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Tons of Christian News (& a Few Grace Links) for 7/13/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

Churches vs. Deep State? https://t.ly/GW9E

Why Wokeness Is a Christian Heresy https://t.ly/tdct | Mom Says School Board Threatened to Sue Her for Seeking Public Information on Critical Race Theory in Curriculum https://t.ly/Jk1H | Christian mother takes school to court over gay pride parade https://t.ly/EIo8 | Teacher Who Resigned Following Outrage For Teaching Lewdness To Six-Year-Olds Plans To Write Children’s Books https://t.ly/qynt | Parent Volunteering In School Exposes How They Were Taught To Be Racist https://t.ly/7nhZ

Can a generation of boys be saved from becoming ‘unproductive narcissists?’ https://t.ly/bwkX

Delta Dawn: Emmanuel Macron in France Announces that He is Making the EU Digital Certificate Covid-19 Health Pass Mandatory in all Venues https://t.ly/vd7s | France to make COVID jabs mandatory for many, life ‘totally impossible’ without COVID passport https://t.ly/jpCK | Christians Make Biblical Case for Resisting COVID Tyranny in Warrenton Declaration https://t.ly/XmuA | WHO Is Working On "Digital Wallet" To Store Vaccination Certification: Official https://t.ly/WVyn | Quebec threatens to mandate vaccine passports https://t.ly/d3vb | Warren Buffett: ‘There will be another pandemic’ worse than COVID-19 https://t.ly/NJfW | Fauci Wants More Vaccine Mandates Despite Reports Showing Jabs Are More Dangerous Than COVID Itself https://t.ly/xgJM

'Depraved': Advocates slam Chicago for making condoms accessible to elementary schoolers https://t.ly/ngqp

New Texas Law 'Deputizes' Citizens to Sue Abortion Doctors, Clinics: 'Flood of Lawsuits' Coming https://t.ly/1IU2 | Abortion Industry Is 'Panicking': States Pass Record Number of Pro-Life Laws in 2021, Report Says https://t.ly/3Mhb | Pastor Fights Back As Washington State Forces His Church To Pay For Abortions https://t.ly/RPqc

Biden, Trump officials headline bipartisan religious freedom summit 2021: 'Fundamental human right' https://t.ly/20cf | 2021 International Religious Freedom Summit About to Begin https://t.ly/y6F2 | The Dangerous Work of Defending Religious Freedom in China https://t.ly/tOzN

Montana Passes Legal Safeguards for Religious Freedom https://t.ly/ULyl | India’s Anti-Conversion Laws and Their Effects on the Christian Community https://t.ly/NiCj | Appeals court throws wrench in campaign against courtroom prayers https://t.ly/o1dk | Jewish FBI Agent Infiltrates Bible Study Group and Tries to Entrap its Members https://t.ly/Lzwy | FBI Wants Family Members To Snitch On Each Other To Prevent 'Homegrown Extremism' https://t.ly/x9LK | How Google And Wikipedia Brainwash You https://t.ly/tVur | Anti-Christian Hysteria Has Grown Into Church-Burning Terror, And People Might Be Next https://t.ly/5irr

Whittaker Chambers’ Spiritual Journey https://t.ly/riV6 | The courageous faith of Dietrich Bonhoeffer https://t.ly/Q4yg

Rise of the 'nones,' decline of 'white Christian America' slows in US, new survey shows https://t.ly/KWZm | Rise of the religious 'nones' is slowing – study https://t.ly/80co

Catholic parish can fire gay music director under ministerial exception, appeals court rules https://t.ly/8NZw | Vatican Now Opposes Law That Could Punish Christians For Standing On Biblical Views https://t.ly/QDtM

Boris Johnson: ‘Christianity is a superb ethical system ... I would count myself a very bad Christian’ https://t.ly/Sri5

Prominent Anglican Bishop Takes Leave of Absence amid Ongoing Accusations of Mishandling Abuse Allegations https://t.ly/l1l0 | New York church faces several lawsuits over abusive conduct from father-and-son pastoral team https://t.ly/WGvV

8 key findings about Christians in India https://t.ly/8UAv

Communist Theocracy in China https://t.ly/BSER |

Protests follow further civilian abductions in predominantly Christian district in Nigeria https://t.ly/jBw0 | School in Pakistan Covers Up Rape of Christian Girl, Family Says https://t.ly/Wevs | Nigeria: Christian schools ordered to close amid spate of kidnappings https://t.ly/WkRh | Christians Family Extorted Over Burial of Their Dead https://t.ly/KA1V | Activists Record 154 Incidents of Christian Persecution in India https://t.ly/8j6J

A Virtual Visit to the “City of Mosaics” https://t.ly/RAor


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C.R. Stam on Mercy to All https://t.ly/0vUF

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Bryan Ross announces his October Conference, which includes Pastor Joel as one of the speakers, and he's still bouncing off the walls! https://t.ly/sXHj

Richard Jordan on Why Don’t You Keep the Great Commission? https://t.ly/7YQQ

John Verstegen on What Does Grace Do? https://t.ly/bxUp

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