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Grace Links & Christian News! | 5/11/21

Good morning, saints!

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Bryan Ross has a new book!

C.R. Stam on A Famous Young Man

Shawn Brasseaux on Going to Market

A Few Grace Messages:

Jordan on Signs, Wonders, & Tongues | Why it Matters

Kevin Sadler on Sanctified Wholly | Key Words of our Faith

Paul Lucas on Romans as the Foundation of Faith


Christian News:

Breaking! Jailed Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Released from Prison (Updated) | 'Gestapo Psychopaths You Are!': Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service | Worship is Now a Crime |Canadian pastor who escaped communist tyranny arrested for holding church service | “Shockingly Arrested” | Jailhouse Interview

New Study Suggests State Support Weakens Christianity | 5 common themes in churches with high pastor turnover | How to Make God Relevant to Those Who Think He Isn’t | How American Christendom Weakens American Christianity | Religious Liberty and Economic Freedom

Christian Street Artist Honors Beirut Explosion Victims with 204 Illegal Portraits | More than 270 Injured in Temple Mount Riots in Israel | Temple Mount Death Toll Rises to 20 as IDF Retaliates | Church leaders urge the international community to pray for peace in Jerusalem

Babylon Bee: Inconsiderate Jews Continue To Be Alive Against Palestinians' Wishes

Indiana Court Delivers Religious Freedom Victory to Catholic School

The Eternal Nature of Motherhood for all Women: Motherhood is not merely a function of “those who give birth” but rather an eternal path characteristic of all womanhood.

Leaked Internal Docs Reveal Disney is Pushing White Employees to Donate to BLM, Tells Them Not to Question Black Peers

Tim Keller Tweet Generator | Tim Keller is the Drunken Master of Evangelicalism | Some Background: A Refutation of the ‘Theology of the City’ (Part I)

Some German Catholic Priests to Defy Pope Francis, Plan to Bless Gay Unions Despite Vatican Ban | 'Rainbow Disney Collection' will honor LGBT Pride month: How to be the 'visible presence' of God in the world | Revoice Leaders Promoting “Homosexuality is a Blessing” | How Did Our Churches Turn Into Political Front Groups? | Christian university student leaders refuse to approve conservative club

PreachersNSneakers creator says American churchgoers have demanded celebrity pastor culture | NC Pastor Who Urinated on Passenger During Flight Now Being Sued for 2 Million Dollars | Global Fire Ministries founder Jeff Jansen leaves wife to ‘pursue his own desires’

New Biden Rule Will 'Punish' Christian Doctors Who Don't Perform Transgender Surgery, Attorney Says | “A setup to normalize and strong arm doctors into administering puberty blocking drugs on children, performing sex-change surgeries, and more” | Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Elects First Transgender Person as Bishop | UK school chaplain reported to terrorist watchdog and forced out of job for sermon on identity politics | Also: Preacher fired and reported as TERRORIST for sermon on religious rights

Mississippi Pastor Killed after Plane Crashes Into His Home

China Pressuring the Church in Hong Kong and Taiwan | Pakistan Rejects EU Resolution Condemning Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law | Kurdistan Region Pledges Protection of Christian Rights | Radicals in India Use Pandemic as Excuse to Attack Pastor | Azerbaijani Troops Attack Armenian Shepherd in Border Town | Ethiopian Orthodox Church Urges Action in Human Rights Crisis

Dwight McKissic argues Baptist Faith & Message unclear about women preachers | Feminism comes to the Southern Baptist Convention | Watch Rick Warren Twist and Mangle Scripture to Justify Ordaining Women Pastors | Beth Moore Demeans Godly Women as “Just Packing the Brothers’ Lunchkits” | Montage of Southern Baptist Churches Turn to Women Preachers on Mother’s Day | Beth Moore Tweets Message Mocking the Death of Al Mohler’s Mom on Mother’s Day

Antiochus Epiphanes—The Bible’s Most Notoriously Forgotten Villain

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