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Christian News for the Week of May 2

Hello, saints! We thought we might try something new and include a blog that has all the links to the news articles that are usually in the description box for the Grace Life podcasts.


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A Few Grace Messages:

Bryan Ross on The Word For All Ages: Did Jesus Read From the Septuagint in Luke 4? https://t.ly/twtF

Joel on Blaspheming the Holy Spirit https://t.ly/xGf2

Jordan on Mark 14 https://t.ly/c8T6

Brandon Smith on Galatians and the Gospel https://t.ly/jHYg

Randy White https://t.ly/VMYO

Christian News


Biden Becomes 1st President to Omit 'God' from National Day of Prayer Proclamation https://t.ly/P6x4 |A National Day of Prayer to “the Thing” https://t.ly/bhIL

Prayer ban would breach human rights, says Christian Institute https://t.ly/bBXR | Government threatened with legal action over conversion therapy ban https://t.ly/128s | EU appoints new religious freedom envoy https://t.ly/5mz8

Christian College Sues Biden Admin for ‘Sexual Orientation’ Directive https://t.ly/2TdD

Live Action Founder Lila Rose Argues 'Roe v. Wade's Days Are Absolutely Numbered' https://t.ly/5UwY | Pro-life group celebrates 20,000 babies' lives saved from abortion; over 4,000 during pandemic https://t.ly/gRdQ

Steven Curtis Chapman on using music to 'build bridges,' parenting well in a post-Christian society (exclusive) https://t.ly/6gOG

The Lament of the Christian Disney Dad: What Evangelicals Really Hate About ‘Wokeness’ at Disney World https://t.ly/w5Kp

Another Christian Nurse in Pakistan Falsely Accused of Blasphemy https://t.ly/rxBK

| 'Ongoing Crackdown Against Christianity': 2 Preachers Jailed from Largest Banned House Church in Beijing https://t.ly/TCx1 | Pastor, wife attacked by man who allegedly bit their ears, gouged eyes https://t.ly/8QGK

Florida church expels rebellious group estimated at over 150 members https://t.ly/KUwt |

Statue Of Jesus At Waltham Church Beheaded https://t.ly/OTyt

Governor Jay Inslee Orders Churches, Sporting Events To Implement ‘Vaccinated Sections’ https://t.ly/GAts

Over 200 child images of kids as young as 18 months found on Josh Duggar’s devices; sister recounts ‘nightmare’ https://t.ly/MAJo | Agent Says Found Pics ‘Top Five of the Worst of the Worst that I’ve Ever had to Examine’ https://t.ly/iFmk | Freed on Bail but Barred from Returning to Family Home https://t.ly/GKn5

Christianity As “Hate Speech”: Will What’s Happening in Finland Finish America? https://t.ly/u0jg | LifeSiteNews Permanently Banned from Facebook, Youtube https://t.ly/OsqU | Dr. Joseph Mercola provides a case study in how censorship works in America https://t.ly/SYJy

Great-Grandson of Televangelist Kenneth Copeland Drowns in Swimming Pool Accident https://t.ly/31JK

Church of Scotland to reconsider offering same sex marriages https://t.ly/8lD3 | Church of Scotland divests from oil and gas companies https://t.ly/E3Ll | Major Catholic Theological Institute “Annuls” Doctrines Opposing Homosexuality https://t.ly/efNw

‘Marine fossils’ discovered on top of Mount Everest ‘could be proof of Great Flood’ https://t.ly/Cnyg | NASA Impact Simulation Shows Dangers Of Bible's Wormwood Prophecy https://t.ly/Px1a


'Life Is Winning': Over 500 Pro-Life Bills Have Been Introduced, 61 New Laws Enacted in 2021 https://t.ly/ReJk | 'Landslide': Lubbock, Texas Voters Ban Abortion, Declare City a 'Sanctuary' for 'the Unborn' https://t.ly/Lx1T | Becomes the World’s Largest ‘Sanctuary City’ for the Unborn https://t.ly/VgD3 | FRC Celebrates Growing Momentum for Protection of the Unborn from Discrimination on the Basis of Race, Sex, or Disability https://t.ly/wjsK

Nat'l Day of Prayer to focus on praying for nation’s physical, mental and spiritual health: Pray.com co-founder https://t.ly/pXZn

Historic Mexican church rises from the water after 40 years https://t.ly/9Hfo

Another Canadian Pastor Could Be Facing Jail for Not Following Strict COVID Rules https://t.ly/jvBT | Texas city withdraws petition to take property from church, ends eminent domain legal battle https://t.ly/tiI4 | Praying to God could be made a crime, lawmakers threatened with legal action https://t.ly/JvjC | 'I will not be intimidated into hiding my faith': Christian official faces jail for believing God https://t.ly/iKlR | Government threatened with legal action over conversion therapy ban https://t.ly/lypp

25 Percent of Churchgoers with a Job Frequently Work Sunday Mornings, Poll Shows https://t.ly/gqmc | Evangelicals & Casual Sex https://t.ly/8yTn | Americans Are More Optimistic Than We Have Been in Fifteen Years https://t.ly/Fhlk

What We Lose in the Decline of Cultural Christianity https://t.ly/2CnI | Woke capitalism is a threat to the world and the Church https://t.ly/CgS4 | The Postmodern Culture and The Death of Authority https://t.ly/wMpw

Christians ‘Pray the News’ in a Year of Doomscrolling https://t.ly/HD0l | Pastors warn smartphone addiction 'major issue' in Church, offer solutions https://t.ly/TLbn | When Your Children Are Hostile to Your Faith, Keep Praying https://t.ly/zDEV | America Is Involved in a 'War on Children,' John MacArthur Says: The 'Culture Is Weaponized to Destroy' Them https://t.ly/X8Ny | Wash. State Increases Capacity Limit For Churches That Implement ‘Vaccinated-Only’ Sections https://t.ly/e9OL

Josh Duggar Free on Bail After Agent Says Found Pics ‘Top Five of the Worst of the Worst that I’ve Ever had to Examine’ https://t.ly/pBwN | Laura Lentz makes first public statement following husband’s infidelity and Hillsong firing https://t.ly/VuwV | Ravi Zacharias played the 'wounded warrior' to manipulate people, says John Piper https://t.ly/P5jA | Billy Graham Said You Can Deny Essential Doctrines Like the Resurrection And Still Be Saved https://t.ly/0Jlf | Franklin Graham: I’m Not Anti-Gay https://t.ly/uidj | SBC President Continues to Promote Same-Sex Attraction “Christianity” https://t.ly/Uwsn | Instagram Account Catalogs Pastors Wearing Luxury Watches, up to $400,000 https://t.ly/TOMq | The Gospel Coalition Defends Persecution by Canadian Government https://t.ly/FQOt

Woman from Mali Gives Birth to 9 Babies, She Was Only Expecting 7 https://t.ly/gzL5

China Leveraging the International System to Further Religious Persecution https://t.ly/te8b | Mobile Bible apps taken down in China https://t.ly/tSuq | Police Rescue – then Jail – Christian Family Attacked in India https://t.ly/5DH6 | 2 pastors from Beijing's Zion Church arrested 3 years after authorities forced church to close https://t.ly/pwhG

Ancient Jerusalem: The Village, the Town, the City https://t.ly/EpfR

New Dead Sea Scroll Revelation: Eight Manuscripts Were Written by Same Mysterious Scribe https://t.ly/F7bo


Day 1 of the Gracelife Church Trial: ‘Compliance with AHS Meant Noncompliance with God’ https://t.ly/hdAq

Christian Finnish MP Could Spend 6 Years in Prison for Supporting Biblical Marriage, Sexuality https://t.ly/yfyv | Judge Orders Doors Locked on Canadian Church Yet Pastor Remains Upbeat: 'Caesar Can Have the Brick and Mortar' https://t.ly/2qtq | Police lock Ontario church for violating COVID-19 restrictions after court injunction https://t.ly/UA5q

Do You Follow the Right Jesus? https://t.ly/1wUq

Police find 2-year-old abducted from Virginia church nursery and arrest alleged abductors https://t.ly/5uh0

Josh Duggar pleads not guilty https://t.ly/sL8b | Is Christian Cohabitation the New Norm? https://t.ly/klzH | Church Confirms Drag Queen for Ordination: The Urgency and Power of Personal Morality https://t.ly/9QPa | John Piper: Ravi Zacharias turned 'position of power' into 'neediness and woundedness' https://t.ly/rZBo | Seemingly Drunk Jerry Falwell Jr. Crashes Show, Invites Students to Party at his House https://t.ly/j3I7 | Beth Moore and Jory Micah Agree, Not All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God https://t.ly/8LLm | Francis Chan Says Catholic Understanding of Gospel is Very Similiar, If Not the Same, as His https://t.ly/0ddM

Chinese Leader Xi Jinping Lays Out Plan to Control the Global Internet: Leaked Documents https://t.ly/c2vq

CCP Advances Efforts to Wipe Out Christianity by Removing Bible Apps, Christian WeChat https://t.ly/7AjO | China's Big Brother 'Social Credit System' Now Tracks People in North America Too with Video Surveillance https://t.ly/iiTT | Nigerian Troops Rescue Christian Student After Fulani Militants Attack Missions School https://t.ly/sl3q | Philippine Pastor Arrested Allegedly for Activism https://t.ly/3ilz | Students Kidnapped in Attack on Christian School in Plateau State, Nigeria https://t.ly/cb9F

The Fourth Turning: Why America's "Crisis" May Last Until 2030 https://t.ly/aBMu


The Perilous State of Religious Freedom Worldwide https://t.ly/AXIF

London Pastor Arrested for Sermon on Marriage: 'I Was Only Saying What the Bible Says' https://t.ly/onOc | Finnish Lawmaker Faces Trial for Hate Speech After Quoting the Bible About Homosexuality https://t.ly/Z7kh | Faces 6 Years in Prison https://t.ly/Fric |Canadian Court Empowers Police to ‘Do Anything Necessary’ to Disrupt Church, Find Pastor https://t.ly/hwLL | After $40,000,000 in fines, Police To Lock Doors and Take Over Canadian Church https://t.ly/tw1k | Police Disrupt Outdoor Church Service in the Middle of Communion, Ticket Pastor https://t.ly/yTnh | Charlie Kirk speaks at Washington churches despite Antifa threats, 'My connection to my creator matters more than Governor Inslee' https://t.ly/qVzb

Barna: America infected with Moralistic Therapeutic Deism https://t.ly/usPW

Judge denies gov’t request to close Canadian church that has defied coronavirus rules https://t.ly/30pn

U.S. Catholic Bishops to Consider Barring Joe Biden, Pro-Choice Politicians from Receiving Communion https://t.ly/N3VZ | Northern Ireland minister to receive new powers to impose expanded abortion despite strong criticism https://t.ly/zuGQ

China shuts down Bible App, Christian WeChat as new crackdown policies go into effect https://t.ly/VAz0 | Police in Pakistan Torture Christian into False Confession of Blasphemy https://t.ly/SWNP | Nigeria: 3 students escape Fulani militants after attack on Christian missions school; 1 remains captive https://t.ly/SwW9 | New Information Emerges From 2 Christian Murders https://t.ly/qIGq | Hindu Nationalists Use Forged Document to Discredit Christian Groups in Nepal https://t.ly/2DJ6 | 33 Christians Murdered in Benue State, Nigeria in One Week https://t.ly/bGc0 | At Least 44 Killed In "Human Avalanche" At Israeli Religious Festival https://t.ly/uyu3

Facebook tests new ‘prayer post’ feature https://t.ly/TkOb

Study: Trauma-Informed Bible Reading Reduces Depression, Anxiety, Anger https://t.ly/PuKO

Charismatic Pretends to Cast Out Demon in Hilariously Fake Exorcism https://t.ly/qppU

| Black Female Preacher Says Black Jesus Would Be Pro-Homosexual https://t.ly/2rEY

Christian mother of brain-damaged girl loses all legal battles and judge gives doctors go-ahead to end her daughter’s life https://t.ly/R3G2

Kathy Ireland recalls the moment she wanted ‘to follow Jesus Christ’: ‘The experience forever changed my life’ https://t.ly/Ok3f | Amy Grant, Christian artists team up for Faithful Project honoring women in the Bible https://t.ly/AqvU | Fun New Christian Song for Kids Tackles Issues of Identity, Self-Esteem -- Created by Family Who Produced America's First Christian Children's Album to Go Platinum https://t.ly/atJh

Understanding the Good Samaritan Parable https://t.ly/XPe5 | Alternative Facts: Domitian’s Persecution of Christians https://t.ly/Cu9T