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Christian News & Grace Links for Friday, 9/10/21! PTL!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Twenty years later, ‘In Christ Alone’ still inspires millions to sing

New Social Network "FaithMeet" Created for Christian Community Brings Faith-Based Content from Churches Worldwide and Enables One-Stop Destination for Digital Worship

Let’s Talk About Compatibilism – Theologically | Faith is real, ‘not just a bolt-on, Sunday thing’ | There’s something sacred in choosing to love the world at the speed of walking.

Informed Consent Action Network’s Attorneys Challenge DOJ Mandatory Vaccination Opinion | Crown Prosecution throws out case against Christian street preacher | Texas man gets execution delay over pastor’s touch request | Pastor Arrested Outside Facility Where Babies Are Murdered for Singing Hymns Too Loud | Nearly $300,000 raised in days for Australian woman jailed for opposing COVID tyranny

If church leaders don’t speak truth to power then they don’t represent God or Christians | The Misuse of Scripture in Political Discourse | Surveillance capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution

Norwegian Christians forced to rethink their role in society as biblical values become “unfamiliar and controversial”

A victory against explicit sex ed and Critical Race Theory in Nebraska schools | New kids book series helps parents push back against 'unhealthy' mainstream messaging | Who Are Your Child’s Heroes?

How Moms Can Model God’s Grace

Bible teacher shares how he 'chose Jesus over homosexuality' after contracting HIV

SBC’s International Mission Board to Require COVID-19 Vaccine for Missionaries in Order to 'Advance the Gospel' | Also | But then the Baptist Press says Vaccine mandates raise religious liberty questions | Conservative Churches Dropping Like Flies from Southern Baptist Convention

Religious organizations prepare for ‘potential onslaught’ of evictions

Church accused of “LGBTphobia” in the media for organising workshop on family and sexuality

Report reveals amazing scientific facts about unborn babies as abortion case looms | Depraved Salon Pro-Abort Admits: ‘Satanists Are Right,’ Abortion ‘Sacred Ritual’ | Pro-life group seeks investigation into police officer's response to alleged assault

Charismatic Prophetess Says She Saw People Fishing in Heaven | After criticism, Jesse Duplantis says ministry donated $100K in generators to Ida victims| Charismatic Prophetess Talks Underwater Mansions, BBQ Mansions, Pooping in Heaven, and Disappearing Cucumber Peels

Most adult US Christians don't believe Holy Spirit is real: study

Days Before 9/11 Anniversary, Intellectual Proposes Replacing Term ‘Judeo-Christian’ with ‘Islamo-Christian’

Christian Couple Dedicate Their Lives To Caring For Afghans

Families threatened with expulsion for holding religious services in Mexico | Mexico: Protestant Families Persecuted by Catholic Community Leaders | While All Eyes Are on Afghanistan, Brutality Against Christians Increases in Pakistan | Woman Who Escaped Afghanistan Reveals Taliban ‘Didn’t Change’ At All – They Are Still ‘Killing, Beating’ Women And Kids | Chinese Christian Music School Raided, Principal Arrested | Three More Converts Arrested in Iranian Christian Community Plagued by Persecution | Taliban’s Oppressive Islamic Rule Preparing Afghanistan Christian Church For Growth | ‘Suffocating’ pressure forced Christian convert to flee Iran

Biblical Archeology: The Mystery of Tel Rekhesh: Questions surround archaeological remains at this remote site | Ancient Stone Quarry Discovered in Jerusalem


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C.R. Stam on Go, And Sin No More | The Bible Is For You


A Few Grace Videos:

Bryan & Becky Ross have a podcast! | Becky’s Struggles with Anxiety pt. 1 | pt. 2

Josh Strelecki continues his look at From Adam to Moses

Jordan on Mark 16:16 | What Happens to Isalm?

David O’Steen talks about the Pure Cambridge Edition

Pastor Joel on Cherubims of Glory | Notes

Pastor Fred’s Wed. Morning Study

Josh Strelecki on Examining the Issues of the Day by Knowing God's View of the World

Don Hosfeld on the Audience of the 12 Apostles, pt. 2

Kevin Hobbs

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