FBC's "little whipper-snapper" Associate Pastor, Joel Hayes, thought he'd try something new - a free digital grace magazine in which there would be not only "EPIC" mid-Acts dispensational Bible studies but also personal interest stories, testimonies, stories of faith, interviews, as well as opportunities for grace churches and grace organizations to advertise themselves. This has never been done before in the history of the grace movement. Joel is also working hard to offer, on his new Grace Life Mag website, Christian news, grace news, more in-depth articles, listings of grace churches that need pastors, an overview of all the dates and locations for grace conferences and other events, as well as a comprehensive global grace church directory.

This isn't an ambitious undertaking at all! LOL

The premiere issue is out now! Flip through the pages! It's a visual feast! There is a rollicking good article on salvation, a listing of 101 spiritual blessings the moment you believe, as well as the story of a woman who lost her faith by prayer, which is a great introduction to the grace message and may very well be a wonderful means by which readers can help to get the word out.

Check out the new magazine! Check out the new website! Support Joel's new ministry via one-time donation through PayPal or as a monthly supporter via Patreon and receive exclusive content! In order to make this ambitious new ministry a reality, Joel needs your support, because if he cannot drum up any support from readers, he may have to abandon altogether what may be a very great opportunity for saints in the grace movement around the world.

Any questions? Send Joel an e-mail!

Thank you so very much! Praise the Lord!