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Christian News links (And some Grace-based Goodies) for 5/17/21

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Bryan Ross has a new book!

Ricky Kurth on The Right Foundation

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on the Rapture

Greg Resor was on fire about Predestination

David Reid on Predestination

Tom Bruscha on OT Salvation

David O’Steen on preaching the Word

Pastor Jordan Livestream

Bryan Ross on the Fruit of the Spirit

Byron Wiggins

Josh Strelecki on Paul and the Churches of God

Don Hosfeld on Putting on the New Man

Des Strydom on Saluting the Saints

Ricky Jr. on a Spirit-Filled Life in a Marriage

Bob Picard on the Church at Corinth

Christian News:

Notorious Roman Emperor Nero Explored In New British Museum Show

DeMint warns America's decline linked to 'death of truth' | The Church should get back to preaching the Gospel, says author Douglas Murray

Once conversion therapy is criminalised, the pulpit will be next | Christian counselling ministry defends help for people with unwanted same-sex attraction | Gay Activists Now Calling for a Ban on Prayer for Gay Conversion, Calling it “Hate Prayer”

'Prayer-Free Zones': German Court Upholds Ban on Silent Pro-Life Prayers Near Abortion Center | Christian student fights back against university’s vaccine mandate, cites religious exemption | Hundreds attend prayer vigil after Jesus statue toppled, American flag burned at NYC church | Five churches in South Nashville burglarized within one week, Metro police investigating

The Underground Church of GraceLife Continues to Gather in Secret | Video! Another Canadian Pastor Arrested and Thrown In Jail (Updated) | Polish-Canadian Pastor Arrested For Holding Church Says Someone Tried To Burn His House Down

'God Is Always with Us': 10-Year-Old Becomes U.S. National Chess Master After Escaping Islamic Terrorism | Paul Kingsnorth Meets Jesus Christ

Suburban moms on school boards now merit national media smear campaigns. | Seven Things You Cannot Say But Should | Twitter Suspends Spanish Politician for Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’ Because No ‘Uterus Or Ovaries’ | Federal Judge Signals He May END Twitter’s Immunity in Dr. Shiva Case – Speech Police in Panic

Is the media blitz about UFO’s designed to explain the disappearance of half the world after the Rapture? | 60 Minutes Chases UFO’s

59 Percent of Bible Readers Still Prefer a Print Copy, But There's a Generation Gap | Faith in numbers: Is church attendance linked to higher rates of coronavirus? | Has lockdown changed the way we serve?

Charismatic Pastor Sings Darkest and Bloodiest Worship Song We’ve Ever Heard | LOL Charismatics Issue ‘Prophetic Standards’ To Address False Trump Prophecies | faith-healing-by-phone | Church of England schools encouraged to avoid singing hymns with strong confessional lyrics | Major church looks to kill saying 'husband and wife' at weddings

Commanding officer dictates 'religious beliefs' to military chaplain

“China is Writing the Handbook for Future Genocides” | Church Bookstore Displays Little Red Book instead of Bibles | China Occupies Sacred Land in Bhutan, Threatens India | Are Christians In China Next In Line For ‘Re-Education’?

Christians organize worldwide to donate portable bomb shelters to Israel

In Iran, Christians have learnt to be prepared for persecution | Conversion to Christianity Cost Couple Everything | Armenian Genocide 2.0? | 1,470 Christians Killed in Nigeria Within Four Months | Another 2,200 were abducted in Nigeria during that same time period | Christian pastor in Laos will avoid jail if he promises not to preach for a year

Disney Plus to Feature Gay Couple in The Proud Family Reboot

Can the scrolls help expose the original Bible language within the Masoretic Text and Septuagint? | What Happened to Cain in the Bible?

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