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Christian News links (And some Grace-based Goodies) for 5/17/21

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Grace Goodies:

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Florida Grace Camp, June 13-19: https://t.ly/Qdle

Bryan Ross has a new book! https://t.ly/GXZG

Ricky Kurth on The Right Foundation https://t.ly/6QG5

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on the Rapture https://t.ly/pELz

Greg Resor was on fire about Predestination https://t.ly/2Dxk

David Reid on Predestination https://t.ly/6yPI

Tom Bruscha on OT Salvation https://t.ly/a4Mt

David O’Steen on preaching the Word https://t.ly/oG0S

Pastor Jordan Livestream https://t.ly/EeQw

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/c9AT | https://t.ly/SRMB

Bryan Ross on the Fruit of the Spirit https://t.ly/F65G

Byron Wiggins https://t.ly/1LTU

Josh Strelecki on Paul and the Churches of God https://t.ly/WKHo

Don Hosfeld on Putting on the New Man https://t.ly/r2sb

Des Strydom on Saluting the Saints https://t.ly/IHQx

Ricky Jr. on a Spirit-Filled Life in a Marriage https://t.ly/Pwrh

Bob Picard on the Church at Corinth https://t.ly/ejby

Christian News:

Notorious Roman Emperor Nero Explored In New British Museum Show https://t.ly/zJrS

DeMint warns America's decline linked to 'death of truth' https://t.ly/sgts | The Church should get back to preaching the Gospel, says author Douglas Murray https://t.ly/qjZc

Once conversion therapy is criminalised, the pulpit will be next https://t.ly/g2lc | Christian counselling ministry defends help for people with unwanted same-sex attraction https://t.ly/YABn | Gay Activists Now Calling for a Ban on Prayer for Gay Conversion, Calling it “Hate Prayer” https://t.ly/aMEs

'Prayer-Free Zones': German Court Upholds Ban on Silent Pro-Life Prayers Near Abortion Center https://t.ly/RAuF | Christian student fights back against university’s vaccine mandate, cites religious exemption https://t.ly/Z3UP | Hundreds attend prayer vigil after Jesus statue toppled, American flag burned at NYC church https://t.ly/bZwc | Five churches in South Nashville burglarized within one week, Metro police investigating https://t.ly/A9jf

The Underground Church of GraceLife Continues to Gather in Secret https://t.ly/GFia | Video! Another Canadian Pastor Arrested and Thrown In Jail (Updated) https://t.ly/iRc5 | Polish-Canadian Pastor Arrested For Holding Church Says Someone Tried To Burn His House Down https://t.ly/D4QE

'God Is Always with Us': 10-Year-Old Becomes U.S. National Chess Master After Escaping Islamic Terrorism https://t.ly/yVvF | Paul Kingsnorth Meets Jesus Christ https://t.ly/Y5tW

Suburban moms on school boards now merit national media smear campaigns. https://t.ly/ARbo | Seven Things You Cannot Say But Should https://t.ly/9Pkg | Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’ Because No ‘Uterus Or Ovaries’ https://t.ly/1Alz | Federal Judge Signals He May END Twitter’s Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case – Speech Police in Panic https://t.ly/WTBt

Is the media blitz about UFO’s designed to explain the disappearance of half the world after the Rapture? https://t.ly/Glfk | 60 Minutes Chases UFO’s https://t.ly/y0x4

59 Percent of Bible Readers Still Prefer a Print Copy, But There's a Generation Gap https://t.ly/ial7 | Faith in numbers: Is church attendance linked to higher rates of coronavirus? https://t.ly/f8aW | Has lockdown changed the way we serve? https://t.ly/ZEnb

Charismatic Pastor Sings Darkest and Bloodiest Worship Song We’ve Ever Heard https://t.ly/akKL | LOL Charismatics Issue ‘Prophetic Standards’ To Address False Trump Prophecies https://t.ly/xmms | faith-healing-by-phone https://t.ly/phmK | Church of England schools encouraged to avoid singing hymns with strong confessional lyrics https://t.ly/TBon | Major church looks to kill saying 'husband and wife' at weddings https://t.ly/fuYQ

Commanding officer dictates 'religious beliefs' to military chaplain https://t.ly/9jbbs

“China is Writing the Handbook for Future Genocides” https://t.ly/NAgt | Church Bookstore Displays Little Red Book instead of Bibles https://t.ly/1drm | China Occupies Sacred Land in Bhutan, Threatens India https://t.ly/97Gy | Are Christians In China Next In Line For ‘Re-Education’? https://t.ly/nt2N

Christians organize worldwide to donate portable bomb shelters to Israel https://t.ly/WoWp

In Iran, Christians have learnt to be prepared for persecution https://t.ly/YBMp | Conversion to Christianity Cost Couple Everything https://t.ly/SHMA | Armenian Genocide 2.0? https://t.ly/fdt6 | 1,470 Christians Killed in Nigeria Within Four Months https://t.ly/Ghwf | Another 2,200 were abducted in Nigeria during that same time period https://t.ly/WTDM | Christian pastor in Laos will avoid jail if he promises not to preach for a year https://t.ly/HUTQ

Disney Plus to Feature Gay Couple in The Proud Family Reboot https://t.ly/xqcn

Can the scrolls help expose the original Bible language within the Masoretic Text and Septuagint? https://t.ly/uhyf | What Happened to Cain in the Bible? https://t.ly/iSrD

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