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Christian News & Grace Goodies & Grace Links & Grace Love for 8/31/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Stefen Wisniewski Retires from NFL to Become Pastor

Church surprises families with $100 each to use or ‘pay it forward’

UMC advises churches to end charters with Boy Scouts amid sex abuse lawsuit settlement

Impressive victory for transgender-resisting Christian teacher | Liberty University shifts to online classes to mitigate COVID-19 spread on campus | Harvard’s new chief atheist chaplain claims US politics is his true religion

Federal Court Blocks New York AG’s Attempt To Ban Christians From Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

Episcopal dioceses mandate COVID-19 vaccine for staff, clergy | Over 1,000 Church Leaders Send Letter To Australian PM Morrison Opposing Vaccine Mandates

Baptist pastor resigns as lawsuit alleges cover-up of youth minister's sexual assault of minor | Pastor’s Wife Stands Up and Rebukes Congregation During Worship Service For Trying to Cancel Him | Megachurch Pastor Says It Wasn’t God Who Delivered Daniel’s Friends From the Furnace, But Nebuchadnezzar | Rick Warren Suggests Pastors Who Open Their Churches are Egotistical, Wearing Masks is “Loving Your Neighbor” | Charismatic Pastor Dies After Burying Himself for 3 days in Attempt to Recreate Jesus’ Resurrection

Tim Tebow in Kabul helping rescue effort | At Least 5,100 Christians, At-Risk Persons Are Evacuated from Afghanistan By Glenn Beck's Nazarene Fund | Afghan Christian in Hiding: 'The Taliban Soldier Warns Me That if He Sees Me Again, He'll Behead Me' | Afghan Christians left behind will be ‘targeted with deadly violence’: Human rights group warns | Franklin Graham Shares Update On Afghanistan Rescue, Reveals One Mom Gave Birth During Mission | Retired Marine Says Hundreds Of Their Rescued Orphans, Christians Turned Away By U.S. Military, ‘Ended Up In Hands Of The Taliban’ | Fears of a Christian genocide as the last US troops leave Afghanistan

'A Horrifying Scene': 16-Year-Old Christian Boy Brutally Attacked, Splashed with Acid in India | Mob of 100 Brutally Attacks Pastor and His Family in India | Not Just Bibles: CCP Has English Textbooks Wiped Off China's Bookstores As Well | Dozens of Christians killed in Nigeria this month


Grace Goodies:

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Grace Articles:

C.R. Stam on Mercy Upon All | Does Misery Love Company?

Ricky Kurth on You Can’t Judge a Woman by Her Cover | Did the She Bear Kill Little Children?


A Few Grace Videos:

Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast!

Pastor Jordan’s Message of Grace Episode on Prayer

Kevin Sadler on Scenes from the Final Act

Joel McGarvey on Right Division

Brandon Smith on the Meaning of Life

Timothy Roberson on our Sinful Nature

New Les Feldick vids

Pastor Fred’s Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Pastor Hal addresses “If ye continue in the faith”

Bryan Ross on 3 Needs of Every Child | Codex Sinaiticus Research Update: Conspiracies, Uspenskey, & An Earthquake

Steve Ross on Demas and Others

Steve Atwood on Mankind from Paul’s Perspective (audio)

David Reid on Satan’s Doom

David O’Steen in Acts 5 | Blessings Brought by the Blood

Bob Picard on The (Dis) Obedience of Paul?

Josh Strelecki on The Wisdom of God

Greg Resor is all about Giving in Grace

Des talks some more about healing

Ricky Jr. on Rom. 8:28-30

Russ Hargett on Paul’s Authority

Don Hosfeld

John Verstegen

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