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Christian News & Grace Links for 8/13/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Phil Robertson Says He Pointed 'People to Jesus' at ZZ Top Guitarist's Funeral

Olympic Stories More Lovely Than Silver and More Costly Than Gold

'You No Longer Value Me': Christian Teacher Quits in Front of Virginia School Board over Critical Race Theory Policy | Watch | Virginia school district passes controversial policy forcing teachers to use trans pronouns | Catholic high school can fire staff in same-sex marriages, court rules | Parent Rebels as Elementary School Creates ‘Black Classes’ to Segregate Children | Student claims he was expelled over pro-life views from University of Louisville | ‘It’s Called Child Abuse’: Matt Walsh Blasts Child Mask Policy at Nashville School Board Meeting | Christian Teachers, Parents Fighting Back Against Schools That Teach Racism, Lewdness, Transgenderism | Illinois education board punishes Christian school for mask-optional policy | The Scottish government is determined to advance trans ideology - and it's our children who will suffer

Rise of the Homeschool Moms | Even public school teachers are turning to homeschooling: Report

An American Story: Tennessee Girl Discards Christianity, Becomes Climate Change Activist, Joins ISIS

Cru Military Ministry leader resigns in protest of Critical Race Theory | What is Cru trying to hide?

Canadian Province Implements Vaccine Passport: ‘Still deciding’ If It Will Be Required for Church Services or Weddings | As The COVID Delta Variant Rages Across America And Around The World, Where Are All The Charismatic Healing Lines And Their Anointed Apostles? | Los Angeles City Council Votes 13-0 To Create A Vaccine Passport Zone That Will Ban The Unvaccinated From Bars, Restaurants, Concerts And Movies

Sununu signs law shielding New Hampshire churches from COVID-19 restrictions | Pentagon Reveals How Military Service Members can get Religious Exemption to Mandatory Vaccines

Christian MP prosecuted over sexuality tweets fears for religious freedom | William Lane Craig: ‘Follow the money’ as Christians cave on religious liberty | Biden’s IRS Is A Partisan Weapon In The War On Religious Freedom | Pro-Life Billboard Taken Down A Day After Posting Because Abortionists Threatened Landowner With Death

Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Seethes with Contempt for Christianity | Former Transgender Who Experienced Freedom In Christ Blasts Netflix’s Pro-Trans Film Mocking Christianity | Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Takes Aim at Jesus Ability To Set People Free from LGBT Lifestyles

'The Chosen' Jesus actor, series creator meet Pope Francis at the Vatican | Met in the Serpent Head Building | ‘The Chosen’ Creator Dallas Jenkins Says Mormons are Saved : ‘I’m Going to Die on That Hill’ | Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus after attempting to convert Baptist pastor

Only 9 Percent of Gen Z Youth Are 'Scripture Engaged': American Bible Society Survey | Study: Gen Z doubles down on spirituality, combining tarot and traditional faith | 2021 sees jump in A-level Religious Studies entries in UK | Govt urged to 'take notice' as hundreds more opt for Religious Studies at A-level | Gen Z Wants to Talk about Faith | Survey: Gen Z has a 'precarious relationship with the Bible' in US

Facebook Introduces 'I Prayed' Button for Faith Community | New Prayer Tool for Facebook Groups Draws Praise and Doubts

Unexpected victory: State declares churches will always be 'essential' | Texas ruling: Yes, trans surgeries on kids are child abuse! | Second Federal Court Blocks Biden Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Trans Surgeries | Christian street preacher wins case after being arrested for alleged hate crimes

The secret online groups where Christian spouses find empowerment to leave 'destructive marriages' | Blanket ban on conversion therapy 'would imprison many in their misery' | Assisted suicide proposals suggest 'some lives are no longer worth living'

How T.D. Jakes and Local Churches Became Affordable Housing Developers | Assemblies of God Growing with Pentecostal Persistence

Brian Houston preaches about how nothing will kill his zeal, week after charges over concealing father’s abuse

She wanted to help Ravi Zacharias save the world but ended up defending an abuser

Former Bethlehem Baptist Pastors Say Church’s Culture Breeds Fear, Tolerates Abuse | Hillsong Students Blast Church After Worship Leader Who Molested Teen Girl Remains on Staff | By Selling $1000 Miracle Blanket, Jim Bakker’s Ministry is Basically Being Held Together by Duct Tape, Chewing Gum, and Bottled Demon Tears | ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’ Apostate Author Teaches how to Deconstruct Your Faith for $275 a Pop | Multinational Megachurch ‘Hillsong’ Threatens to Sue Critics that are ‘Defaming’ Them | Not going to repent: Ed Litton Administration & SBC mock God | Steven Furtick Says Porn Addicts Can Pray While Looking at Porn Because the Bible Says To | Pentecostal People of Praise official acknowledges mishandling of abuse in Christian school

International Religious Freedom Summit’s Aftermath: Battle Over Ukraine

Christian Woman in Pakistan Accused of Blasphemy for Simply Receiving a Text | Chinese court upholds death sentence for Canadian national

Children suffered horrific abuse at the hands of 'sadistic monks' | Pastor’s son shot dead by Nigeria’s civilian joint task force for attempting to stop church demolition | House Church Teachers Jailed by CCP in Wuhu | Nigerian Army Failed to Stop Fulani Attacks on Christians, Church Leader Says | Mother Beaten Unconscious for Leaving Islam, Marrying Christian | 157 Kids Rescued as 'Demonic Terrorists' Torch Orphanage, US Pastor Donates $50K to Rebuild | Chief Justice in India Condemns Human Rights Violations by Police | Militants Kill Three Women Near Nigerian Army Barracks | Leaders and Members of Destroyed Chinese Church Jailed | Christian Couple in India Brutally Assaulted with Iron Chain and Clubs | Christian Orphanage Attacked in Nigeria | Christian School Raided, Teachers Arrested in Anhui

How Bad Was the Babylonian Exile? Were the Judahites really weeping by the rivers of Babylon? | The Destruction of Philistine Gath New Excavations Confirm City Fell During Aramaean Siege


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