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Christian News (& Some Grace-filled Goodies) for 7/9/21!

[We are only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Dead Sea Scrolls Genetically Fingerprinted https://t.ly/Dhj3

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Releases New Music Video Called “We’re Coming for Your Children” to Convert Them to the LGBTQ+ Movement https://t.ly/tRfx | Also https://t.ly/Gwac | Sex Ed Teacher Resigns After Teaching 6-Year-Old Students It ‘Feels Good’ to Touch Genitals https://t.ly/gVAn | Hungary rebukes EU demand to change anti-pedophilia law https://t.ly/8tW4

Men Have Fewer Close Friends Today Than They Did Three Decades Ago, Survey Shows https://t.ly/B0jw | 'Not one-size-fits-all': Promise Keepers conference to help men in their struggles with loneliness https://t.ly/zkg8 | Also https://t.ly/EbAV

Tim Tebow's Mom Pam Talks About Importance Of Memorizing Scripture In Her Life https://t.ly/riuM

The 9 Nations Where It’s Hardest to Be a Baptist https://t.ly/fraF | Pastor Rips up his SBC Degree on Air in Response to Plagiarism Scandal https://t.ly/4zkp | Ed Litton is an unrepentant liar and this interview proves it https://t.ly/erwg | Tim Keller’s Three Errors on Evolution That You Need to Know https://t.ly/RP5D | Ed Litton’s Sermongate Sparks Constitutional Crisis in Southern Baptist Convention https://t.ly/LXX6

Why do some churchgoers stick with bad pastors? https://t.ly/KX04

New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right Next to the Liberty Bell https://t.ly/9BkU

She lost her husband in a beach accident. Her book tackles what it takes to heal. https://t.ly/ra0c

Christian-Themed Attraction "Ark Encounter" Is The Most Popular Place Of Interest In Kentucky https://t.ly/JQF6

Campaign calls for end to use of NDAs in keeping Christians from sharing abuse stories https://t.ly/3WLR

D.C. Learns that Onerous Church Restrictions Are 'Intolerable and Costly' https://t.ly/zRug | Church Awarded $220,000 By Washington D.C. After Filing Lawsuit Over CCP Virus Religious Restrictions https://t.ly/A6mP | Megachurch fined thousands because staff did not wear face-masks during church service https://t.ly/F9TY | New Movement Empowers Pastors Amid Challenges By Teaching Church Members How They Can Help https://t.ly/4Lv0 | How Thousands of Sermons Addressed the Crises of 2020 https://t.ly/IPpA

Judge Says Air Force Primarily Responsible For 2017 Texas Church Shooting https://t.ly/1Cec

Man seen leaping from roof to roof accused of setting church's cross on fire https://t.ly/UREG | Churches burned to ground in Canada in 'anti-church hate crime wave' https://t.ly/1qq5 | Trudeau’s former right-hand man joins Canadian PM in saying church burnings ‘may be understandable’ https://t.ly/2LU8

All Lives Matter When It Comes to Murder https://t.ly/0vHp

STRUGGLE SESSION: GA Megachurch Pastor Suggests Racial Apologies “House To House, Family By Family” https://t.ly/ABF6 | Bethel ‘Prophet’ Who Falsely Prophesied Trump’s Victory Headlines Prophetic Conference https://t.ly/dSls

University Of California Forcing Catholic Hospitals To Violate Religious Convictions https://t.ly/Rl9q | Ohio Gov. Protects Medical Workers’ Religious Rights, Signs Bill Allowing Them To Refuse Procedures Violating Their Beliefs https://t.ly/e6mh

Why Are Muslims Leaving Islam? https://t.ly/aJL5

Unhappily Married or Happily Divorced – Which Is Better for Kids? https://t.ly/vPlh | Texas Judge Denies Woman’s Divorce Proceedings, Orders Her to Appear in Sharia Tribunal https://t.ly/yPFm

Legislator Rejected Doctor's Advice to Abort One of Her Twins: 'We're Incredibly Pro-Life' https://t.ly/cy2O | Louisiana Leads in Protecting Unborn Children https://t.ly/OL5h | UCSF accused of 'callous' experiments on aborted babies, harvesting genitals https://t.ly/Aq4z | Abolitionist Respond to SBC Elites who Hate New Anti-Abortion Resolution https://t.ly/NDrU | Don’t Force My Church to Pay For Abortions https://t.ly/BVIr | Pro-life groups call for criminal investigation after discovery of an illegally dumped, dismembered second trimester aborted baby https://t.ly/myoU

Alisa Childers Defends 'Modest Is Hottest' Video: Purity 'Is a Biblical Concept' https://t.ly/o9CX

Breaking Generations of Persecution https://t.ly/sVxb

Presidential assassination in Haiti fails to stop Vacation Bible Schools https://t.ly/FhCz

High Court in Pakistan Upholds Girl's Forced Marriage, Conversion https://t.ly/NpTB | Religious Affairs Minister Makes False Claims of Religious Harmony in Pakistan https://t.ly/8OOZ | Christian Leaders in India Call on Government to Stop Attacks on Minorities https://t.ly/dXHN | Uyghurs Remember the Urumqi Massacre of 2009 https://t.ly/xBoX | Government 'deeply concerned' about religious freedom violations in North Korea https://t.ly/PbiY | ‘Under Serious Attack’: Afghan Christians Plead for Prayer as Islamic Extremists Target Religious Minorities https://t.ly/TpHP

Racial justice top social issue among InterVarsity Christian students: poll https://t.ly/UY3u | Students cry racism as Bible college shutters historic social work program https://t.ly/TKlh | Overwhelming majority of US voters support teaching 'traditional values' of Western civilization in schools https://t.ly/atJB

G.K. Chesterton Meets Dorian Gray https://t.ly/gRpq

3 Pilgrimage Paths from Galilee to Jerusalem https://t.ly/4Bzk


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Jordan on Special Offerings https://t.ly/EJY9

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