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Christian News & Grace Links for 6/17/21!

[Here's the complete list of Christian News articles some of which were discussed in today's podcast, which highlighted the testimony of Chris Carrier.]

Christian News:

Still Silent Shepherds—An Open Letter to Post-Pandemic Pastors

Canadian Pastor Arrested on New Charges After ‘Underground Worship’ Following Church Building Seizure | tracked down by police helicopter | ‘We Are Shaken, But Our Faith Is Not’ | Pastor's Children Sob as Police Arrest Him | Pastor Tim Stephens to Spend at Least Two Weeks in Jail

Texas Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Government From Closing Churches

Judge rules against Christian baker Jack Phillips in transgender 'birthday' cake case | Judge says state can force Christian to violate religious beliefs | ‘We Will Appeal This Decision’

See The First Images Of Construction Progress On Abrahamic Family House In Abu Dhabi Of The One World Religion Headquarters

Southern Baptists Elect Ed Litton as New President | Ed Litton vows to 'build bridges, not walls' in new role as SBC president | Ed Litton is Woke | Or, wait. Ed Litt| n is a Conservative? | Pastor who Lets his Wife Preach is the Victor | Or, wait. He’s Not Just a Liberal, Might be a Rank Heretic | Ed Litton’s sloppy theology of the Trinity | “a defeat for the hard right” | Woke fanatics seize control of Southern Baptist Convention

Mike Stone was the “Conservative Hero” Candidate | Ambush of Mike Stone Was A Set-Up By Political Opposition, Say Witnesses

“The SBC isn’t out of the woods” | Annual Meeting Shows Low Trust in the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee | Southern Baptists Approve Major Investigation Into Abuse Response | abusive pastors should be banned | #SBC21 Abortion Resolution: Where the Tears of Women are Worth More than the Breaths of Babies | SBC Elects Leader Focused on Reconciliation, Compassion | Southern Baptists Warn: Equality Act Would Have ‘Devastating’ Effect on Religious Liberty | Baptist church ordains first known transgender pastor in denomination’s history | Conservative churches to be selective in giving to SBC, Jeffress forecasts | Saddleback Church’s ordination of women pastors to be considered by SBC committee

SBC Downgrade | Spurgeon and the Down-Grade Controversy

A Bunch of Manure? Megachurch Features Trainer Breaking a Wild Horse Onstage for Live Sermon Illustration

Man contemplating self-harm changes mind after good Samaritan tells him ‘God loves you’ | SBC highlights power of the Gospel in one man's testimony of forgiveness after being left for dead

Report: Nickelodeon’s Ratings Drop as the Network Pushes LGBT Content to Children | ‘Pride Month’ Is Now An Industry Targeting Children As Young As 3, But There Is A Resistance

She Quit Homosexuality. Now, She’s Helping Others Do Likewise.

Google – an ideological, anti-Christian bully

'Churches must be ready': Ofsted reveals harassment has become normalised for children in schools and colleges | Parents furious as Muslim school-board member tells kids to remember 'jihad' in graduation speech

Communism in Our Churches? An Interview with Filmmaker Judd Saul | Welcome To Wokespeak: Its Logic-Defying Rhetoric Is Making Heads Spin

Iranian Politics Threaten to Further Regulate Internet Activity | Acquitted Christian Couple, Attorney in Pakistan Fear for their Lives | New Myanmar Report Explores History and Future of Eight Religious Minority Groups | “Many are afraid to sleep at night” Amidst Jihadist Uprising in Burkina Faso | Christian Youth in Pakistan Stabbed After Dispute with Muslim

Jerry Falwell Jr wants Liberty University to drop $40m lawsuit

What?!?! Christian Group Denied IRS Tax Exempt Status Because Their Biblical Positions Are ‘Typically Affiliated’ With the GOP

The Babylon Bee Scores a Major Victory Over The New York Times | From Babylon Bee: New York Times Forced To Admit Babylon Bee Not Fake News Since Stories Keep Coming True

How evangelical teachings ruin sex and marriage for many women

Tolkien and Theology

Searching for the Temple of King Solomon


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