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Christian News & Epic Grace Links for 8/23/21!

[We’re simply reporting on what’s being reported. Any article we share is not necessarily a tacit endorsement of anything that’s said in the article. -Joel]

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Christian News:

School Votes Down Transgender Policy, Defying State: It ‘Imposes a Set of Beliefs on Everyone’ https://t.ly/pHfu | 'Terrible confusion': Parents turn on Christian girls' school for 'going woke' https://t.ly/Xe7W | Even the Most Basic Christian and Conservative Beliefs are Now Offensive, Discovers Student Government Nominee at Auburn University https://t.ly/lALi

National Association of Evangelicals encourages believers to 'Bless your Pastors' https://t.ly/ZODL

60% of adults under 40 say Jesus isn’t only way to salvation; equal to Buddha, Muhammad https://t.ly/yjh8 | How victimology can become a religion https://t.ly/Ed0H | The looming threats to religious colleges https://t.ly/9tVy

Church and State − Not Church versus State https://t.ly/aqZM | Watch SCOTUS for a Huge Religious Freedom Ruling in Upcoming Term https://t.ly/pNQn | After 4 Months of Fines, Court Order and Govt’ Shutdowns, Trinity Bible Chapel Finally Gets Their Building Back https://t.ly/3OUG

The Nine Basics That Will Carry Your Congregation Through Hard Times https://t.ly/ZG2T

Satanic Slip-up: Australian news outlet accidentally posts footage of hellish ceremony https://t.ly/4JVA

Oregon Megachurch Pastor Ben Courson Steps Down Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations https://t.ly/In1d | Also https://t.ly/lrTN | ‘Twerking for the Lord?’ Steven Furtick Laughs as TD Jakes Disgraces his Wife https://t.ly/IT5s | Bethel Pastrix: ‘Jesus Laid in that Bed with Me and Started to Play with my Hair’ https://t.ly/fuV5 | Woke Truth’s Table Podcaster Michelle Higgins: ‘The Trinity is Queer’ https://t.ly/RVLp | “Apostle” Says God Opened Door to Pentagon, He Walked, Generals Were Crying and Weeping as He “Prophesied” https://t.ly/twhd | Cdl. Cupich mandates COVID jab for ‘all employees and clergy’ or face ‘disciplinary action’ https://t.ly/uELe | Pastrix Michelle Higgins Instructs Congregants to Reveal Personal Pronouns Before They Can Speak at Pulpit https://t.ly/H59l | Pravda: Comrade Ed Litton heroic in service to Migrant Proletarians https://t.ly/HwC9

NYC exhibit of Nazi-looted art tells a tale of Jewish loss and recovery https://t.ly/zMRe

'Courageous Christian Woman': Street Preacher Wins Lawsuit After False Allegations of Hate Speech https://t.ly/d2sr

Christian Organization in Haiti Calls for Prayer as Death Toll Tops 2,100 https://t.ly/c8qE

60-Year-Old American Mom Flies Halfway Around the World, Rescues 10 Afghan Girls https://t.ly/CdN2 | Glenn Beck’s Audience Raises Over $20 Million In 2 Days To Rescue Christians From Afghanistan https://t.ly/sUEz | We ‘Will Continue God’s Work,’ Afghan Christian Declares as He Pleads to the World to ‘Remember Us’ https://t.ly/tu6Y | The Taliban Are Killing Christians Who Have Bibles on Their Phones https://t.ly/iabh | 'Stay in your homes' - Afghan Christians warned over fears for their safety https://t.ly/FkjF | Afghanistan crisis is a 'life or death situation' for country's Christians https://t.ly/VdIm | Christians in Afghanistan tell of death threats https://t.ly/ob0Q | Afghan evacuees arrive in the US; Biden says numbers may rise to 65,000 https://t.ly/0bo5| Christians in Afghanistan Call for Help as New Reports of Persecution Surface https://t.ly/auRs

Hungary Defends Biblical Principles & Helps the Persecuted: ‘Hungary is a Christian Nation’ https://t.ly/tjaB

Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors, report ‘illegal’ Christian activities https://t.ly/cmux | House Church Christian in China Arrested for Homeschooling Allowed to Meet His Lawyer https://t.ly/NT0y | Death of a venture capitalist in Beijing after a Legacy course evidences the CCP’s idiosyncratic approach to the question of the xie jiao https://t.ly/jkOs | 'Democratic' Nigeria cited for human rights abuses https://t.ly/8nu4 | Christian Converts Forced from their Village by Hindu Radicals https://t.ly/G6Kn

Babylon Bee: Compassionate Joel Osteen Flies His Jet To Kabul Airport To Tell Afghans To Name And Claim Victory Over Their Lives https://t.ly/11lB

Byzantine-Era Gold Coin Depicting Jesus' Crucifixion Unearthed in Israel https://t.ly/KDFw | Paul’s First Missionary Journey through Perga and Pisidian Antioch https://t.ly/G3vt | Nehemiah—The Man Behind the Wall https://t.ly/Exxg | Monastery unearthed in grounds of church sheds light on Anglo-Saxon queen https://t.ly/Sbim


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