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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 6/7/21!

Grace Articles:

Kevin Sadler on A Spiritual Workout https://t.ly/iqxc

Ricky Kurth asks Are You a Servant of God? https://t.ly/Fwbo

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on Breaking Grace https://t.ly/9tnv

Freddie Bear on Satan vs. the Body of Christ https://t.ly/nTdY

Don Hosfeld on Repentance https://t.ly/TIYp

Bob Picard on Apollos https://t.ly/v7uv

David O’Steen on The Lord Standing with Paul https://t.ly/3bzL

Josh Strelecki on Paul & the Churches of God https://t.ly/q96B

Paul Lucas on Romans Foundation https://t.ly/ihaF

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/dIdb | https://t.ly/bpUK

Dave Stout on Romans 8 https://t.ly/EV4n

Ricky Jr. on Romans 8:17 https://t.ly/jffK

Des on Ministry https://t.ly/lf4o

Joel McGarvey https://t.ly/raZH

Pastor Jordan https://t.ly/8Tdu

Greg Resor https://t.ly/wi7w

Christian News:

'Religious Liberty Triumphs': Calif. to Pay $2.1 Million for Churches' Legal Fees https://t.ly/chlA | Churches Celebrate https://t.ly/KvSO | Dear Christians: Get Off Your Couch And Back In The Pews https://t.ly/4L84

City Raises White Flag in Bitter Case Against Church; Pastor Uses His Moment of Triumph to Set a Humble Example https://t.ly/xd75

Nearly 80 Police Swarm Church Service, Choke Congregant In Violent Takedown in Australia https://t.ly/vkLN | 'God Has Been Forgotten': Canadian Church Fined $66,000 for Holding Outdoor Services against COVID-19 Restrictions https://t.ly/n4h8 | Canada Heaps Fines on Church of God for Holding Outdoor Services After Police Lock Building https://t.ly/GOCo | Govt Shuts Down Canadian Church Days After Being Caught Breaking Their Own Rules https://t.ly/mKAA

How the Irish, and Many Others, Lost Their Religious Freedom to COVID Restrictions https://t.ly/8ibI | How Politics Hijacked Science and Religion https://t.ly/sebg

Christian doctor gets ordered NOT to provide life-saving treatment https://t.ly/embk

'Major Victory for Human Dignity': Comcast Cuts Ties with World's Largest Pornography Site https://t.ly/Ybdb

YouTube shuts down Christian Author Eric Metaxas’ radio show https://t.ly/HFNq | Girl has Bible confiscated by school officials https://t.ly/uPmG | Finland accused of 'human rights abuses' for prosecuting biblical beliefs https://t.ly/jAU0

‘My world fell apart’: School chaplain accused of terrorism over LGBT sermon says he won't be silenced https://t.ly/LSBW | Teachers’ Union decision to celebrate pride month with a play portraying Jesus as transgender sparks criticism https://t.ly/kufx | Nickelodeon Casts First Openly Transgender Teen for Kids’ Show https://t.ly/pPNz | New Disney Cartoon to Feature Two Gay Dads, Gender Non-Conforming Kid https://t.ly/rjL4

Why Woke Christianity Is The Greatest Threat To Christians Today https://t.ly/GTHS | A Challenge to the Modern Church: Invest in Christian Education! https://t.ly/Km8x

Christian Couple on Death Row in Pakistan Acquitted https://t.ly/ONm6 | Took 8 Years https://t.ly/7qXl | CCP threatens 7 Hong Kong Catholic churches over Tiananmen Square remembrance mass https://t.ly/0BYD | Christian Woman Tortured for 20 Days in Pakistan https://t.ly/nt3L | Nigeria: ‘One of the Most Terrorized Nations on Earth’ https://t.ly/jJzT | “Shouters” in China https://t.ly/fIye

Rick Warren, Bad Theology, and the Evangelical Dance with Quid Pro Quo https://t.ly/Ps3w | Breaking: Rick Warren Announces His Church is Looking for His Successor https://t.ly/zIsz

Expose on Andy Stanley https://t.ly/gAMa | Why the SBC Published a Report Alleging Paige Patterson’s Seminary Theft https://t.ly/U4g5| SBC Presidential Hopeful Destroys Russell Moore in Devastating Video https://t.ly/73ui | Southern Baptist Pastors Submit Resolution Decrying Pro-life Lawmaking and Demanding The Abolition of Abortion https://t.ly/vAWt

Hobby Lobby sues Oxford professor for $7M over stolen Bible fragments https://t.ly/w32d

One-Third of Young People Say Individual Property Ownership Is Wrong, New Poll Shows https://t.ly/GziH | Kenyan woman ‘marries’ the Holy Spirit in Anglican ceremony https://t.ly/L7vF

The Bethesda Pool, Site of One of Jesus’ Miracles https://t.ly/KP0i| 'Unseaworthy' Noah's Ark replica detained at Ipswich Waterfront https://t.ly/tUYN| Diagram https://t.ly/0I4V

A new Reddit posting on 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism https://t.ly/bSog | The List https://t.ly/m7um | Joel Refuted Years Ago https://t.ly/KgmU


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