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Christian News (& Some Grace-filled Goodies) for 7/9/21!

[We are only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Dead Sea Scrolls Genetically Fingerprinted

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Releases New Music Video Called “We’re Coming for Your Children” to Convert Them to the LGBTQ+ Movement | Also | Sex Ed Teacher Resigns After Teaching 6-Year-Old Students It ‘Feels Good’ to Touch Genitals | Hungary rebukes EU demand to change anti-pedophilia law

Men Have Fewer Close Friends Today Than They Did Three Decades Ago, Survey Shows | 'Not one-size-fits-all': Promise Keepers conference to help men in their struggles with loneliness | Also

Tim Tebow's Mom Pam Talks About Importance Of Memorizing Scripture In Her Life

The 9 Nations Where It’s Hardest to Be a Baptist | Pastor Rips up his SBC Degree on Air in Response to Plagiarism Scandal | Ed Litton is an unrepentant liar and this interview proves it | Tim Keller’s Three Errors on Evolution That You Need to Know | Ed Litton’s Sermongate Sparks Constitutional Crisis in Southern Baptist Convention

Why do some churchgoers stick with bad pastors?

New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right Next to the Liberty Bell

She lost her husband in a beach accident. Her book tackles what it takes to heal.

Christian-Themed Attraction "Ark Encounter" Is The Most Popular Place Of Interest In Kentucky

Campaign calls for end to use of NDAs in keeping Christians from sharing abuse stories

D.C. Learns that Onerous Church Restrictions Are 'Intolerable and Costly' | Church Awarded $220,000 By Washington D.C. After Filing Lawsuit Over CCP Virus Religious Restrictions | Megachurch fined thousands because staff did not wear face-masks during church service | New Movement Empowers Pastors Amid Challenges By Teaching Church Members How They Can Help | How Thousands of Sermons Addressed the Crises of 2020

Judge Says Air Force Primarily Responsible For 2017 Texas Church Shooting

Man seen leaping from roof to roof accused of setting church's cross on fire | Churches burned to ground in Canada in 'anti-church hate crime wave' | Trudeau’s former right-hand man joins Canadian PM in saying church burnings ‘may be understandable’

All Lives Matter When It Comes to Murder

STRUGGLE SESSION: GA Megachurch Pastor Suggests Racial Apologies “House To House, Family By Family” | Bethel ‘Prophet’ Who Falsely Prophesied Trump’s Victory Headlines Prophetic Conference

University Of California Forcing Catholic Hospitals To Violate Religious Convictions | Ohio Gov. Protects Medical Workers’ Religious Rights, Signs Bill Allowing Them To Refuse Procedures Violating Their Beliefs

Why Are Muslims Leaving Islam?

Unhappily Married or Happily Divorced – Which Is Better for Kids? | Texas Judge Denies Woman’s Divorce Proceedings, Orders Her to Appear in Sharia Tribunal

Legislator Rejected Doctor's Advice to Abort One of Her Twins: 'We're Incredibly Pro-Life' | Louisiana Leads in Protecting Unborn Children | UCSF accused of 'callous' experiments on aborted babies, harvesting genitals | Abolitionist Respond to SBC Elites who Hate New Anti-Abortion Resolution | Don’t Force My Church to Pay For Abortions | Pro-life groups call for criminal investigation after discovery of an illegally dumped, dismembered second trimester aborted baby

Alisa Childers Defends 'Modest Is Hottest' Video: Purity 'Is a Biblical Concept'

Breaking Generations of Persecution

Presidential assassination in Haiti fails to stop Vacation Bible Schools

High Court in Pakistan Upholds Girl's Forced Marriage, Conversion | Religious Affairs Minister Makes False Claims of Religious Harmony in Pakistan | Christian Leaders in India Call on Government to Stop Attacks on Minorities | Uyghurs Remember the Urumqi Massacre of 2009 | Government 'deeply concerned' about religious freedom violations in North Korea | ‘Under Serious Attack’: Afghan Christians Plead for Prayer as Islamic Extremists Target Religious Minorities

Racial justice top social issue among InterVarsity Christian students: poll | Students cry racism as Bible college shutters historic social work program | Overwhelming majority of US voters support teaching 'traditional values' of Western civilization in schools

G.K. Chesterton Meets Dorian Gray

3 Pilgrimage Paths from Galilee to Jerusalem


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