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Christian News & Grace Links for 10/12/21! PTL!

[We’re only reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

From drug abuse and brokenness, to freedom in Christ https://t.ly/G22y | Why Christianity is Here to Stay https://t.ly/tgly

Will we soon see state surveillance of Christian ministries? https://t.ly/eaY4

Moving Beyond Hotel Bibles, Gideons in Canada Announce New Name https://t.ly/oHbw

Officer 'persecuted' for off-duty prayer now is suing town officials https://t.ly/FcJz | Illegal immigrant from China facing federal charges for setting multiple fires at historic church in Alabama https://t.ly/WBRl

New Orleans Saints Austin Carr Retires from NFL: 'I'm Committed to following the Voice of God' https://t.ly/1glU

Texas bans Mandates https://t.ly/45yT

101 Pastors Reject Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Via Letter, Declares ‘We Have No King But King Jesus’ https://t.ly/3AuQ | Canadian City Prohibits Marriage Unless Bride and Groom are Fully Vaccinated https://t.ly/R9Zc | College athletes win religious freedom case against jab-pushing university, will not have to get COVID shot https://t.ly/oipU | Christian Celebrity Says She’s ‘Pro-Medical Freedom’ Amid COVID Vax Mandates https://t.ly/m3sR | Soap star who went from atheism to Christianity risks career calling out anti-life, pro-vax Hollywood https://t.ly/t0ho | Christian Leaders Need To Stand For The Consciences Of Their Flocks https://t.ly/fiaG | Iceland becomes fifth European country to halt Moderna COVID-19 vaccine https://t.ly/N2rw

Newsboys Say They’ll Tour Until They’re 80: ‘We’re Just Kids’ https://t.ly/s913 | Christian Artist TobyMac Opens Up During Concert, Says He Will See His Firstborn Again Because Of Jesus Christ https://t.ly/GFko

Vaughan Williams’ “Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis” https://t.ly/9uHO

Is There a Connection Between Suicide Among Teens and Social Media? Experts Say ‘Yes’ https://t.ly/kgUG | Florida Mom Gets Standing Ovation for Condemning ‘Anti-Biblical’ CRT, Calling for ‘Mass Exodus’ from Public Schools https://t.ly/t4b1 | CRT Proponent Pushing A Different Kind Of Theology, Claims Jesus Is Anti-America https://t.ly/D4Qt | North Carolina lieutenant governor says he "will not back down" amid calls to resign for calling LGBTQ+ education "filth" https://t.ly/Ckxj | Father details how his young son was convinced he was a 'transgender lesbian' https://t.ly/7LpH | Large toy retailers must have gender-neutral section or face fines under new California law https://t.ly/UqAM

DC Comics Announces Next Superman Will Be LGBT https://t.ly/QYEn

Mom describes how son's life saved by abortion-pill reversal https://t.ly/t5DA

Parenting Is the Most Important Work There Is https://t.ly/tmlL

The Mainstream Media ‘Absolutely’ Gets Christianity Wrong, Fox News’ Chief Religion Correspondent Says https://t.ly/g1as

How celebrity pastors can avoid failing the fame test https://t.ly/XiZe | 'Pandemic of narcissism': Seminaries respond to the evangelical church leadership crisis https://t.ly/kPDs | Hillsong Says to Build Yourself on the Rock of Hillsong Church https://t.ly/CN9E | Jim Bakker Makes Final Plea: ‘I Need $1M in Next Week or My Show is Done’ https://t.ly/bCj7 | Pastor Sues Church over $6.25M Retirement Package He Alleges Was Promised https://t.ly/MFl0 | Justin Bieber Now Sells Marijuana https://t.ly/XDwj | Mark Batterson Says It’s “Good Stewardship” to Steal Sermons From Other People https://t.ly/b0x3 | Lakewood Church says it never sought forgiveness for $4.4M PPP loan https://t.ly/hseO | Joel Osteen Returns $4.4Mil in Pandemic Loads https://t.ly/pRT6 | SBC’s Legal Counsel Resigns After Executive Committee Pressured into Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege https://t.ly/oQA8 | Ed Litton Admits Sometimes He Doesn’t Study at All and Just Preaches What His Team Prepares https://t.ly/S6Y1 | A Tale of SBC/ NAMB Corruption in Three Pictures https://t.ly/uKfg | Unrepentant Liars are Leading the Southern Baptist Convention to Destruction https://t.ly/0qnYR | Pastor with 8 DUIs tries to ‘murder’ officers with his car: report https://t.ly/vg9g

The 10 Strangest Foods in the Bible https://t.ly/ot8J

Columbian nun freed by terrorists in Mali 4 years after abduction https://t.ly/PE6i

Brazil approves political propaganda in churches https://t.ly/E6xH

Three-Self Church and Communist Party, “One Heart and One Mind” https://t.ly/qA9p | China, All Information Should Be Produced and Distributed by the State https://t.ly/BwyP | Chinese Authorities Detained, Tortured, And Forced Over 57,000 Peaceful Dissidents To Confess Since 2013 https://t.ly/zLgk | Christians Attacked During Church Service by Mob of 200 Radical Hindu Nationalists in India https://t.ly/ucaw | Church in Northern India Attacked by Mob of 200 Radicals https://t.ly/RVd9 | Pastor and Wife in Northern India Jailed on False Forced Conversion Claims https://t.ly/eFzc | PEW Report Ranks Middle East Highest Persecuted Region https://t.ly/Hbyo | Girls in South Asia Face Forced Marriages and Conversions https://t.ly/96I6 | Christian campaigners lobby Pakistani Prime Minister to end forced marriage https://t.ly/Dvib

Ken Ham Skeptical That Noah’s Ark Has Been Discovered: ‘This Isn’t a New Find’ https://t.ly/dMAd | The Brutality of the Crusades https://t.ly/ExlB


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