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Christian News for 5/18/21


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Pastor Hal on the Rapture

Pastor Jordan on Why Doesn’t God Heal Me? | A Panoramic View of God’s Word

Alex Kurz on Hope

Brian Sipes on Love Abounding

Christian News:

Jailed Alberta Pastor Artur Pawlowski Out on Bail, Warns Fellow Canadians: 'They Are Going to Come After You' | Canadian Crackdown: Calgary Pastor Arrested Even Though Church Has Had Zero COVID Cases | Another Canadian Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Services | Pastor Arrested for Holding Worship Service against COVID-19 Restrictions Shares Gospel with Police

Supreme Court Takes Major Abortion Case in 'Landmark Opportunity' for Pro-Life Cause | Supreme Court to determine if states can ban abortions before viability; pro-lifers hail ‘landmark opportunity’ | Supreme Court Takes Up Major Abortion Case Directly Challenging Roe v. Wade | Texas ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ to Protect the Unborn, Heads to Gov. Greg Abbott’s Desk

Christianity Today Thinks We’re Fighting for the Persecuted with One Hand Behind Our Back | And that Christians Can Learn from Muslims.| And They Support Female Pastors| And That Christians Should Be in the News Cycle, but Not of It

NTEB is talking about an Unregulated Secret Undercover Military Force by the Pentagon

France Bars Schools from Using Gender-Neutral Words: a 'Threat to the Language' | Universities may be fined if they don't uphold free speech| School blocks girl from 'Jesus Loves Me' mask, but her faith still making impact | Parents Confront Virginia School after Discovering Pornographic Books Were Made Available to Kids | Female athletes who lost to trans-identified males fight for 'fair playing field' | Christian group fights LGBTQ suit against Oregon university | Southern Baptist lobbying group says Gender is fluid in Bible

‘Christian’ Agency Doesn’t Want ‘White’ Families Adopting ‘Black’ Children

PBS documentary highlights Billy Graham's impact on politics, evangelical movement

Twitter suspends Christian politician's account for saying 'men cannot get pregnant'| Christian counselling ministry defends help for people with unwanted same-sex attraction

Evolution Evangelists Skirt Evidence, Commemorate Darwin's Descent of Man

Benny Hinn Says God Cursed Kenneth Copeland Because He Spoke Against Him

Did Pastor James Welch mislead First Baptist Ft. Lauderdale?

The World's Faithful: Paying the Ultimate Price | Chinese Communist Party Orders Church To Display Mao’s Little Red Book Instead Of Bible. | Christian massacres in Nigeria highest since 2014 says Intersociety | Muslim Extremists Burn Down Christian Widow's Reconstructed House| Ransom Demanded for Pastor Abducted in Southwest Nigeria| The killing of Christians in Nigeria: Who will help us?| Pastor Abducted While Preaching in Nigeria| 80 Christian Families Terrorized by Mob in Pakistan| Taiyuan Reformed Church Under Police Attack

7 First Steps to Address Human Rights in Egypt

Babylon Bee: Joel Osteen Unveils New Ultra-Thin Yacht That Can Fit Through The Eye Of A Needle

Archaeology and Jewish Purity Practices: Testimony of Stepped Pools and Chalk Vessels

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