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Happy Memorial Day! Christian News & Grace Links for 5/31/21

Christian News:

‘Turning to Almighty God’: 5 profound Memorial Day proclamations https://t.ly/R7bn | Keep praying, say persecuted Christians https://t.ly/qFjg

Why was the twice-divorced PM allowed to marry in the Catholic church? https://t.ly/Fie6 | Here's what we know about Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds' secret Cathedral wedding https://t.ly/JVmu

UFOs Don’t Cancel Out Christianity https://t.ly/diGZ

Brits Turn to Occult to Contact the Dead, Grieve Pandemic Losses: 'Invariably Leads to Bondage and Suffering' https://t.ly/AjFY

Gov’t Forced to Drop Charges Against Illegally Jailed Canadian Pastor https://t.ly/p5xk | Pastor tells Alberta premier: Christians serve ‘higher law,’ ‘higher authority’ than gov’t. https://t.ly/Evkd | Alberta gov’t. uses ‘resistance to government tyranny’ sermon as proof pastor broke court order https://t.ly/27BN

Defiance! Nearly 1000 Canadian Christians show up for Illegal Public Church Service https://t.ly/2Hqi

‘I’m a teacher but I serve God first’: Virginia teacher placed on leave after refusing to kowtow to trans ideology https://t.ly/4vVy | “It’s not my intention to hurt anyone, but there are certain truths we must face” https://t.ly/ZMYu | Realtor quits over pressure from trade group to affirm gay marriage https://t.ly/1JU9

Clergy of Europe’s largest Lutheran denomination declare their churches are trans-inclusive https://t.ly/YB1C | Sex education is 'state-sponsored child abuse', UK conference hears https://t.ly/5RYw | Family rejected by adoption agency due to ‘Christian values,’ opposition to transgender ideology https://t.ly/PiE1

Boom in LGBT Content for Children https://t.ly/xORs | Blue’s Clues Reboot Features Drag Queen Sing-along at LGBTQ Parade https://t.ly/suHO | New Rugrats Episode Will Feature a Lesbian Mom to Phil and Lil https://t.ly/DWIn

62 Percent of Americans Oppose Allowing Transgender Girls to Play on Biological Girls' Sports Teams, Gallup Says https://t.ly/W9Pe

Evangelical Lutherans Accept Self-Mutilation as Christian https://t.ly/JcMm

Secretary For Kenya’s Atheist Society Announces He’s ‘Found Jesus Christ’, Resigns https://t.ly/3imK

America Loses Religion, Somewhat https://t.ly/c66e | Survey shows church closings outnumber openings https://t.ly/ZckT

Remains of 215 children found at Catholic school https://t.ly/MC9q | Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue Praises Buddha And Calls For A ‘Universal Solidarity’ Between Catholic Church And All Religions https://t.ly/A7P7

Cohabitation does not lead to stronger relationships https://t.ly/kOax

Gwen Shamblin Lara among ‘7 passengers presumed dead’ in Tennessee plane wreck after diet guru’s private jet crashes https://t.ly/ArIH

Christians, Children 'Butchered to Death' by Fulani Herdsmen During Attacks in Nigerian Villages https://t.ly/VdVH | Christian Doctor in India Suspended After Praying for COVID-19 Patients https://t.ly/5IH1 | China Crackdown Continues, Devotee Sentenced in Beijing https://t.ly/yDZ8

Walking With Chesterton and Lewis https://t.ly/wXFr

The Ark of the Covenant in its Egyptian Context https://t.ly/Oygr


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Pastor Joel on Don’t Feed the Trolls! https://t.ly/3lFj | Notes https://t.ly/iBAb

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Des Strydom on Glory in the Lord! https://t.ly/rs5k

Ricky Jr. on a Spirit-Filled Family https://t.ly/VHxZ | Rom. 8 https://t.ly/4MAv

Bryan Ross closes the book on Rheims https://t.ly/wvHk

Don Hosfeld on Why Did God Create Man Knowing He’d Sin? https://t.ly/jD1o

Randy White on Babylon https://t.ly/0zDH

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/cP7Q

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