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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/11/21!

[Here are the articles referenced in Joel's opening monologue for today's podcast: Pro-Life Activist Who Regrets Her Abortion Responds to Pro-Abortion Valedictorian https://t.ly/7jdO| Valedictorian Triumphs Over School's Attempts to Silence Speech Mentioning 'Relationship with Christ' https://t.ly/t3Ac | Ricky Kurth message on John 18 https://t.ly/x7CS]

Christian News:

Did You Miss the Solar Eclipse This Morning? Here It Is https://t.ly/F0ff

Liberty Grad, Cancer Warrior Inspires Millions on America's Got Talent': 'I'm There to Give People a Gift' https://t.ly/4nHw

A Christian Persecution Podcast https://t.ly/NDAa

Algeria Returns a Historic Church, But Stops Christian Worship at 20 Others https://t.ly/KXDN | Woman testifies about brutality of extremism in Nigeria, says babies were ripped from wombs https://t.ly/ZnU8 | Pray for the Daughter of an Imprisoned Vietnamese Pastor https://t.ly/iv23 | Family Dispute Over Funeral Rites Escalates to Forced Conversion Accusation in India https://t.ly/Egiv | CCP Cracks Down on Korea-Based Good News Mission https://t.ly/dJeT

Virginia Mom Who Survived Maoist China Eviscerates School Board’s Critical Race Theory Push https://t.ly/rQy4

New Poll Finds 'Broad Support' for 15-Week Abortion Ban: Americans 'Reject Abortion on Demand' https://t.ly/YmVs | Record-High 70 Percent of U.S. Adults Support Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Poll Finds https://t.ly/LDJ0 | Number of abortions highest on record in England and Wales https://t.ly/ZZVK

Politics Makes a Lousy Worldview https://t.ly/iVAH | It’s Time for Christians to Jump Off the Social Justice Bandwagon https://t.ly/LLHu | The social-media-examined life is not the one that sustains us https://t.ly/Uo24

DOJ cancels plan to 'vigorously' defend religious rights https://t.ly/c8LW | Don't Trust Biden DOJ to Defend Religious Liberty of Christian Schools, Mohler Warns https://t.ly/J52T | Christian pastor who spent time in jail for defying COVID rules has his church doors shut by health authorities https://t.ly/xQHr | Biden has violated fundamental Catholic teaching at least 32 times, report to bishops says https://t.ly/Ohmw | Alberta Premier Misrepresents Constitution & Bible In Speech Claiming Pastors Violated ‘Biblical Mandate’ By Breaking Lockdown Rules https://t.ly/E1K0 | What you shouldn’t forget when following battles between religious freedom and gay rights https://t.ly/UNTf

Left-Wing Twitter Users Enraged After Discovering ‘Five Nights At Freddy’s’ Creator Is A Christian Conservative https://t.ly/96oT

‘Preserve the base’: Leaked audio of SBC leaders shows reluctance on dealing with sex abuse https://t.ly/2Nng | Whistleblower challenges SBC leaders’ response to Russell Moore letters https://t.ly/3ybI | Finally, the Southern Baptist Convention Begins to Burn Down, and the Smoke is a Sweet Smell https://t.ly/Urvy

Belief that people cannot change biological sex should be 'tolerated in a pluralist society', UK judge rules https://t.ly/xkwA | Sexual harassment, assault and sending nude photos are commonplace in British schools - Ofsted report https://t.ly/KzoB | Young Children Are Being Targeted With Sexual Content. The Equality Act Would Make It Worse. https://t.ly/YHpe

Jury imposes $500K verdict on pastor accused of rape after he refused to apologize to victim https://t.ly/amau | Recently Discovered Video From Hillsong Sweden 2018 Christmas Service Features The Pagan Buddhist ‘Dance Of A Thousand Hands’ https://t.ly/aFxN | Youth director accused of hiding camera in Florida church bathroom https://t.ly/xAmo

Govt Can’t Single Out Churches: Nevada to Pay $175K for Discriminating Against Christians https://t.ly/KbkG

What Happened to the Canaanites? https://t.ly/QFQJ


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Pastor Joel on 250 Things the Holy Spirit Does for Us https://t.ly/mFYv | Download https://t.ly/1mJP

Freddie Bear talks Marriage https://t.ly/yJpi

Randy White on 1 Timothy https://t.ly/Tjhe9

Richard Jordan on Mark 15:16 https://t.ly/05ZD

Marshall Coleman on Moses https://t.ly/L6Gc | God Likeness https://t.ly/8QfE


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