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Grace Goodies & Christian News! | 5/13/21

Happy Ascension Day! Scroll down for the Christian news at the bottom. Enjoy!

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Grace Goodies:

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Florida Grace Camp, June 13-19:

Bryan Ross has a new book!

Ricky Kurth on Comptrollers Who Push Strollers

C.R. Stam on Paul’s Letter to the Romans

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Joel’s Message from last night on the Holy Spirit in the Age of Grace: | Get the notes here:

Pastor Fred’s Morning Study

David O’Steen continues his series on the Inspiration of Scripture

Kevin Hobss

Don Hosfeld on Gen. 40 & 41

Ricky Jr. on the book of Mark

Christian News:

U.S. State Department Releases 2020 International Religious Freedom Report |

“China Is Guilty of Crimes against Humanity” | Get the Report

Bible Reading Soared in 2020, with 181 Million Americans Opening It | Called the State of the Bible Report |New Study Shows Christianity Spreads Best in Unlikely Places

Police Issue 26 Churchgoers The Steepest Known Fines in North America for Attending Services | Kentucky Proposes Regulations Disqualifying Christians from Adopting or Fostering Children

The Duties of Christian Cops

Brainwashing camps for Christians as persecution in China intensifies | China Pressuring the Church in Hong Kong and Taiwan | Limited Tolerance Fading: China's Communist Government Ramps Up Crackdown on House Churches, Pastors | Refugees from Xinjiang, Protesters Harassed and Arrested in Kazakhstan

Pastor Slain after Leading Muslims to Christ at Religious Debate | Christian Street Artist Honors Beirut Explosion Victims with 204 Illegal Portraits | Burkina Faso’s 7 Army Chaplains Struggle Amid Jihadist Attacks | Terrorist Group Allegedly Murdered Four Christian Farmers in Central Sulawesi | High Court in India Rules Against Religious Intolerance | Christians beheaded in attack in Indonesia | Two Christian Children Sexually Assaulted by Muslim Men in Pakistan

Billy Graham's personal pastor shares what the Church can learn from ministry of 'humble' evangelist

The Lavish Lifestyle & Excommunications of Pastor James Welch in Fr. Lauderdale | Lutheran Denomination Becomes First to Elect Transgendered Bishop | The First 'Transgender Bishop' Shows How Churches Abandon Christianity | German Catholics to Bless Same-Sex Marriages Despite Vatican Ban

Idaho Gov. Little Signs Pro-Life Law Defunding Planned Parenthood, Abortion Providers | Tenn. gov. signs bill requiring burial, cremation of aborted babies' remains

Denzel Washington, Mark Burnett rent out theaters to screen Christian film on Chicago homicides

Why Christianity And Critical Race Theory Cannot Coexist

Pastor Joe Wright’s Powerful Prayer: 25 Years Later, It’s More Timely Than Ever

Judson College, Only All-Woman Christian College in the U.S., to Shudder Its Doors

Bible Scholar Brent Landau Asks “Who Were the Magi?” | The Importance of the Ascension

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