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Grace Goodies & Christian News for 5/10/21!


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Grace Goodies:

We overhauled our website, and we have a news page! Joel will also be posting his sermon notes here: https://t.ly/UmBE

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Florida Grace Camp, June 13-19: https://t.ly/Qdle

Bryan Ross has a new book! https://t.ly/GXZG

Shawn Brasseaux on “Mother: A Virtuous Woman” https://t.ly/Vg3L

Ricky Kurth on “Averting the Subverting” https://t.ly/kUXf | Why Does Paul Say “Love Is Not Jealous”? https://t.ly/c22b

Kevin Sadler on “God’s Purpose in Satan’s Hindrance” https://t.ly/BE43

A Few Grace Messages:

Pastor Hal on The Gospel Truth https://t.ly/mBrA

Pastor Fred on Knowing Your Enemies https://t.ly/IT9D

Bryan Ross on the Rheims NT https://t.ly/kq66

David Reid on Paul’s Commandments https://t.ly/X3Kg

David O’Steen is starting a new study on Acts https://t.ly/77B2

Josh Strelecki on Paul & the Churches of God https://t.ly/Ho9j

Kevin Hobbs https://t.ly/gQ3i | Ricky Jr. https://t.ly/e4ex

Don Hosfeld on Godly Mothers https://t.ly/UGMH

Des Strydom on Salute the Saints https://t.ly/z0w6

Brandon Smith on Satan’s Religion https://t.ly/FgjN

Bob Picard on The Pagan Poets Agree: There Is a Creator https://t.ly/0xyO

Christian News:

Christian, You’re Engulfed in an All-Out Spiritual Battle. Are You Prepared? https://t.ly/YpH6 | Censorship Is Here – and They’re Coming for Christians https://t.ly/Wu8D

Scary video shows armed SWAT taking down Christian pastor headed home from church, for ‘INCITING’ Worship https://t.ly/UyK3 | Police Surround Calgary Pastor on Busy Highway https://t.ly/61ZX | ‘I Almost Broke my Shoulder’: Arrested Candian Pastor Describes Miserable Jail Conditions https://t.ly/Vfd4 | “Dragged to Jail” https://t.ly/5qCM

Mother’s Day Founded by Anna Jarvis https://t.ly/dPIy | The Fierce Faith of a Mother https://t.ly/z3KQ | Keep Up the Good Fight, Mothers. The World Needs You. https://t.ly/AHXI | A Mother's 'Traveling Diary' Goes Global: The Empowering Path to 'Spiritual Beauty' https://t.ly/ogRK | NFL wife Tamela Davis on motherhood, dangers of idolizing family and raising God-fearing kids https://t.ly/Jarj | ‘Forever grateful’: 7 notable mothers of Christian history https://t.ly/zL99

Babylon Bee: Shame: This Woman Gave Life To A Beautiful Child, Completely Missing Out On Soul-Crushing Corporate Career https://t.ly/UXmy

The Beauty of Christian “Folly” https://t.ly/EWRM | Time to Brainwash Our Children? https://t.ly/Z0xP | The Democratic Impulse of the Scholars in Nietzsche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” https://t.ly/zE3R

Georgia Pastor Leads Cuban Men to Christ Using Google Translate App https://t.ly/FlqK | PunditDomain.com Officially Launched - A Free Social Media Networking Platform Service to Counter 'Big Tech' Censorship and Political Bias https://t.ly/9dea | Church reports victory in land condemnation fight with city https://t.ly/gSY3

Benny Hinn’s Ministry is Broke https://t.ly/6Jj7 | Famous Charismatic Prophet Fired From Ministry for ‘Unbiblical’ Behavior + Leaving His Wife https://t.ly/zq0f | Robert Jeffress Says Vaccines From Aborted Babies are Just Like the Gospel https://t.ly/lNwu | Church of England Begins Review of Thousands of Monuments for References to Slave Trade https://t.ly/thca

In Historic First, Rick Warren’s SBC Megachurch Ordains ‘Women Pastors’ https://t.ly/VWv6 | Southern Baptist Leader Slams Church Trying to Fast Track Open Drag Queen to Ministry Position: 'Direct Violation of the Clear Teachings of Scripture' https://t.ly/83Gc | “Spiritual Wake-Up Call” https://t.ly/ar43

Faith or Freedom? One Iranian Family’s Life-Changing Choice https://t.ly/yXfn | Charges against Christian politician are because of 'discriminatory hate speech' https://t.ly/Y3XO | Chicago Pastor, Wife Are Fighting for Their Lives after Being Brutally Assaulted https://t.ly/jxnL | School chaplain suspended for sermon on identity politics launches legal challenge https://t.ly/pvFs | A Christian College Sues to Protect Its Values Against the Federal Leviathan https://t.ly/5Ken

Disney now beyond woke: https://t.ly/lGaB | Asks employees to complete 'white privilege checklist,' insists America was founded on 'systemic racism' https://t.ly/0XwO | Chris Rufo: Once great Disney is telling America it’s ‘fundamentally racist,’ ‘founded on discrimination' https://t.ly/0zkB

China: Authorities arrest preacher of heavily-persecuted house church for officiating funeral https://t.ly/izPS | Chinese church leader arrested on fraud charges https://t.ly/knyZ | Beijing’s Zion Church, Renai Church in Guiyang, and Early Rain in Chengdu continue to be under attack. https://t.ly/lH0V | Anti-Conversion Law Cripples Another Family in Madhya Pradesh https://t.ly/Ywbf | EU Parliament Calls on Pakistan to Abolish Blasphemy Law https://t.ly/vpEF | Church leaders appeal for peace amid violent clashes in Jerusalem https://t.ly/w3tk

One Mosque Built, One Christian Monument Destroyed Every Two Weeks In Modern France. https://t.ly/MUzq

USA Today: Dallas Cowboys Should Cancel Promise Keepers Rally Due to LGBT Stance https://t.ly/yi4i | House Democrats Replace 'Women' with 'Birthing People': Reproduction 'Is for Every Body' https://t.ly/GzQy | Parents outraged after first grade teacher reads book promoting transgenderism to students https://t.ly/3hvm | Christian counsellor challenges politician over conversion therapy 'torture' claims https://t.ly/Ve9v

Did Adam and Eve Sweat in the Garden of Eden? https://t.ly/1gn3 | Where Did Jesus Turn Water into Wine? https://t.ly/2Pmd | Rare Oil Lamp Unearthed in Israel https://t.ly/6Gc6

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