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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/15/21!

Christian News:

How to Proclaim the Good News in the Fastest-Shrinking and Fastest-Growing Cities in America | Majority of Pastors Say Denominations Are 'Vital' but Worry about Their Future, New Poll Shows | Why so many empty churches? A reminder and warning for Southern Baptists | Christian Ministries Eager to 'Ramp Up Conversation' with Post-COVID Generation, New Survey Finds | Christianity’s Growth Problem Isn’t Politics, It’s Our Failure To Have And Evangelize Children

5 Ways designated giving can get your church in trouble

Breaking! Pastor Tim Stephens Arrested After Police Helicopters Find Secret Church Location

The faith to die in the faith | Augusta pastor extends meal invitation to person who vandalized church | Christian Video Game Creator Refuses to Cave to Cancel Culture: ‘I Will Not Apologize’ | ‘I’m A Republican, Christian, And Pro-life. If I Get Cancelled, Then I Get Cancelled’

8th-Grade Girl Blasts Board for Transgender Policy: 'Everyone Knows What a Boy Is – Even You'

SBC Executive Committee rejects request for system-wide abuse inquiry | Mike Stone Issues Statement After Confrontation with Sex-Abuse Survivor Leaves Her in Tears| Abuse Survivors demand a full release “without redaction” of an investigation by Guidepost Solutions into the Executive Committee staff and trustees

Before suicide, ex-youth pastor Steve Austin came out as queer, revealed family struggles

Victory for Church as teenage orphan is told he can stay in Scotland | Boko Haram Extremists Release Nigerian Pastor Held Captive for 8 Months

Caught in the Crossfire: Myanmar’s Christian Minorities Under Tatmadaw Rule | Church in Loikaw: Situation is Worsening Each Day | China tortures Uyghurs in brutal concentration camps to implement ‘One China’ policy, witnesses testify | ICC complaint says China rounding up Uyghurs who fled to other countries: 'Never heard from again'

'The ETHOS of Forgiveness is what made America' - Jason Whitlock and Steve Deace on Christianity vs. Wokeism

Showstopper: Hollywood Actress Hopes Her Children Find Spouses Who 'Love Jesus the Way I Love Jesus'

Ramesses III in Arabia? Egyptian Archaeologists Invited to Excavate in Saudi Arabia


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Richard Jordan on the Covenants of Promise | Jer.33

Alex Kurz on the Purpose of Tongues

David O’Steen’s Intro to Basic Bible Truths | Intro & Salvation

Randy White’s ATT


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