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Tons of Christian News Today (& Some Grace Goodies)

[We are only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

NDAs Kept These Christians Silent. Now They’re Speaking Out Against Them.

This Big Development in China Is Setting Up the World for the Mark of the Beast | Currency Wars: The World Is On The Verge Of An Epochal Monetary Revolution

Victory! IRS Reverses Course, Grants Christians Engaged Tax-Free Status | BUT THEN IRS denied tax exemption to Texas religious group because prayer supports the Republican party

Canadian Pastor Freed From Jail Encourages Congregation To ‘Fear God,’ Not Man | Canadian Provincial Lawmaker ‘in Solidarity’ with ‘Burn It All Down’ Activist as Church Burnings Continue

Liberty’s Former Diversity Officer Sues for $8M | Also

Chicago Schools to Give Free Condoms to 5th Graders and Up: 'Society Has Changed' | Top Biden officials encourage transgenderism in kids, vow to punish states resisting transmania | Gender ideology: Is untruthfulness ever the most loving response? | How 'queer creators' pushed LGBT agenda in kids cartoons | David Jeremiah Urges Christian Parents to Reject Public Schools: They're 'Brainwashing' Children | VA School District Takes Fight Against Teacher Who Spoke Out Against Trans Pronoun Policy To State Supreme Court

They Want You To Believe The Bible Is White Supremacist So They Can Force Evolution Down Your Throat

‘The Chosen,’ dramatic TV series about Jesus, ends second season with 200 million total online views

Breaking the silence: Clergy address pandemic’s surge in domestic violence | CDC Reports 51% Increase in Suicide Attempts Among Teenage Girls

Survey: White mainline Protestants outnumber white evangelicals, while ‘Nones’ shrink

Hobby Lobby Faces Atheist Backlash for ‘One Nation Under God’ Ad

Julianna Zobrist, Christian influencer and author, responds to estranged husband’s accusations

Mother of murdered sisters says deaths have not shaken her faith in Christ

Vatican charges Cardinal Becciu and nine others in embezzlement scandal

‘Engulfed in a Fireball’: Actor Kris Polaha Fell Away From God, But a Near-Death Experience Transformed His Life and Faith | Marvin Olasky’s ‘Lament’ for Earthly Father Leads to Heavenly One | How God, Family, Therapy, and Meds Saved “General Hospital’s” Maurice Benard from Suicide

Prison Fellowship partners with Moody Bible Institute to give daily devotionals to 100K inmates | Iranian Ministry Reaches Millions with the Gospel

Ohio Budget Includes Conscience Protections for Health Care Providers, Insurers | 'Taking America Back for God': Evangelist Nick Vujicic Co-Founds ProLife Bank to Fight Back against Abortion | Democratic Governor Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills into Law | Meet the mother challenging the UK’s Down syndrome abortion law | The double standards of the pro-abortion movement | 'Relief' as attempt to legalise abortion up to birth is withdrawn

Case of Christian Florist Shows Faith Is Under Attack in US | Barronelle Stutzman's Long Obedience and the Failure of the Court | I Could Lose Everything After ‘Devastating’ End to 8-Year Court Battle Over Same-Sex Wedding, Florist Says

Prayers Requested For Former Casting Crowns Drummer As His Leg Gets Amputated, Remains On Ventilator | US megachurch pastor urges prayers for new-born daughter in intensive care

Sermon-Supplying ‘Docent Research Group’ Slams Plagiarizers, Calls Them Thieves and ‘Cheaters’ | Ed Litton’s Young Co-Pastor Also Plagiarizes Greear | How Litton’s Unrepentant Plagiarism is Set to Ruin the SBC | Admitted Plagiarist Ed Litton likely to be challenged in Anaheim | Sermongate: Evangelical churches must confront the problem of Woke liars in the pulpit | SBC Seminary President condemns plagiarism amid Sermongate | Infighting in the Southern Baptist Convention shouldn’t be a surprise – the denomination has been defined by such squabbles for 400 years

America's First Overseas Missionary Was An African-American Born Into Slavery But Freed In Christ

Critical Race Theory Is 'a Bunch of Garbage,' Ben Carson Says: Americans 'Are Not Enemies' | AME Church Bishops Address COVID-19, Critical Race Theory as Major Meeting Opens | The Great American Parent Pushback Against Critical Race Theory: School Board Recall Efforts Surge Across U.S. | God-and-country nonprofit calls CRT a threat to ‘colorblind society’ | Nation’s largest teachers union deletes plan to promote critical race theory from its website | Thousands Of Teachers Badly Want To Teach Kids Racism Even If It's Against The Law | Father Eviscerates Critical Race Theory: Teaches My Daughter ‘Her Mother Is Evil’

Churches receive almost half a million in funding to explore relationship between science and faith

Church Building Set Ablaze in Calgary and 11 Churches Vandalized Since This Discovery

Heritage Foundation Releases 2021 China Transparency Report | Catholic Writer Who Reported On Forced Demolitions, Evictions In China Arrested On Suspicion Of ‘Splitting The Country’ | | Chinese Police Refuse Visits to Incarcerated Church Elder | Persecuted Chinese Christians Arrive in the United States

Christian Leaders in India Call on Government to Stop Attacks on Minorities | First Christians Sentenced to Pruiison under New Law in Iran | Suspected Fulani Kidnap Christian High School Students in Nigeria | Gunmen Attack Christian Government Worker in Sudan | Pastor in Northern India Killed for His Faith, Sources Say | Pastor Beaten to Death, Grieving Widow Vows to Continue His Work | 'Begging God to Show Us Mercy': Parents of 121 Kidnapped Nigerian Children Pray For Their Return | Gunmen Kidnap 153 Baptist Church High School Students in Nigeria | Islamic State Religious Police Active Again in Syria | Nigeria 'must be called to account'

What Makes a Cult a Cult?

The Next Big Picture in Bioethics

Babylon Bee: The 7 Most Iconic Christian Fashions

Biblical Archeology Society: Gospel of John Commentary: Who Wrote the Gospel of John and How Historical Is It? | Was Shishak’s Biblical Campaign About Copper?


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