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Voluminous Christian News & Grace Goodies for 7/12/21!

[We are only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter to build expansion featuring Tower of Babel https://t.ly/JZYx | Also https://t.ly/lSPL | 5 faith-based films coming to theaters this summer, fall https://t.ly/NuEc

Former Casting Crowns Drummer Andy Williams Passes Away https://t.ly/pOuX

DC Settles $220K Capitol Hill Baptist Lawsuit https://t.ly/eMsz | Members Are 'Relieved and Grateful' https://t.ly/ZlwM | ‘Substantially Burdened Free Exercise Of Religion’ https://t.ly/QLLW

21 Attorneys General Warn: Biden Administration Ignoring Religious Liberty in LGBT Push https://t.ly/dEVX | Biden Administration Forsaking America’s Religious Freedoms, Free Speech Rights In LGBT Push, 21 Attorneys Say https://t.ly/XnJI | 'Dark Days for Religious Liberty': Journalist Likens Canadian Church Arsons to 'Kristallnacht' https://t.ly/aUFj | Colombian court agrees to hear case of social media star forced to remove video supporting traditional marriage https://t.ly/j5Jp | Student body president faces impeachment for saying gays and lesbians must be 'born again' https://t.ly/wIGW | The rise of a generation of censors: Law schools the latest battlement over free speech https://t.ly/2rtf | 'Religious freedom is an extremely important right': ICC President speaks ahead of first International Religious Freedom Summit https://t.ly/d1j4 | 'Cancel culture' targets prayer because atheists offended https://t.ly/vRPmV

New Mexico Megachurch Fined $2,500 after Staff Did Not Wear Masks during Christmas Eve Service https://t.ly/R0bh

Dr. David Jeremiah Urges Christians To Reject Public Schools Over Increasingly Progressive And Atheistic Ideologies https://t.ly/809t

Stephen C. Meyer’s ‘Return of the God Hypothesis’ Brings Science and Faith Back Full Circle and Together Again https://t.ly/zH0g

Abuse Survivors, Ministry Workers Opposing Non-Disclosure Agreements in Christian Organizations Launch #NDAFree Campaign https://t.ly/E7xj | Church of England bishops criticized for living ‘lavish lifestyles’ as churches struggle to survive https://t.ly/lxpJ

Billy Graham’s 1940s cottage in North Carolina is listed for sale at $600,000 https://t.ly/cJdH

'God Bless Abortions': Christ of the Ozarks statue vandalized by activists https://t.ly/IGjU | Judge cancels abortion law because constitution recognizes 'right to life' https://t.ly/xq26

More Ed Litton claims proven false: co-preaching with wife was far more extensive than previously stated https://t.ly/ZKxh | Reformation Charlotte Releases New Documentary on Litton-Greear Plagiarism Scandal https://t.ly/RMF9 | SBC President Ed Litton Appoints Task Force on Sexual Abuse https://t.ly/11B0

5 reasons my family loves (really!) ministry together https://t.ly/jJgz

The Pandemic of Despair: Young Adult Deaths Highlight the Need for Hope https://t.ly/03i8

‘Another One Bites the Dust’: Anti-Trafficking Group Celebrates Closure of Porn Site https://t.ly/qkqq

Woke David Platt spreads fake news while decrying disinformation https://t.ly/szmo

Priest Abducted by Boko Haram Regains His Freedom https://t.ly/NXLw

What China Is Working On Will Bring The World Closer To The End Times, Commentary Says https://t.ly/2ukW

Activists Record 154 Incidents of Christian Persecution in India https://t.ly/HBni | Christian in Algeria Sentenced to Prison, Heavy Fine https://t.ly/6E1u | No Record Found Showing the Departure of Missing Pastor and Wife https://t.ly/ijZA | China Tightens Border Control with Myanmar to Prevent “Religious Infiltration” https://t.ly/3O33 | Indian Pastor Abducted and Beaten by Radicals https://t.ly/aywN | Iran’s Persecution Of Religious Minorities Begins At A Young Age https://t.ly/LjFu | CCP Unveils Propaganda Exhibit on Christianity in Shanghai https://t.ly/ieEK

Shock As It’s Discovered That 30 School Districts In 15 Different States Are Teaching From Racist ‘Not My Idea’ Book That ‘Whiteness’ Is From The Devil https://t.ly/5R2y | Voddie Baucham Discusses How Christians Should Deal With CRT In The Context Of Faith https://t.ly/ZC3r | Predatory Media Are Grooming Kids With Oversexualized Content https://t.ly/u9Bg | Critical Race Theory & The Big Lie Behind It https://t.ly/mTMJ

Archaeology breakthrough as Jerusalem discovery ‘confirms complete chapters’ from Bible https://t.ly/cRxC | Archaeologists unveil grand building near Jerusalem's Western Wall https://t.ly/s0Q6


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A Few Grace Messages:

David O’Steen Announces his October Conference https://t.ly/Z7BB

Bryan Ross announces his October Conference https://t.ly/sXHj

Pastor Joel on Dirty Souls https://t.ly/vPj0

Freddie Bear on Working Out Your Salvation https://t.ly/VyVH

Hal Bekemeyer at Bob Picard’s Church https://t.ly/ek4O

Don Hosfeld on the Longsuffering of Christ https://t.ly/jqmd

Josh Strelecki on Baptism and the Preaching of the Cross https://t.ly/nRlq

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:26 https://t.ly/kVQa

John Verstegen on If God Be For Us https://t.ly/Wd7z

Robert Bell on Who Was Jesus Christ? https://t.ly/1NJp

Des Strydom on All Scripture is For Our Learning https://t.ly/aple

David O’Steen on Acts 3 https://t.ly/P8gp

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