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Christian News & Grace Links for 9/21/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

High-school football teams defy orders and lead fans in stirring postgame prayer https://t.ly/CRsK

God's Not Dead Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. Encourages Christians to Trust in Christ amid Threats to Religious Freedom https://t.ly/9INZ

How to get more out of your pastor’s sermons https://t.ly/8XTL

Pope Francis Orders The Country Of Vatican City Closed To All Catholics Who Have Not Received A COVID-19 Green Pass https://t.ly/n0da | Freedom of Religion Means Freedom to Say No to Vaccines https://t.ly/tM2i | New York, California hospitals reverse religious exemption denials after workers fight vaccine mandates https://t.ly/woyr | Australian state’s ‘roadmap to freedom’ suggests only vaccinated people can go to church https://t.ly/5WwN | Former Vice-President Of WHO European Advisory Group Says Unvaxxed Are ‘Not Dangerous’ And Ivermectin Is ‘Proven’ Effective https://t.ly/HzoD | Christians in Italy react to mandatory workplace Covid-19 passports: “It is a very radical decision” https://t.ly/VKeq | Tucker Carlson claims US military vaccine mandate is ‘purity test’ for ‘sincere Christians’ https://t.ly/4Hm9 | Churches should not be encouraging anyone to receive any kind of vaccination https://t.ly/bnQc

‘This is medical tyranny. It is overriding all of the legal and medical ethical principles that have been operative for my entire career, or my knowledge of the history of medicine in this country,’ https://t.ly/RsUa

They Will Reap What They Sowed https://t.ly/mkQI

God’s Nose https://t.ly/i8zr

The UK is at a Crossroads of Conscience Concerning Assisted Suicide https://t.ly/LqWJ | Assisted suicide doesn’t help anyone https://t.ly/rSUz

If politicians can't stand up for Rosie Duffield, surely the Church should https://t.ly/XRwD

White House Requires Christian Reporter to Have Escort to Press Office After He Asks Tough Questions on Biden’s Historic Afghanistan Disaster https://t.ly/FfjK

Christians should be ‘outraged’ that children are being ‘trafficked in our own backyard’ https://t.ly/mpgG

Dr. Scott Lively talks about the LGBT’s oppression of Christians – Brighteon.TV https://t.ly/ISkB

Revisiting Brian Wilson’s Teenage Symphony to God https://t.ly/A6v9 | Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman posts video supporting LGBTQ ‘rights and freedoms’ https://t.ly/Rl0I

College and the Decline of American Men https://t.ly/37nH

ERLC Launches Social Media “Misinformation” and “Conspiracy Theories” Project Funded by Facebook https://t.ly/i3vk

Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston Steps Down from Church Boards to Face Charges: 'I Vehemently Profess My Innocence' https://t.ly/RAEO | Hillsong Responds to 60 Minutes Sex-Scandal Exposé: Denies Everything https://t.ly/VXHs | David Platt headlines Woker than ever Passion Conference https://t.ly/O8IP | Ed Litton Preaches Philippians 1 to Paint Himself as a Heroic Victim in Plagiarism Scandal https://t.ly/b7fJ | Schizophrenic Bethel Pastor Sees “Jesus” Again, Gives Her Literal Keys to Financial Blessings https://t.ly/ewv2 | ‘Rebellion Against God’: Christian Leaders Rebuke Lutheran Church Approval Of Transgender Bishop https://t.ly/iF2u | ‘Jesus’ gives Schizophrenic Bethel Pastor Keys to Time Travel https://t.ly/mK5V

Free North Korea Radio https://t.ly/481o

How to do missions as a family https://t.ly/RczF

Moroccan Christians Welcome End of a Decade of Islamist Government https://t.ly/tcuy2

Indonesian Forces Kill Islamic State Leader Known for Beheading Christians https://t.ly/MhUR

Xinjiang: Relatives of Refugees Who Speak Abroad Manipulated, Jailed, Tortured https://t.ly/Ibxs | Baptist pastor shot dead in Myanmar https://t.ly/Rm6G | Chinese police harass, surveil house church members over baptism fears https://t.ly/BEe2 | Shenzhen House Church Harassed, Closely Monitored During Anniversary Trip https://t.ly/yOO9 | Christians in Central India Appeal to President for Protection from Radicals https://t.ly/8Vfj | India’s Supreme Court Dismisses False Forced Conversion Charges Against Catholic Priest https://t.ly/67Tl | Catholic priest who was kidnapped in Nigeria freed https://t.ly/aGEr | Afghans are facing ‘their most perilous hour’ https://t.ly/ffsD | Ahmadis, Islamic Extremists Charge Christian with Blasphemy https://t.ly/YpXZ | An Update on Christian Persecution in Nigeria https://t.ly/V3uO


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