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Charles Henry Mackintosh

Herein lies 134 books of Charles Henry Mackintosh, one of my favorite and most passionate of grace writers, who was born in October 1820, at Glenmalure Barricks, County Wicklow in Ireland, the son of the captain of a Highland regiment. He was converted at the age of eighteen through the letters of a devout sister. When he was twenty-four years old, he opened a private school at Westport. Not long afterwards, he decided that he had to give himself over entirely to the ministry of the Word of God.


Known as “CHM,” which was his signature on many essays he wrote, Mackintosh established a periodical called Things New and Old, which he edited for twenty-one years. Beyond that and the books for which he became famous, not a lot is known about his personal life. It was said that “Mr. Mackintosh took a great interest in, and actively participated in, the great revival of 1859 and 1860.” “He was a man of a much milder spirit than J. N. Darby, and breathed an atmosphere of deep devotion, and a love not only for Christian believers but for lost souls. He had a gracious spirit, avoiding conflict as far as possible.”


He died on November 2, 1896, and was buried in Cheltenham Cemetery. Charles Andrew Coates wrote, "I was one of the last persons to hear C.H.M. pray. It was most touching to hear the aged and feeble Levite pouring out his heart to God, first for the whole assembly, and then for the little companies gathered everywhere to the Lord's Name. The Lord's interests were the great burden of his heart. Though he had been for a length of time incapacitated for any public service he was still keeping the charge."


Mackintosh became famous for his work, Notes on the Pentateuch, all of which are available here, as well as Miscellaneous Writings, which is available here individually or in the single 1,150-page volume called The Mackintosh Treasury. At the end of volume five is The Life and Times of Elijah which contains at the end an extended discussion about the unique message and ministry committed to the Apostle Paul. In it, he displays a clear understanding between prophecy and mystery, that the church composed of Jew and Gentiles seated together in Christ “lay far beyond the range of the prophetic testimony.”


Interestingly, CHM also rejected strongly the position that the church today began in Acts 2. In the conclusion to The Life and Times of Elijah, Mackintosh explains that Peter offers Israel the kingdom in Acts 3:19-21 and that the verses in question deal with the kingdom promised to Israel and not the church the body of Christ.


There has been some debate as to whether Mackintosh held an Acts 28 position, as he seemed to think that Paul understood the mystery of the church in Acts 15 but that he did not yet publicly proclaim it because of his affection for his kinsmen according to the flesh (Israel).


After reviewing his works, Bryan Ross explained in lesson 65 at the Grace History Project that Mackintosh accepting “all the Pauline as epistles as equally applying to the church leads me to conclude that CHM cannot rightly be viewed as an Acts 28 Dispensationalist… Whether or not C.H. Mackintosh should rightly be viewed as an Acts 28 dispensationalist is difficult to say. His thoughts in The Life and Times of Elijah are muddled at best… I think that we can safely conclude that CHM was a Pauline Dispensationalist. That is, Mackintosh understood that Paul was given a different commission than the one given to Peter and the Twelve. To the Apostle Paul, the apostle of the gentiles, was committed the revelation of the mystery concerning the heavenly purpose and calling of the church the body of Christ. He viewed the early chapters of Acts as the kingdom being offered to the nation of Israel. On these points Mackintosh is explicitly clear despite his lack of consistent clarity over where the dispensational boundary should be drawn.”


Muddled as his thoughts on the beginning of the church were, there was no lack of clarity when it came to his thoughts and stirring passion for our salvation by grace through faith in the finished work on the cross, as taught by Paul. I’d like to share a section from The Mackintosh Treasury that illustrates why there is much passion for CHM even today. The following is from the first chapter called “The All-Sufficiency of Christ:”


“When once the soul has been brought to feel the reality of its condition before God, the depth of its ruin, guilt, and misery, its utter and hopeless bankruptcy, there can be no rest until the Holy Spirit reveals a full and an all-sufficient Christ to the heart. The only possible answer to our total ruin is God’s perfect remedy.


“This is a very simple, but a most important truth; and we may say, with all possible assurance, the more deeply and thoroughly the reader learns it for himself the better. The true secret of peace is to get to the very end of a guilty, ruined, helpless, worthless self, and there find an all-sufficient Christ as God’s provision for our very deepest need. This truly is rest — a rest which can never be disturbed. There may be sorrow, pressure, conflict, exercise of soul, heaviness through manifold temptations, ups and downs, all sorts of trials and difficulties; but we feel persuaded that when a soul is really brought by God’s Spirit to see the end of self, and to rest in a full Christ, it finds a peace which can never be interrupted.


“The unsettled state of so many of God’s dear people is the result of not having received into their hearts a full Christ, as God’s own very provision for them. No doubt this sad and painful result may be brought about by various contributing causes, such as a legal mind, a morbid conscience, a self-occupied heart, bad teaching, a secret hankering after this present world, some little reserve in the heart as to the claims of God, of Christ, and of eternity. But, whatever may be the producing cause, we believe it will be found, in almost every case, that the lack of settled peace, so common amongst the Lord’s people, is the result of not seeing, not believing, what God has made His Christ to be to them, and for them, and that forever.


“Now what we propose in this paper is to show the anxious reader from the precious pages of the word of God that there is treasured up for him in Christ all he can possibly need, whether it be to meet the claims of his conscience, the cravings of his heart, or the exigencies of his path. We shall seek, by the grace of God to prove that the work of Christ is the only true resting place for the conscience: His Person, the only true object for the heart: His word, the only true guide for the path.”

- Joel, Associate Pastor

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002 Notes on the Pentateuch Genesis 1-15
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004 Notes on the Pentateuch Exodus 1-14
005 Notes on the Pentateuch Exodus 15-40
006 Notes on the Pentateuch Leviticus 1-5_13
007 Notes on the Pentateuch Leviticus 5_14-6_7
008 Notes on the Pentateuch Leviticus 15-27
009 Notes on the Pentateuch Numbers 1-8
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012 Notes on the Pentateuch Deuteronomy 1-3
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015 Notes on the Pentateuch Deuteronomy 8-13
016 Notes on the Pentateuch Deuteronomy 14-19
017 Notes on the Pentateuch Deuteronomy 20-34
018 Short Papers 1
019 Short Papers 2
020 Short Papers 3
021 Short Papers 4
022 Short Papers 5
023 Short Papers 6
024 Short Papers 7
025 Short Papers 8
026 Short Papers 9
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028 Answers to Correspondents
029 Letters to a Friend on the Present Condition of Things
030 The Bible-Its Sufficiency and Supremacy
031 Christianity-What is it
032 The Ministry of Christ Past Present and Future
033 Words of Counsel
034 Gods Way and how to find it
035 Misc Writings Book 1 The All-sufficiency of Christ
036 Misc Writings Book 1 Discipleship in an evil day
037 Misc Writings Book 1 Forgiveness of sin - What is it
038 Misc Writings Book 1 Gideon and his companions
039 Misc Writings Book 1 Job and His Friends
040 Misc Writings Book 1 Final Perseverance - What is it
041 Misc Writings Book 1 The Christian - His position & work
042 Misc Writings Book 1 The Christian Priesthood
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048 Misc Writings Book 2 Gilgal
049 Misc Writings Book 2 God for us
050 Misc Writings Book 2 Thoughts on the Lords Supper
051 Misc Writings Book 2 The man of God
052 Misc Writings Book 2 Prayer in its proper place
053 Misc Writings Book 2 The Sabbath the Law and the Christian Ministry
054 Misc Writings Book 2 Thou and thy house
055 Misc Writings Book 2 Now and Then
056 Misc Writings Book 3 Conversion - What is it
057 Misc Writings Book 3 Evangelization
058 Misc Writings Book 3 Papers on the Lords Coming
059 Misc Writings Book 3 Christian perfection - What is it
060 Misc Writings Book 3 Pre-Millennial Doctrine
061 Misc Writings Book 3 Simon Peter - His life and its lessons
062 Misc Writings Book 4 The Call of God - Abraham and Lot
063 Misc Writings Book 4 The Life and Times of David
064 Misc Writings Book 4 The Life and Times of Josiah
065 Misc Writings Book 4 The History of the Tribe of Levi
066 Misc Writings Book 5 The Great Commission
067 Misc Writings Book 5 The Life and Times of Elijah
068 Misc Writings Book 5 Glad Tidings
069 Misc Writings Book 5 Ministry of Reconciliation
070 Misc Writings Book 6 The Three Crosses
071 Misc Writings Book 6 The Christians Mission
072 Misc Writings Book 6 Davids Companions & Pauls Friends
073 Misc Writings Book 6 The dew of Hermon
074 Misc Writings Book 6 The Discipline of the Assembly
075 Misc Writings Book 6 Diversity and Unity
076 Misc Writings Book 6 Divine Titles
077 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras The Service of Prayer
078 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras Eternal Punishment v Universalism and Annihilationism
079 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras Gods Fullness for an Empty Vessel
080 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras Grace and Government
081 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras Holy Brethren
082 Misc Writings Book 6 Epaphras There is one body
083 Misc Writings Book 6 Israel and the Nations
084 Misc Writings Book 6 Jehovahs Demand and Satans Objections
085 Misc Writings Book 6 John the Baptist - only a voice
086 Misc Writings Book 6 Landmarks and Stumblingblocks
087 Misc Writings Book 6 Life-works
088 Misc Writings Book 6 Living by Faith
089 Misc Writings Book 6 The Living God and a Living Faith
090 Misc Writings Book 6 One-sided Theology
091 Misc Writings Book 6 Our Standard and Our Hope
092 Misc Writings Book 6 Peace
093 Misc Writings Book 6 Prayer and the Prayer Meeting
094 Misc Writings Book 6 Publicly and from house to house
095 Misc Writings Book 6 Each Member-A Help or a Hindrance
096 Misc Writings Book 6 Ready
097 Misc Writings Book 6 Regions beyond - Let us go again
098 Misc Writings Book 6 Saul of Tarsus
099 Misc Writings Book 6 Thyself and the doctrine
100 Misc Writings Book 6 The True Workman
101 Misc Writings Book 7 The Three Appearings
102 Misc Writings Book 7 Bethany
103 Misc Writings Book 7 The Bible - Whence is it
104 Misc Writings Book 7 Christ in the Vessel
105 Misc Writings Book 7 Work in its Right Place or Reflections on the Life and Times of Hezekiah
106 Misc Writings Book 7 Jehoshaphat - Worldliness
107 Misc Writings Book 7 Jericho & Achor - Privilege & Responsibility
108 Misc Writings Book 7 Legality and Levity
109 Misc Writings Book 7 The Passover in Egypt
110 Misc Writings Book 7 The Remnant - Past and Present
111 Misc Writings Book 7 Restoration
112 Misc Writings Book 7 A Risen Saviour
113 Misc Writings Book 7 The Throne and the Altar
114 Misc Writings Book 7 The Two Musts
115 Misc Writings Occasional Papers The Blind Man and the Pharisees who said We see
116 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Communion with God
117 Misc Writings Occasional Papers True Ground of Peace
118 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Unity - What is it and am I confessing it
119 Misc Writings Occasional Papers 15th Letter to a Friend
120 Misc Writings Occasional Papers The Church
121 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Words of Counsel
122 Misc Writings Occasional Papers God in Everything
123 Misc Writings Occasional Papers False Worship
124 Misc Writings Occasional Papers A Word on Christian Intercourse
125 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Jacob Alone With God
126 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Jesus Risen
127 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Law & grace Exemplified
128 Misc Writings Occasional Papers The Lord Our Shepherd
129 Misc Writings Occasional Papers The Love of Jesus
130 Misc Writings Occasional Papers The Prisoner of Hope
131 Misc Writings Occasional Papers Inside the Veil - Outside the Camp
Commentary on Book of Numbers
Mackintosh Treasury
Thou and Thy House or the Christian Home
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