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Christian News & Grace Goodies for 8/9/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

'Never Lose Faith': U.S. Wrestler Helen Maroulis Glorifies God following Olympic Return https://t.ly/rbyN | Olympic Gold Medalist Sydney McLaughlin Says It’s an ‘Honor’ to Represent the ‘Kingdom of God’ https://t.ly/GPpZ | Christian Athlete Gives God The Glory As She Wins The Bronze Medal For The 400M Women’s Final https://t.ly/77JP

Postmodernism and its Influence in the Church https://t.ly/ngG1 | Why Every Functional Society Needs Fear of God https://t.ly/tx85 | Only a third of Americans say faith gives them hope during pandemic, survey finds https://t.ly/5TH9

American Evangelist Arrested and Jailed in UK for Preaching ‘Homosexuality is a Sin’ https://t.ly/UZ01 | says speaking truth is now a ‘hate crime’ https://t.ly/6SAP

How Big Tech targets faith groups for censorship https://t.ly/selL

NEA uses $300 million budget to sue lone mom concerned about curriculum https://t.ly/TxHC | Herzog Foundation award millions in grants to Christian schools https://t.ly/IPv5 | Homeschooling Ramps Up in Texas: Families Prepare to Continue Kids’ Education From Home Rather Than Return to the Classroom https://t.ly/RnbA

Pray that the Supreme Court Sends Roe to the 'Ash Heap of History,' Pence Urges https://t.ly/Tt3s | Pro-Life Win: Court Upholds 48-Hour Waiting Period, Says Tenn. Can Protect the ‘Life of the Unborn’ https://t.ly/uvNf | Family Research Council Files Comment Rebuking HHS's Proposed Reversal of the Abortion Surcharge Rule https://t.ly/t2kV | 25% of Pregnancies in England, Wales End in Abortion https://t.ly/WKXD

In the U.K., Doctors and Judges Trample on a Family’s Religious Liberty https://t.ly/w3ox

Federal Judge Sides With Norwegian Cruise Line To Require Vaccine Passports In Florida https://t.ly/ZRh2

Will the Johnson Amendment Continue to Single Out Pastors and Silence Them? https://t.ly/Zr6x | Christian police officer loses religious discrimination claim https://t.ly/qzTz

2 shot as woman opens fire in church on 100th anniversary https://t.ly/k4pR | Watch: Suspected Antifa agitators invade prayer event, launch unprovoked attack on worshipers https://t.ly/Y7xT | Antifa Targets and Assaults Families and Children at Religious Gathering in Portland Park https://t.ly/B9jp | Needles, Blades, Drugs Thrown on Stage at Worship Concert in Portland While Ex-Military, Ex-Police Protect Christians https://t.ly/XKHS

Voddie Baucham, Owen Strachan urge Church to combat 'morally bankrupt,' 'woke' ideologies https://t.ly/BIjn | Voddie Responds to Accusations of Plagiarism/Misquoting: ‘I Regret Doing That’ https://t.ly/zH7b

Tributes pour in for wife of California pastor and mother of five after she takes her own life https://t.ly/sNcJ

Korean Missionaries Gather to Exhort the Next Generation and North Korea https://t.ly/pDTv

Hindu leader issues call for anti-Christian violence: ‘Let us drag people from the church’ https://t.ly/Uv2q | Christian charity calls for urgent intervention to stop killings in Nigeria https://t.ly/MG50 | ACLJ urging United Nations to help save abducted Christian children https://t.ly/vsDs | Tens Of Thousands Of Christians Killed, Disappeared In Nigeria Over A Decade, Report Reveals https://t.ly/2o79 | Missing Catholic Girl in Pakistan Depicted as Married Muslim https://t.ly/jltA | China House Church Pastor and Wife Receive Hefty Fine for Church Gathering https://t.ly/PONg | Sola Fide Golden Lampstand Church Leaders Arrested Again in Shanxi https://t.ly/CvPc | 14-Year-Old Christian Girl in Pakistan Abducted and Forcefully Converted https://t.ly/UIiMx | Christian Woman Left in a State of Shock Following Assault in India https://t.ly/LVEE | Nigeria: 43K Christians Killed, 18.5K Abducted, 17.5K Churches Attacked in 12 Years https://t.ly/ovHI

Fantasy & the Real World: Tolkien’s Philosophy of Myth https://t.ly/eynp

Police Charge Hillsong Founder Brian Houston with Concealing Information about Sexual Crimes Committed by His Father https://t.ly/rMv7 | Also https://t.ly/ZpRr | “A Shock” https://t.ly/GxrN

Judge Gives Mother Temporary Custody of Child at Center of 'Save James' Case, Grants Father Limited Visitation https://t.ly/CRnj

Israeli archaeologists find evidence of an earthquake described in the Old Testament https://t.ly/85jC


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