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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 6/7/21!

Grace Articles:

Kevin Sadler on A Spiritual Workout

Ricky Kurth asks Are You a Servant of God?

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on Breaking Grace

Freddie Bear on Satan vs. the Body of Christ

Don Hosfeld on Repentance

Bob Picard on Apollos

David O’Steen on The Lord Standing with Paul

Josh Strelecki on Paul & the Churches of God

Paul Lucas on Romans Foundation

Dave Stout on Romans 8

Ricky Jr. on Romans 8:17

Des on Ministry

Joel McGarvey

Pastor Jordan

Greg Resor

Christian News:

'Religious Liberty Triumphs': Calif. to Pay $2.1 Million for Churches' Legal Fees | Churches Celebrate | Dear Christians: Get Off Your Couch And Back In The Pews

City Raises White Flag in Bitter Case Against Church; Pastor Uses His Moment of Triumph to Set a Humble Example

Nearly 80 Police Swarm Church Service, Choke Congregant In Violent Takedown in Australia | 'God Has Been Forgotten': Canadian Church Fined $66,000 for Holding Outdoor Services against COVID-19 Restrictions | Canada Heaps Fines on Church of God for Holding Outdoor Services After Police Lock Building | Govt Shuts Down Canadian Church Days After Being Caught Breaking Their Own Rules

How the Irish, and Many Others, Lost Their Religious Freedom to COVID Restrictions | How Politics Hijacked Science and Religion

Christian doctor gets ordered NOT to provide life-saving treatment

'Major Victory for Human Dignity': Comcast Cuts Ties with World's Largest Pornography Site

YouTube shuts down Christian Author Eric Metaxas’ radio show | Girl has Bible confiscated by school officials | Finland accused of 'human rights abuses' for prosecuting biblical beliefs

‘My world fell apart’: School chaplain accused of terrorism over LGBT sermon says he won't be silenced | Teachers’ Union decision to celebrate pride month with a play portraying Jesus as transgender sparks criticism | Nickelodeon Casts First Openly Transgender Teen for Kids’ Show | New Disney Cartoon to Feature Two Gay Dads, Gender Non-Conforming Kid

Why Woke Christianity Is The Greatest Threat To Christians Today | A Challenge to the Modern Church: Invest in Christian Education!

Christian Couple on Death Row in Pakistan Acquitted | Took 8 Years | CCP threatens 7 Hong Kong Catholic churches over Tiananmen Square remembrance mass | Christian Woman Tortured for 20 Days in Pakistan | Nigeria: ‘One of the Most Terrorized Nations on Earth’ | “Shouters” in China

Rick Warren, Bad Theology, and the Evangelical Dance with Quid Pro Quo | Breaking: Rick Warren Announces His Church is Looking for His Successor

Expose on Andy Stanley | Why the SBC Published a Report Alleging Paige Patterson’s Seminary Theft| SBC Presidential Hopeful Destroys Russell Moore in Devastating Video | Southern Baptist Pastors Submit Resolution Decrying Pro-life Lawmaking and Demanding The Abolition of Abortion

Hobby Lobby sues Oxford professor for $7M over stolen Bible fragments

One-Third of Young People Say Individual Property Ownership Is Wrong, New Poll Shows | Kenyan woman ‘marries’ the Holy Spirit in Anglican ceremony

The Bethesda Pool, Site of One of Jesus’ Miracles| 'Unseaworthy' Noah's Ark replica detained at Ipswich Waterfront| Diagram

A new Reddit posting on 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism | The List | Joel Refuted Years Ago


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