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Voluminous Christian News & Grace Goodies for 7/12/21!

[We are only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter to build expansion featuring Tower of Babel | Also | 5 faith-based films coming to theaters this summer, fall

Former Casting Crowns Drummer Andy Williams Passes Away

DC Settles $220K Capitol Hill Baptist Lawsuit | Members Are 'Relieved and Grateful' | ‘Substantially Burdened Free Exercise Of Religion’

21 Attorneys General Warn: Biden Administration Ignoring Religious Liberty in LGBT Push | Biden Administration Forsaking America’s Religious Freedoms, Free Speech Rights In LGBT Push, 21 Attorneys Say | 'Dark Days for Religious Liberty': Journalist Likens Canadian Church Arsons to 'Kristallnacht' | Colombian court agrees to hear case of social media star forced to remove video supporting traditional marriage | Student body president faces impeachment for saying gays and lesbians must be 'born again' | The rise of a generation of censors: Law schools the latest battlement over free speech | 'Religious freedom is an extremely important right': ICC President speaks ahead of first International Religious Freedom Summit | 'Cancel culture' targets prayer because atheists offended

New Mexico Megachurch Fined $2,500 after Staff Did Not Wear Masks during Christmas Eve Service

Dr. David Jeremiah Urges Christians To Reject Public Schools Over Increasingly Progressive And Atheistic Ideologies

Stephen C. Meyer’s ‘Return of the God Hypothesis’ Brings Science and Faith Back Full Circle and Together Again

Abuse Survivors, Ministry Workers Opposing Non-Disclosure Agreements in Christian Organizations Launch #NDAFree Campaign | Church of England bishops criticized for living ‘lavish lifestyles’ as churches struggle to survive

Billy Graham’s 1940s cottage in North Carolina is listed for sale at $600,000

'God Bless Abortions': Christ of the Ozarks statue vandalized by activists | Judge cancels abortion law because constitution recognizes 'right to life'

More Ed Litton claims proven false: co-preaching with wife was far more extensive than previously stated | Reformation Charlotte Releases New Documentary on Litton-Greear Plagiarism Scandal | SBC President Ed Litton Appoints Task Force on Sexual Abuse

5 reasons my family loves (really!) ministry together

The Pandemic of Despair: Young Adult Deaths Highlight the Need for Hope

‘Another One Bites the Dust’: Anti-Trafficking Group Celebrates Closure of Porn Site

Woke David Platt spreads fake news while decrying disinformation

Priest Abducted by Boko Haram Regains His Freedom

What China Is Working On Will Bring The World Closer To The End Times, Commentary Says

Activists Record 154 Incidents of Christian Persecution in India | Christian in Algeria Sentenced to Prison, Heavy Fine | No Record Found Showing the Departure of Missing Pastor and Wife | China Tightens Border Control with Myanmar to Prevent “Religious Infiltration” | Indian Pastor Abducted and Beaten by Radicals | Iran’s Persecution Of Religious Minorities Begins At A Young Age | CCP Unveils Propaganda Exhibit on Christianity in Shanghai

Shock As It’s Discovered That 30 School Districts In 15 Different States Are Teaching From Racist ‘Not My Idea’ Book That ‘Whiteness’ Is From The Devil | Voddie Baucham Discusses How Christians Should Deal With CRT In The Context Of Faith | Predatory Media Are Grooming Kids With Oversexualized Content | Critical Race Theory & The Big Lie Behind It

Archaeology breakthrough as Jerusalem discovery ‘confirms complete chapters’ from Bible | Archaeologists unveil grand building near Jerusalem's Western Wall


Grace Goodies:

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C.R. Stam on With Him — The Glories of the Life to Come | Justified Without A Cause

A Few Grace Messages:

David O’Steen Announces his October Conference

Bryan Ross announces his October Conference

Pastor Joel on Dirty Souls

Freddie Bear on Working Out Your Salvation

Hal Bekemeyer at Bob Picard’s Church

Don Hosfeld on the Longsuffering of Christ

Josh Strelecki on Baptism and the Preaching of the Cross

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:26

John Verstegen on If God Be For Us

Robert Bell on Who Was Jesus Christ?

Des Strydom on All Scripture is For Our Learning

David O’Steen on Acts 3

David Reid

Greg Resor


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