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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/3/21! PTL!

Christian News:

Died: B.J. Thomas, Born-Again Singer Who Clashed with Evangelical Fans https://t.ly/oKrH

Exclusive: Abuse Allegations by Carl Lentz's Former Nanny Put Spotlight on Hillsong Culture https://t.ly/55zL | “manipulation, control, bullying, abuse of power” https://t.ly/ln6F | Denies https://t.ly/m6Xa | Head Honcho Brian Houston Addresses New Hillsong Scandal - Calls Details ‘Very Disturbing’ https://t.ly/CyvK | Breaking! Hillsong Boston Pastor Alleges She Was Assaulted by Carl Lentz https://t.ly/LnUX

King James Saves the God Bless the USA Bible https://t.ly/6mIu

“The Chosen” TV Series – an Unholy Alliance with Mormons https://t.ly/sfF0

Parents Outraged after School Shows Their First Graders Sex Education Videos about Masturbation https://t.ly/RVAq | Christian Teacher Sues School that Suspended Him for Opposing LGBT Policy https://t.ly/Uxer | Nickelodeon's “Blues Clues & You” Releases Pride Parade Song Featuring Drag Queen Singing with Transgender, Non-Binary Animals https://t.ly/Iyw5 | People Who Left LGBTQ Because They Wanted to come to DC with a Message: Don't let Activists Restrict Freedom of Conscience, Speech and Religion https://t.ly/IJ7V

Largest Lutheran Denomination in Europe Declares Itself Pro-Trans +Attacks ‘Right-wing Christian Groups’ https://t.ly/ALjb |'Evangelical' Lutheran Church Descends Into Complete Apostasy https://t.ly/jHdnC | Christian Institute to take legal action if conversion therapy ban outlaws 'wrong kind of prayer' https://t.ly/DfCk | Law professors condemn Finland's prosecution of Christian MP over sexuality views https://t.ly/MARV

Atheist Leader in Kenya Resigns After Finding Jesus Christ: 'I'm so Happy' https://t.ly/JL1b

‘It Will be the End of Freedom’: Oregon Gov. Requires Proof of COVID Vaccinations to Enter Churches, Businesses https://t.ly/S2TX

Are ‘Woke’ Companies Coming for Christians? https://t.ly/9me5 | How Apple’s Cozy Relationship With Communist China Could Hurt Christians https://t.ly/rdgj | What Does Apple in China Mean for Christians? https://t.ly/AP2g

Why I Didn’t “Just Bake the Cake” by Jack Phillips https://t.ly/nZvf

C.S. Lewis as Mere Christian https://t.ly/6YW2

Gorsuch Denies Churches’ Petition Challenging Lockdown Restrictions https://t.ly/VQTk | Judge tosses Planned Parenthood's lawsuit against largest 'sanctuary city for the unborn' in US https://t.ly/ZP3n

High school allows valedictorian to deliver 'Christianized' speech after trying to censor content https://t.ly/mMNU

Only 6% of Americans have a 'biblical worldview' - Barna study https://t.ly/2cC8

Critical race theory sparks flurry of resolutions for annual SBC meeting https://t.ly/NMzS | Russell Moore Accuses SBC Conservatives of Supporting Child Molesters, Rape, and White Supremacy https://t.ly/Xen5 | What you need to know about the ‘leaked’ Russell Moore letter https://t.ly/xmsM | Breaking: Russell Moore Leaves the SBC, Becomes ‘Minister in Residence’ at Non-SBC Church https://t.ly/wUXu | Tim Keller’s Tweet Declares that God’s Grace is ‘Reckless’ https://t.ly/MJGF

What evangelicals need to learn from the Josh Duggar situation https://t.ly/8Hvm

Russia Tightens Restrictions on Churches and Missionary Activity https://t.ly/UU7f | Fulani Herdsmen Kill Pastor, 3-Year-Old Son in Nigeria https://t.ly/r9gc | Another Church Attacked by Burmese Military in Eastern Myanmar https://t.ly/6kX6 | Myanmar’s Indian and Chinese Christians Facing Systematic Discrimination https://t.ly/IFGt

On June 10th We'll Witness a Rare 'Ring of Fire' in the Sky https://t.ly/ac6k

Roman Crucifixion Methods Reveal the History of Crucifixion https://t.ly/MqG7 | Crucifixion—The Archaeological Evidence https://t.ly/VlQh | Scholars’ Corner: New Analysis of the Crucified Man https://t.ly/7nHN

The Last Stand of the Philistines: Archaeologists Find Clue to the Fall of Gath https://t.ly/phW4


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C.R. Stam on “What the World Needs” https://t.ly/IVTF

Shawn Brasseaux: “The world is a hazardous place for new and/or shallow Christians” https://t.ly/fudz | Plus, he just celebrated 10 years in the ministry https://t.ly/gxeX

A Few Grace Messages:

Freddie Bear talks Marriage https://t.ly/s1wu

Joel on Spiritual Gifts https://t.ly/XnJn | Notes https://t.ly/cGGo

Bryan Ross on The Two Streams of Bibles & The Rheims New Testament https://t.ly/tJkU

David O’Steen on the Word of God https://t.ly/hmOV

Don Hosfeld on Gen. 45-46 https://t.ly/l2ku

Randy White https://t.ly/Q7FN

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/2xnG

Ricky Jr. on Mark https://t.ly/Bcp9

Greg Resor https://t.ly/tgd3

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