxiety pt. 1 https://t.ly/15H0 | pt. 2 https://t.ly/aCh8

Alex Kurtz on Lay Hold on Eternal Life https://t.ly/xJwz

Ted Fellows on Acts 20:17-38 https://t.ly/t2KD | The Judgment Seat of Christ https://t.ly/LwAy

Brandon Smith on Being Baptized unto Moses https://t.ly/Chaf

Pastor Hal on Moses, an Apostle? https://t.ly/qyEJ

Pastor Fred on The Wrath of God https://t.ly/U4mm

David O’Steen talks about Changes in the KJB https://t.ly/KxS8 | Lord’s Supper https://t.ly/s5ZU

Paul Lucas is having a conference https://t.ly/Wt33

Bob Picard on Jumping to Conclusions https://t.ly/ZmHr

Des Strydom on Grace Be With You https://t.ly/Uq12

Don Hosfeld on being in Adam or in Christ https://t.ly/67dy | A Good Minister https://t.ly/2uAl

Paul McGregor on Romans 8 https://t.ly/HvZu

Josh Strelecki continues to consider the Deep Things of God https://t.ly/Oex2 | Wisdom of God https://t.ly/WL3b

Dean Antonucci https://t.ly/ngtY | https://t.ly/j1iO

Phil Beery on the Age of the Earth https://t.ly/e7RT

John Verstegen stream https://t.ly/PTaq

Randy White talks about Peter & Cornelius https://t.ly/pmWE

Bryan Ross stream https://t.ly/j9V1

Steve Ross on the Feasts of Israel https://t.ly/DOvf

Steve Atwood on the One True God (audio) https://t.ly/m1Nv


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