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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/17/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

America's Oldest WWII Vet Celebrates His 112th Birthday, Advises: 'Serve God and Be Nice to People' https://t.ly/SHIHS | Also https://t.ly/juy5

Coach Fired for Post-Game Prayer Takes Case to Supreme Court: 'Right This Wrong' https://t.ly/3yDm | 'My Identity Always Has Been in Christ': New Orleans Saints QB Jameis Winston Has Successful Start to the Season https://t.ly/lNXN | Neymar reportedly gets 'paid half a million euros if he avoids talking about religion' https://t.ly/nxGU

Skillet's John Cooper Was Promised Fame if He Stopped 'Talking about Jesus' – It Was a 'Turning Point in My Career' https://t.ly/xNcw2 | Meet Anne Wilson, a 19-year-old singer behind ‘My Jesus,’ a surprise Christian hit https://t.ly/0ucN | ‘Five for Fighting’ Skewers Biden Afghan Pullout in New Song: ‘Blood on My Hands’ https://t.ly/QL7a | Christian rock guitarist’s new mission to send Bibles to Eastern Europe https://t.ly/697T

Norm MacDonald Dies at 61: Why He Once Said, ‘I Don’t Think the Bible Jokes Are Brave at All’ https://t.ly/zyCA

The Illusion of Getting Rich While Producing Nothing https://t.ly/eqhb | The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself. https://t.ly/2brX | How Old Are You Emotionally? https://t.ly/sqHv | There Is Power in Counting it all Joy https://t.ly/o4Rz

Mission of Christian love: S.C. team of volunteers responds to those in need after 'Ida's' destruction https://t.ly/GyLh | The Tearful Struggle to Heal Battered Burma https://t.ly/jft2

Social media star challenges censorship ruling in court https://t.ly/hp5Z | Babylon Bee challenges social media censorship and deplatforming https://t.ly/1scX

Growing churches in hostile contexts https://t.ly/7ZFg | One in Five Americans Wants the Church’s Direction in Vocational Well-Being https://t.ly/v6Jy | 65 Percent of Church Leaders Say That Evangelism Is Not a Priority https://t.ly/luvo

3 Lies That Abusive Pastors Tell https://t.ly/xubn

Pastor Artur Pawlowski Defies Tyrannical Court: “I Opened The Church For The Hurting People Looking For Help! For That I Will Not Apologize!” https://t.ly/g1E9 | Victory: Two more COVID tickets dropped against Ontario Pastor and church https://t.ly/RAme | Colorado Christian School Agrees to Implement Local COVID-19 Protocols following Threats of Closure https://t.ly/TM6h | Street preacher hails victory after case over breaking ‘draconian’ COVID regulations is thrown out https://t.ly/9ShM | Pastor Offering Vaccine Religious Exemption to Anyone Who Becomes Online Member of His Church https://t.ly/or68 | Pastor Bob Enyart: a man who laid down his life for the brethren https://t.ly/VXbI | Newest mask threat to adults: Make kids wear them or face jail https://t.ly/1hz7 | Pandemic triggered ‘avalanche’ of kids and teens with mental health problems — but they have nowhere to go https://t.ly/Hlkq | Hospital staff must swear off Tylenol, Tums to get religious vaccine exemption https://t.ly/zCDC | Leaked Zoom Video Exposes Hospital Officials Discussing COVID-19 Scare Tactics https://t.ly/asAa

These Will Be The 20 Fastest Growing Jobs In The Next Decade https://t.ly/Yn5s

Freedom Job Network https://t.ly/4NW3 | No Vax Mandate Job Board https://t.ly/sHey | Life Site’s How Americans can resist coronavirus shot mandates – a comprehensive guide https://t.ly/RVQM | Plus, How to resist COVID jab mandates in Canada — a comprehensive guide https://t.ly/yglm | Gab’s List of Vaccine Religious Exemption Documents https://t.ly/Dgvm | Plus Vax Mandate Religious Exemption Template For College Students https://t.ly/Cive

The Happiness Benefits of Walking https://t.ly/iqJz

Canadian Couple Rejected by Adoption Agency for their Christian Values https://t.ly/ZlfE

Netflix cartoon 'grooms children for sexual abuse,' watchdog alleges https://t.ly/w5jW | Parents Group Demands Child Pornography Investigation Over Netflix Show https://t.ly/j8xC | 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' director on how greed, power corrupted televangelist's good intentions https://t.ly/9NWG | Matt Redman, Michael W. Smith, Join Gay Activists for 9/11 Worship Event https://t.ly/sZHi

Today's Christian fiction is not what grandma knew it to be https://t.ly/QBFx

'A sex scene you wouldn't show your mom': Kids told to write 'child porn' https://t.ly/hO5G

Hillsong Charging Members $$$ To Attend Own Church Event https://t.ly/ZuTU | Creflo Dollar Declares That He is a God https://t.ly/EITg | The England-Wales Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse: Jehovah’s Witnesses and the So-called Two-Witness Rule https://t.ly/hEix

Mother-daughter duo finds kindness the ultimate weapon against abortion https://t.ly/tFkX | 'Abortion Is Homicide': Pope Says Catholic Church Does Not Accept the 'Daily Murder' of the Unborn https://t.ly/WFPa

Christian Magician Dustin Tavella Wins America's Got Talent, $1 Million: 'I Am So Blessed' https://t.ly/ifUb

Afghan Christian Woman Details Harrowing Deadly Assault From Taliban, Then Calls For Prayers For Their Salvation https://t.ly/LtZy | The Church Under Fire in India https://t.ly/UWvR | Persecution Incident Report: China https://t.ly/icSj Taliban Executing Groups of '30 to 40' at a Time Says Christian Missionary Helping Afghans https://t.ly/hdwr | Burmese Army Attacks a Baptist Church in Chin State https://t.ly/5bPj | Hindu activists disrupt prayer meet in India https://t.ly/uMYm | Christian man has detention extended in Egypt https://t.ly/0LlU | Campaign urges public to email Cuban ambassador for release of imprisoned pastor https://t.ly/HuxC

Biblical Archeology: A Rival to Solomon’s Temple https://t.ly/MZhO | A Biblical Spice Rack https://t.ly/zwp8


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Grace Articles:

C.R. Stam on Godliness In An Ungodly Day https://t.ly/EUtr

Ricky Kurth on Which Works to Walk In https://t.ly/NWr6

Shawn Brasseaux on Secret Things https://t.ly/pLlw | Pt. 2 https://t.ly/mSN8


A Few Grace Videos:

Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! https://t.ly/jfR9

Pastor Joel on Cherubims & Seraphims https://t.ly/KukC | Notes https://t.ly/sXeb

Don Hosfeld asks Should Christians Want Judgment or Justice On Others? https://t.ly/BZr6

David O’Steen on Application of Scripture - Correcting Overcorrections https://t.ly/te9p

Greg Resor on Matthew 6 https://t.ly/YJrL

Greg Willis on God Eternal https://t.ly/86Da

Tom Bruscha on Daniel 2 https://t.ly/nKRlZ

Josh Strelecki on Adam to Moses pt. 6 https://t.ly/GGmc

Randy White’s ATT https://t.ly/NQqi | 1 Timothy https://t.ly/HjRy

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/6d28

Pastor Jordan https://t.ly/Cngj

Alex Kurtz on Lay Hold on Eternal Life https://t.ly/xJwz

Ted Fellows on Acts 20:17-38 https://t.ly/t2KD | The Judgment Seat of Christ https://t.ly/LwAy

Brandon Smith on Being Baptized unto Moses https://t.ly/Chaf


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